Where Are Invicta Watches Made?: Are They Still Made in Switzerland?

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Hey, Let’s Talk Watches!Guess what? Invicta Watches have two homes – one in China and another in Switzerland. That’s like having one foot in two different worlds! So, most Invicta watches come to life in China, and they’re built with this cool engine inside called the NH35A movement. It’s like the heart of the watch that keeps everything ticking perfectly.

But hold on, there’s more! The fancy Invicta watches, the ones that say “Swiss-made” on them, they’ve got these super-swanky SW500 movements or Swiss Sellita SW200 movements. These are like the high-performance engines you’d find in a sports car but for watches.

And guess where the master plan for these watches is made? In Hollywood, Florida! That’s where Invicta has its big brain office where all the magic happens. They make sure everything runs smoothly, from thinking up new watch designs to getting them out to the world.

Now, even though these watches are put together in Switzerland and China, the cool designs we all dig are dreamed up right in the USA. That’s why they’ve got that American style that everyone seems to love.

Back in the day, not long after they started, Invicta was all about being a Swiss watchmaker – they even made their own movements right there in Switzerland.

Invicta watches aren’t just any old watches. They’ve got some pretty awesome stuff about them. Check this out – they’re made with either stainless steel or they’re gold-plated (fancy, right?), they can hang out underwater without getting all messed up, they have Swiss movements, glowing hands so you can see the time in the dark, and some even have chronographs – that’s a fancy word for a stopwatch built into your watch.

And you know what else is cool? Invicta’s leading the watch game with some really famous collections like:

  • Speedway: These are like the race cars of watches, all about speed and style.
  • Pro Driver: For the adventure lovers, always ready for a deep dive.
  • Subaqua: Think of a watch that can swim better than a fish – that’s Subaqua.
  • Russian Driver: Now that’s a watch with an old-school, rugged vibe.

Invicta is also known for their big, bold watches. I’m talking about those oversized chunky ones that make a statement.

Invicta’s all about fashion. They want to make sure that when you wear their watch, it’s not just telling you the time; it’s also showing off your style. They make watches for everyday people, not just for those who know all the nitty-gritty about watchmaking.

Especially those big, bold ones, they’re pretty much the signature style of Invicta.

So, in a nutshell, Invicta’s churning out these trendy watches in both Switzerland and China, with a focus on folks who love to show off their style through what they wear on their wrist. Cool, right?

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Are Invicta Watches Made in China?

You bet they are! A big bunch of Invicta watches come from China.

So here’s the deal: China’s super good at making watch parts, and they’ve become huge in the biz. We’re talking about a major league player in the world of watch-making here.

Now, these Chinese-made watch parts, they might not be the top dogs like the Swiss parts, but they’ve got a fan club because they’re pretty decent and don’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Why China, You Ask?

Making stuff in China can save some serious cash compared to doing it in Europe. That’s why you’ll find loads of brands setting up shop over there. And Invicta? They’ve jumped on the bandwagon and are cranking out some stylish watches in China, too.

What’s the Secret Sauce in China-Made Invicta Watches?

Here’s a bit of insider info: those watches from China use something called Japanese NH35A movements. It’s like the watch’s engine, and guess what? It’s a crowd-pleaser for being reliable, not too pricey, and easy to get your hands on.

NH35A Movements: The Nitty-Gritty

The Japanese NH35A movement is known for being:

  • Sturdy as a Rock: This thing’s reliable, which is a big deal in the watch world.
  • Wallet-Friendly: You get a good bang for your buck.
  • Always There When You Need It: They’re not playing hard to get, so they’re easy to find.

For someone who loves to tinker with watches (that’s a watch modder) or a small brand making their own watches (a microbrand), China-made Invicta watches are like finding treasure.

Talking about being on time, the NH35A movements are pretty sharp, with a timing that’s off by just about -20 to +40 seconds a day when you’re just going about your day.

Who Makes Invicta Watches?

Let’s get to the heart of who brings Invicta watches to life. It’s all done by the Invicta Watch Group. Think of them as the bosses of the whole operation.

A Little History Lesson

Way back when, a guy named Raphael Picard started Invicta in Switzerland. Fast forward to now, and even though they’ve got roots in Swiss tradition, they’re like the cool kid from America, because they run their show from Florida.

Invicta Watch Group: The Big Cheese

The Invicta Watch Group calls the shots for all things Invicta. They’ve got the final say on every watch that’s made. And they’re not just about making watches; they’re about making statements with fashion on your wrist.

Family Ties: Glycine Watch SA

There’s a company called Glycine Watch SA, and they’re like Invicta’s sibling since they’re the main sidekick company under the Invicta Watch Group.

Where the Magic Happens

There are actual factories where Invicta’s watches are born, both in Switzerland and China. That’s where artists of the watch world follow Invicta Watch Group’s plans to make each watch perfect.

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The Invicta Family

Picture this: more than 146 people, all with their own unique skills, working super hard day and night. They’re the ones who put the tick in the tock of all Invicta watches.

Who Owns Invicta Watches?

When you’re talking about who owns Invicta watches, it’s the Invicta Watch Group sitting at the top of the chain. They’re the big kahunas, the head honchos, the ones making all the big decisions.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Imagine this: it’s 1837, and a man named Raphael Picard has this awesome idea to make watches in Switzerland. That’s how Invicta started. Fast-forward to today, and they’ve got a whopping 186 years of experience in making watches tick and tock.

A Touch of American Flair

While their roots are deep in Swiss soil, Invicta’s heart now beats in the sunny city of Hollywood, Florida—that’s where they’ve set up their headquarters.

Meet the Invicta VIPs

There are a few VIPs in the Invicta family: Eyal Lalo, Gany Lalo, and Nadia Lalo. These folks play a major part in steering the Invicta ship.

Friends with Benefits: Authentic Brands Group (ABG)

Invicta isn’t going it alone; they’ve teamed up with Authentic Brands Group (ABG), which is like having a buddy to high-five with in the watch-making playground.

Show Me the Money

Talking dollars and cents, the Invicta Watch Group isn’t doing too shabby. They’re raking in about $7.2 million in sales every year. That’s a whole lot of watches and a whole lot of happy wrists out there!

Who Wears Invicta Watches?

Not Just for the Stars

So, you might be thinking, are Invicta watches gracing the wrists of big-time celebrities? Well, it’s not that common. Invicta isn’t really chasing after the glitzy Hollywood scene. Instead, they’re all about creating watches with classic and simple styles that regular folks—like you and me—really dig.

For the Love of the Game and Watches

But hey, that doesn’t mean no famous faces wear them. In fact, Invicta scored a cool deal with a superstar from the NFL world—Jason Taylor. Back in 2012, they teamed up, and he’s been spotted showing off an Invicta watch on his wrist. So, while you might not see Invicta on the red carpet all the time, they’ve still got some celebrity swagger!

Invicta Watches: The Final Word

Alright, let’s wrap this up! Invicta watches are like that friend who’s cool without even trying. They’re not splashed across billboards with celebrities left and right, but they’ve still got a touch of fame thanks to the likes of NFL legends like Jason Taylor.

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Invicta’s about keeping it real, with simple, classic styles that resonate with folks just looking for a solid watch. They’re not about the frills or the next big trend; they stick to what they know and what works—making reliable and accessible timepieces.

Whether they’re coming from the skilled hands of artisans in China or the storied traditions of Swiss watchmaking, Invicta watches have carved out their own spot in the watch world. With a history stretching back over a century and a half, a presence in the daily lives of watch lovers, and a down-to-earth approach to timekeeping, Invicta has proven that you don’t need to be draped on the wrist of a movie star to shine.

So if you’re on the hunt for a watch that’s got history, quality, and a no-nonsense attitude, Invicta might just be your time-telling soulmate. They’ve got the experience, they’ve got the style, and they’ve got a watch with your name on it. Whether you’re dressing up for a big day or just keeping it casual, Invicta’s got you covered, from the boardroom to the football stands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where are Invicta watches made?

Invicta watches are made in several countries including Switzerland, Japan, and China. However, the majority of their high-end luxury watches are made in Switzerland.

2: Are all Invicta watches made in Switzerland?

No, not all Invicta watches are made in Switzerland. While the brand has a strong association with Swiss watchmaking, they also have watch models that are manufactured in other countries such as Japan and China.

3: How can I tell if an Invicta watch is made in Switzerland?

To determine if an Invicta watch is made in Switzerland, you can check the dial or the case back for the "Swiss Made" label. Swiss-made Invicta watches adhere to strict quality standards set by the Swiss government.

4: What is the significance of Swiss-made watches?

Swiss-made watches are highly regarded worldwide for their precision, craftsmanship, and quality. The "Swiss Made" label guarantees that the watch has been assembled and inspected in Switzerland, using Swiss components, and meets certain criteria defined by Swiss law.

5: Are Invicta watches made in Switzerland of good quality?

Yes, Invicta watches made in Switzerland are known for their superior quality. Swiss watchmaking has a long-standing reputation for precision and meticulous craftsmanship. Invicta's Swiss-made watches are no exception and undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure their excellence.

6: Can I trust the authenticity of Swiss-made Invicta watches?

Absolutely. Swiss-made Invicta watches are deemed authentic and genuine. The "Swiss Made" label is regulated by Swiss law and serves as a guarantee of the watch's origin and quality. However, it is always advisable to purchase from authorized retailers or the official Invicta website to minimize the risk of counterfeit products.
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