Where Are Ridge Wallet Made? Are They Made In The US?

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Hey, Let’s Talk About Ridge Wallets!

Guess what? Ridge wallets have a super cool story. They’re made right here in the USA. Yeah, that’s right! The place where all the magic happens is in sunny Los Angeles, California. But that’s not all – they’ve also got a spot where they make these wallets in Shenzhen, China.

Now, here’s the awesome part: in just about ten years, Ridge has managed to get their wallets into the front pockets of over 2 million people all around the globe. Can you believe that? Two million!

And get this – the biggest chunk of these wallets comes from the USA. That means lots of Ridge wallets you see people pulling out to buy stuff? They’re homegrown, American-made. Pretty cool, huh?

Who manufactures Ridge wallets?

So, you’re wondering who puts together those nifty Ridge wallets, right? Well, Ridge isn’t just a name—they’re the actual makers too. They don’t hand off the job to anyone else; no third-party factories or side companies. It’s all Ridge, all the time.

In their workshop, they’ve got this team of super skilled craftsmen. These folks are artists, I’m telling you. They’re all about making sure each wallet is top-notch with a unique twist. The Ridge company kicked off as a Kickstarter project – you know, the website where dreams turn into real things thanks to people who believe in cool, creative ideas.

And here’s the techy part: Ridge wallets are built to protect your cards from sneaky skimmers because they have RFID-blocking stuff in them. Plus, they come with a promise of quality for life—that’s right, a lifetime warranty! They make these durable and light wallets from a mix of homegrown and international bits and pieces, including:

  • Tough Aluminum
  • Fancy Grade 5 Titanium
  • Sleek Carbon Fiber
  • Sturdy Polycarbonate
  • Soft Full-Grain Leather
  • High-Tech Forged Carbon

Is Ridge an American company?

Oh, and in case you’re asking, Ridge is as American as apple pie. They’re all about creating cool wallets, watches, and a bunch of other accessories.

This adventure started in the USA, and that’s where they’ve set up their manufacturing hub. Back in 2013, a couple of American guys named Daniel and Paul Kane decided to bring the Ridge wallet to life on Kickstarter.

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They still run the show, making sure everything’s just right. From wallets to key cases, and even some spiffy rings, watches, and pens, Ridge has really made a splash. And guess what? People in the USA totally love Ridge wallets. With sales that hit around $50 million, you could say they’re a pretty big deal.

Is the Ridge wallet TSA approved?

Travel buddies! Got a Ridge wallet and planning to jet off somewhere? Well, I’ve got good news for you. Every single Ridge wallet is totally cool with the TSA. That means you can breeze through airport security without a hitch.

But, let’s keep it real. Even though these wallets are ready for takeoff, sometimes the TSA folks might want to take a closer peek for safety reasons. It’s all good, though. If they ask, just whip out your wallet from your bag or pocket.

Now, the reason Ridge wallets are a-okay with airport security is that they’re made that way on purpose. They’re designed to meet all those TSA rules, so you can carry them with you across the borders, around the globe, no sweat.

Remember, traveling is supposed to be fun and easy, and with a Ridge wallet, you’re one step closer to that chill airport experience. Happy travels!

Why are Ridge wallets so expensive?

Let’s chat about why Ridge wallets might seem a bit pricier than the wallet you’d pick up at your local store.

The Ridge: More Than Just a Wallet

First off, Ridge isn’t just any wallet; it’s like the Rolls-Royce of wallets. They’re super popular, and everyone seems to want one. This brand has become a big deal in the wallet world, and that kind of status? Well, it doesn’t come cheap.

Top-Shelf Materials

Ridge wallets are like the designer handbags of the wallet world. They’re made from some seriously high-quality stuff. We’re talking materials that don’t just come from anywhere. Some of these are so special, they have to be brought in from outside the USA, just to give these wallets that extra edge.

Security is Key

Now, here’s a biggie: Ridge wallets keep your cards safer than a secret diary. Each one has RFID-blocking tech built-in. This means they protect your personal info from sneaky thieves with scanners. But getting this kind of security isn’t like grabbing something off the dollar menu; it’s more like a fancy steak dinner when it comes to cost.

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Not Much Competition

In the USA, Ridge doesn’t have a ton of wallet rivals. It’s like being one of the few ice cream shops in town on a hot day—you can set the price when there’s not a lot of other choices.

Fixing Up Ain’t Free

Now, if something goes wrong with your wallet and it’s not covered by the warranty, fixing it will cost extra. It’s like when you scratch your car; that touch-up paint isn’t free.

A Wallet That Americans Love

Despite the price tag, people across the USA are big fans of Ridge wallets. They’re stylish, durable, and have room for up to 12 cards—that’s your credit cards, debit cards, and even your driver’s license all snug in one place.

So yeah, Ridge wallets might make your wallet a bit lighter when you buy one, but you’re getting a whole lot of wallet awesomeness for your buck.

Where is Ridge Wallet located?

Home Base of Ridge Wallet

Ever wonder where Ridge Wallet calls home? It’s none other than Santa Monica – that beachy city in California. To be exact, their headquarters are at 520 Broadway, Suite 200, right in the heart of Santa Monica. That’s where they design their sleek wallets and gear before they ship them out all over the planet.

They’ve got their own place in the U.S. where all the wallet magic happens, and from there, they send them out to various stores across the globe.

Where to buy Ridge wallets?

So you want to get your hands on a Ridge wallet? You’ve got options, my friend. They’ve got stores both in the U.S. and in cool spots around the world like:

  • Canada (Oh hey, neighbors to the north!)
  • Australia (Good day, mates!)
  • The UK (Cheers to the Brits!)

And back in the States, from sea to shining sea – and even up in chilly Alaska – there are over 400 places where you can snag one. You’ll find them in some big-name stores like Nordstrom, Scheels, and yes, even Walmart.

But if you’re all about shopping in your PJs, just hit up their official website. You can browse through all their styles and find the perfect wallet without having to change out of your slippers. Plus, the prices there are pretty sweet, too. Happy wallet hunting!

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Wrapping It Up: Your Ridge Wallet Adventure Awaits!

Alright, let’s put a bow on this. Ridge Wallet has planted its roots in the chill vibes of Santa Monica, California, and from there, they’re creating the wallet of your dreams. Whether you’re someone who travels a lot or just wants to keep your pocket essentials snug and secure, Ridge has got your back.

You’ve got a world of options to grab one of these bad boys. With over 400 stores dotted across the U.S. and shelves in Canada, Australia, and the UK, you’re never too far from getting your own. And hey, if you’re all about clicking your way to a purchase, their online store is open 24/7, ready to ship a wallet that’ll probably outlast your next phone.

So, whether it’s the cutting-edge materials, the super-secure RFID protection, or just the sheer cool factor, a Ridge wallet is more than just a place to stash your cash and cards. It’s a little piece of pocket-sized luxury that’s both practical and stylish.

Go ahead, treat yourself to a wallet that’s as ready for adventure as you are. And who knows? This might just be the last wallet you’ll ever need to buy. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Ridge Wallets made?

Ridge Wallets are proudly made in the United States.

Is the production of Ridge Wallets outsourced to other countries?

No, the production of Ridge Wallets is not outsourced to any other country. They are manufactured entirely in the United States.

Are the materials used in Ridge Wallets sourced from the US?

Yes, all the materials used in Ridge Wallets are sourced from within the United States, ensuring high quality and supporting local industries.

Is Ridge Wallets' manufacturing process environmentally friendly?

Yes, Ridge Wallets follows an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, which includes using sustainable materials and minimizing waste.

Are there any additional benefits of buying a Ridge Wallet made in the US?

Yes, purchasing a Ridge Wallet made in the US supports local businesses and ensures that the product meets strict quality standards set by the country.

Can I get a warranty on Ridge Wallets made in the US?

Absolutely! Ridge Wallets made in the US come with a warranty, providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.
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