Where Are Ego Products Made? Exploring Origins Of EGO Products

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Where are Ego products manufactured in 2024:

So, in 2024, if you’re wondering where EGO’s gear comes to life, it’s right in the heart of Newnan, Georgia, in the good ol’ USA. This place isn’t just a manufacturing spot; it’s the central hub for everything EGO, from storing all their cool gadgets to making the sales happen.

But hey, that’s not the whole story! EGO’s stuff can also be found hanging out in warehouses up in Canada and down in Mexico.

Now, here’s a little twist: EGO’s big parent company, Chevron, is kind of like a globe-trotter, crafting their products in far-off lands like China and Germany, and even in a city known for fast cars – Stuttgart. EGO’s family is pretty international, huh?


Have you seen those EGO blowers around? They’re not just made in one corner of the world. Nope, they’ve got homes in Europe, North America, and China.

These bad boys run on a super cool 56-volt ARC Lithium battery. Imagine this: You can power up on boost mode for a solid 10 minutes – like a sprint, go steady on high mode for 22 minutes – like a jog, or keep it chill on low mode for a whopping 75 minutes – like a leisurely walk.

And EGO’s not just making one type of blower – they’ve got a couple:

  • Leaf Blowers: Say goodbye to those pesky leaves on your lawn.
  • Snow Blowers: Make that snow-covered driveway a thing of the past.

Among all the blowers EGO makes, the 765 CFM is like the Hulk of handheld blowers – super strong and totally leading the pack.

Lawn Mowers

When it comes to their lawn mowers, EGO has its crafting spots in China and the USA. These grass-cutting heroes made a grand entrance back in 2014 with their 56-volt OPE line.

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Picture this: you charge one of these babies up, and you’ve got 50 minutes to make your lawn look like it belongs in a home and garden magazine.

Here are a couple of the EGO lawn mower models you might come across:

  • Power+ 20” Mower (LM2000-S): Your lawn’s new best friend.
  • 20” Mower with Steel Deck (LM2024): It’s like the armored knight for your grass.


Okay, let’s talk about the juice that powers all of EGO’s cool tools: the batteries. These aren’t just any batteries; they’re the stars of the show! EGO batteries are crafted with care in China and the USA. The special lithium-ion ones? They’re made in the USA by a company called Johnson Control.

These EGO batteries are super hot items right now. Why? Because they come in all sizes, from the compact 2.5 Ah all the way up to the big boss 10.0 Ah. Here’s a shout-out to a couple of their top battery models that are rocking the market:

  • Power+ 12.0 AMP: This is like the heavyweight champion of batteries.
  • Power+ 10.0 AMP: Not far behind, it’s the contender you definitely want in your corner.

Power Products

When it comes to power, EGO isn’t just playing in the minor leagues; they’re the major league players with a full lineup of power products made in China, Europe, and North America.

Apart from the cool blowers and sleek lawn mowers, and those beastly batteries, EGO is the name behind a bunch of other powerhouse tools:

  • Edgers: For those perfect lawn borders that make your neighbors jealous.
  • Chain Saws: For chopping up firewood or trimming trees like a boss.
  • Pole Saws: For reaching those high branches without needing to sprout wings.
  • Generators: For keeping the lights on when the power’s out.
  • Portable Power: For when you need to take the power show on the road.

With EGO, you’re not just getting a tool; you’re getting a power-packed member of your home team that’s ready to tackle just about anything you throw at it. Cool beans, right?

Which Ego products are made in the USA?

Wondering which EGO products get to sport the “Made in the USA” label? Look no further than the radiant heating elements. These hot items are put together in a place called Newnan, Georgia.

These aren’t just any heating elements. They’re like the transformers of the heating world, layered with glass-ceramics to make sure your home and kitchen stay just the right kind of toasty. Here are the types of EGO appliance heating elements you’ll find:

  • EGO Thick Film Technology: It’s like a warm blanket for your appliances.
  • EGO Gas Technology: For that cozy, around-the-campfire feel.
  • EGO Induction Technology: Like a magic cooking pot for your modern kitchen.
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Who manufactures Ego products?

Now, who’s the wizard behind the curtain making all these EGO products happen? That would be Chervon. These guys aren’t just playing in the sandbox; they’re one of the top 10 power players on the global stage. They’ve got a sprawling plant in Nanjing, China, and they’ve also got spots in Germany and Stuttgart.

Chervon isn’t just a name; it’s a Chinese powerhouse, with its products in over 65 countries and filling up shelves in more than 30,000 stores.

But wait, there’s more! Chervon isn’t just about EGO. They’ve got their hands in a few other cookie jars, making stuff for some brands you might know:

  • FLEX: Think of tools that bend over backward for you.
  • X-Tron: Sounds futuristic, right? They’re just that advanced.
  • Devon: For when you need your tools to be both tough and smart.
  • Hammerhead: Nails it every time with their tools.
  • SKIL: You’ve probably heard of these guys – they’re like the cool kids of tools.

Does Lowes own EGO?

Got a burning question: Does Lowe’s own EGO? Nope, they’re not the head honcho, but they’re definitely in a cool partnership. Lowe’s, which you can find chilling in Mooresville, N.C., started stocking their shelves with EGO products at the tail end of 2024.

Lowe’s is kind of like that popular kid that only hangs with the cool brands – they’re always on the lookout for the best in the power product biz. And talk about busy – they’re helping over 18 million customers every week in Canada and the U.S.!

With a whopping 2,200+ hardware and home improvement stores and over 300,000 folks on their team, Lowe’s is a pretty big deal. And hey, if you’re hooked to your screen, you can grab EGO’s gear on Lowes.com, too.

They’re also pretty big-hearted, working on making communities stronger with programs aimed at creating affordable, safe housing. Nice, right?

How long has EGO been in business?

So, how long has EGO been rocking the tool world? Since 1993, my friend. That’s when they jumped into the international manufacturing scene.

EGO’s been all about keeping up with our super-speedy world, cooking up some seriously innovative and cool stuff.

Flash forward to today, and they’re like the rock stars of power tool makers, with about 10 million units flying off their production lines each year. Talk about being on a roll!

Is EGO going out of business?

Let’s squash a rumor here: EGO isn’t packing up shop and calling it quits. Nope, they’re still very much in the game. However, there’s a bit of buzz because they’re considering dropping their outdoor power equipment line from their roster.

So why can’t you find EGO’s stuff at Home Depot anymore? That’s because EGO and Lowe’s decided to become exclusive — kind of like when two people decide to date each other and nobody else. EGO chose Lowe’s to showcase and sell their products on the Lowe’s website.

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For now, if you’re looking for EGO products, Lowe’s is the go-to spot. They’re like EGO’s new home away from home, the main squeeze for all things EGO.

Wrapping It Up: EGO’s Road Ahead

In conclusion, EGO’s journey isn’t coming to an end — it’s merely taking a new path. They’re not shutting down but are shaking things up by potentially trimming their product line and changing where their tools can call home. This strategic move to partner exclusively with Lowe’s means that EGO is choosing to streamline its retail presence to one major outlet, which could bring a more focused and possibly more convenient shopping experience for EGO enthusiasts.

EGO continues to innovate and lead in the power tools industry, and their commitment to quality and performance remains unchanged. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, a professional landscaper, or someone who just likes to keep their slice of the outdoors looking sharp, EGO and Lowe’s are working to make sure that the tools you need are within easy reach.

So, let’s look forward to seeing what EGO has in store for the future — because if their past is anything to go by, it’s going to be electrifying. Keep an eye on those shelves at Lowe’s; who knows what powerful innovations EGO will plug in next!

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where are EGO blowers made?

EGO blowers are manufactured in China. They are designed and engineered in the United States, and then produced in EGO's state-of-art facilities in China.

2: Are EGO mowers made in the USA?

No, EGO mowers are not made in the USA. Similar to their blowers, EGO mowers are designed and engineered in the United States but manufactured in China.

3: Where are EGO hedge trimmers produced?

EGO hedge trimmers, like other EGO products, are made in China. They undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure they meet EGO's high standards for performance and durability.

4: Do EGO chainsaws originate from the USA?

No, EGO chainsaws do not originate from the USA. They are made in China. However, they are designed and developed by EGO's team of engineers in the United States, ensuring top-notch quality.

5: Where are EGO string trimmers manufactured?

EGO string trimmers are manufactured in China. EGO's manufacturing facilities in China utilize advanced technology and processes to create reliable and high-performance string trimmers.

6: Are EGO power tools made in the USA or China?

EGO power tools, including blowers, mowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, and string trimmers, are manufactured in China. However, their design and engineering are done in the USA, ensuring top-quality products.
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