Where Is Tommy Hilfiger Made? Unveiling the Origins of Their Clothes, Bags, and More in 2024

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Hey there! Do you like Tommy Hilfiger stuff? They’ve got everything from cool glasses to snazzy bags. But have you ever wondered where all these items are made? Let’s talk about it!

Most of Tommy Hilfiger’s things, like clothes and bags, come from China and Vietnam. These two countries make a big chunk of their stuff!

You know, Tommy Hilfiger has become super popular, and a lot of people want their products. So they thought, “Hey, let’s make even more!” That’s why they’ve started making things in even more places.

Tommy Hilfiger isn’t just thinking about fashion; they’re also thinking about our Earth! They have big dreams to help the environment. So, they’re now making things in places where they can save energy, water, and use fewer chemicals. That’s super cool, right?

A Quick Peek at Where Different Items Come From

  • Clothes: Made in China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh.
  • Watches: Crafted in places like China, Japan, and Switzerland.
  • Bags: Mostly from China and Vietnam.
  • Shoes: You can find them being made in China and Vietnam.
  • Wallets: They come from China, Vietnam, and even the USA.
  • Cologne (that’s a fancy word for perfume): Made in Switzerland.

Going Green is a Big Deal

Tommy Hilfiger really cares about our planet. They’re making sure they use materials that are good for the Earth and that they make things in a way that’s green and clean. That’s a big thumbs up for taking care of nature!

Where Tommy Hilfiger Makes Its Cool Stuff

Have you ever wondered where Tommy Hilfiger makes all their stylish clothes and accessories? Well, you’re in luck because I’ve got all the scoop for you. Let’s dive right in!

Tommy’s Big Spot: China

Tommy Hilfiger has a bunch of places in China where they make their products—15 of them to be exact! Most of these are around the Shanghai area.

China is super popular for making all sorts of clothing stuff. They’ve got some really cool traditional clothes like the Tang suit and Hanfu. When Tommy makes clothes in China, they often use beautiful, silky materials. This makes their clothes feel really soft and fancy.

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One big reason why Tommy Hilfiger loves making stuff in China? It doesn’t cost them a lot of money. This is because things like labor are cheaper there. Plus, with China being so great at making clothes, a lot of other brands also produce there.


Guess what? Tommy Hilfiger also makes clothes in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is super good at making quality clothes, and other big brands like Calvin Klein and Gap make stuff there too.

Tommy has been paying extra attention to Bangladesh because they’re trying to be kinder to our planet. Plus, just like in China, making clothes in Bangladesh doesn’t cost a lot because things like labor are affordable.

Vietnam: Not Just Tech Stuff

Vietnam is usually known for techy things, but Tommy Hilfiger makes clothes there too! Even though it’s right next to China, Vietnam has its own special thing going on. It’s kind of like a second home for Tommy.

In Vietnam, they don’t just make clothes. They also make leather things like bags and shoes. So if you’ve got a Tommy Hilfiger shoe or bag, it might just be from Vietnam!

Jeans From Pakistan

Did you know that some of Tommy Hilfiger’s jeans come from Pakistan? Yep! Pakistan is super good at making jeans, and Tommy Hilfiger loves the quality they get from there. So if you have a pair of their jeans, take a look! It might say “made in Pakistan.”

Watches From Switzerland

Switzerland is like the king of watches! Tommy Hilfiger makes sure their watches are top-notch, so they assemble them in Switzerland, which has a long history of making awesome watches.

A Little Bit of Japan

Tommy Hilfiger does design some of their watches in Japan, but they don’t really make them there. Switzerland is still their go-to place for watch-making.

So there you have it! Tommy Hilfiger makes its products in a bunch of places around the world. Next time you wear or use something from them, you’ll have a fun story to tell about where it came from. Cool, right?

Who Makes Tommy Hilfiger Stuff?

The main group behind making all those stylish Tommy Hilfiger clothes is a big company called PVH Corporation. They’re kind of like the bosses of Tommy Hilfiger’s clothing world.

But wait, there’s more! You know those sleek Tommy Hilfiger watches you’ve seen? They’re made by another company called the Movado Group.

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Back in 2010, PVH Corporation thought Tommy Hilfiger was super cool, so they bought it. Since then, they’ve been in charge of making all the clothing items. And a bit earlier, in 2001, Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with the Movado Group to help them with their watches.

The PVH Corporation isn’t small; they have over 16,000 people working with them worldwide! And guess what? With PVH’s help, you can now find Tommy Hilfiger in over 100 countries. That’s a LOT!

Where Does Tommy Get Its Materials?

Most of Tommy Hilfiger’s materials come from China. But they also get some stuff from other places in Asia, like Turkey, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

They care a lot about our planet, so they use good materials like:

  • Organic Cotton
  • Recycled Cotton
  • Recycled Polyester
  • Recycled Nylon

Tommy Hilfiger tries to be as Earth-friendly as possible. They’re all about using materials that are good for the environment, and they even have a mission to make sure they use nature’s gifts wisely.

Who’s the Big Boss of Tommy Hilfiger?

That would be the PVH Corporation. They own Tommy Hilfiger.

A bit of history: Tommy Hilfiger started in 1985. Since then, they’ve been all about style and quality. They don’t just make clothes; they also have things like fragrances, glasses, home stuff, and watches.

In 2010, PVH Corporation decided to buy Tommy Hilfiger. Today, there are over 2,000 Tommy Hilfiger stores in places like North America, Asia, and Latin America. And they’re doing pretty well; they made a whopping $6.9 billion in sales last year!

So, that’s the lowdown on Tommy Hilfiger. Now, when you wear their clothes or use their products, you’ll know a bit more about where it all comes from and who’s behind it. Cool, huh?

Wrapping Up on Tommy Hilfiger

In a nutshell, Tommy Hilfiger, a brand synonymous with style and quality since 1985, has its roots spread across the globe. While the PVH Corporation is the main force driving its clothing line, the Movado Group adds flair with their watch designs. With a significant portion of its materials sourced responsibly from places like China and a commitment to sustainability, Tommy Hilfiger is more than just a brand; it’s a testament to global collaboration and conscious fashion. Owned by the PVH Corporation and boasting sales that touch billions, the brand continues to thrive, keeping fashion enthusiasts eagerly waiting for what’s next. So, the next time you spot that iconic logo, remember the global journey behind it. Cool to think about, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Tommy Hilfiger clothes made in 2023?

Tommy Hilfiger is a global fashion brand that manufactures its clothes in various countries around the world. The specific manufacturing locations may vary depending on the product and collection. Please refer to the product label or contact customer support for detailed information about the origin of a specific Tommy Hilfiger item.

Where are Tommy Hilfiger bags made in 2023?

Like their clothing, Tommy Hilfiger bags are produced in different locations globally. The manufacturing countries for Tommy Hilfiger bags may vary depending on the design and collection. To determine the origin of a specific Tommy Hilfiger bag, kindly check the product label or reach out to customer support for accurate information.

Can I find Tommy Hilfiger products made in the United States?

Tommy Hilfiger is an internationally recognized brand, and their products are manufactured in various countries worldwide. While Tommy Hilfiger does have manufacturing facilities in the United States, not all products are exclusively made in the country. To determine the origin of a specific product, kindly check the product label or contact customer support for precise information.

How can I identify the manufacturing location of a Tommy Hilfiger item?

To identify the manufacturing location of a Tommy Hilfiger item, you can refer to the product label. The label usually provides information about the origin or manufacturing country. If the label does not mention the country, kindly reach out to Tommy Hilfiger's customer support for assistance in determining the specific manufacturing location of the item in question.

Does Tommy Hilfiger prioritize ethical manufacturing practices?

Yes, Tommy Hilfiger is committed to ethical manufacturing practices. As a brand, they strive to ensure safe, fair, and responsible working conditions for their employees and partners. Tommy Hilfiger has various initiatives in place to uphold ethical standards, including working with compliance organizations and conducting regular audits at their manufacturing facilities.

Is there a way to know the manufacturing country of a discontinued Tommy Hilfiger product?

If you have a discontinued Tommy Hilfiger product and would like to know its manufacturing country, you can try contacting Tommy Hilfiger customer support. They may be able to assist you in obtaining information about the origin of the product, even if it is no longer in production.
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