Where Are CRKT Knives Made? Is CRKT Made In The USA?

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Where are CRKT Knives manufactured in 2024:

Made in the USA? Sort of!

Okay, let’s get into it. Most of the CRKT knives are made right here in the United States. But that’s not the whole story. CRKT is like a globe-trotter, making knives in a bunch of places around the world including China, Taiwan, Brazil, and some other spots.

CRKT isn’t just a name in the USA. It’s a big deal pretty much everywhere, with its own factories spread out across these countries.

Knives with a Passport: International Hotspots for CRKT

So, you want the details on where exactly these knives are coming from, right? Here’s the lowdown:

China’s Piece of the Pie

Over in Beijing, China, there’s a small spot where CRKT is crafting some super cool, high-end knives. Ever heard of the CRKT Pilar or the CRKT Pilar III? Yep, they come to life there.

Taiwan’s Knife Game

Then there’s Taiwan, which is kind of like CRKT’s second home. They’ve set up shop in New Taipei City, and let me tell you, they’re busy! Here’s a quick peek at some of the models they’re churning out:

  • The CRKT Attaboy Assisted Folder – snappy and sharp!
  • The CRKT Skeggox – not your average axe.
  • The CRKT Oxcart – it’s got some wheels! (Not really, but it’s a solid knife.)
  • The CRKT Homefront OD Green – as cool as it sounds.
  • The CRKT Butte – a real ‘cut-above’ knife.
  • And the CRKT Clever Girl Kukri – it’s one fierce blade!

Japan’s Crafting Skills

And we can’t forget Japan! In the city of Seki, known for its blades, CRKT has a spot where they pay homage to old Japanese designs. Take the Hissatsu Fixed Blade, for example—this one’s steeped in history.

Where in the World Are CRKT’s Tools Made?

CRKT’s got a whole lineup of tools, and where they’re made is pretty specific. Check this out:

  • CRKT M16 – Made in the USA (Homegrown goodness!)
  • CRKT Tomahawks – Split between Taiwan & USA (Best of both worlds!)
  • CRKT Axes – Crafted in China & Taiwan (East meets West!)
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CRKT All Over the Map

These knives aren’t just staying put. They’re traveling all over the place, finding their way to over 30 countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Russia, and South Korea.

Curious About Coolina Knives?

And hey, if you’re wandering in the knife world and stumble upon Coolina knives, that’s a whole other story. (Hint: Might be worth a look if you’re into this kind of thing!)

What’s the Takeaway?

So there you have it, folks. CRKT is like a global chef, mixing a bit of this and a bit of that from all over the world to give you some seriously diverse and quality knives. Whether you’re in the US or chilling in Denmark, you’ve got a piece of CRKT’s global family right in your pocket.

Which CRKT Knives are made in the USA?

CRKT’s USA-Made All-Stars

So, you’re curious which CRKT knives are born and bred in the USA? Let’s get right to it! The super popular CRKT Squid is a hometown hero, crafted in Orleans, Massachusetts. It’s a nifty little folding knife that you can carry around every day for all sorts of tasks.

But wait, there’s more! CRKT doesn’t stop with just one. They’ve got a whole lineup of top-notch knives made on American soil.

Check Out These Made-in-the-USA CRKT Knives:

  • CRKT M16 – This one’s like the quarterback of the team; reliable and well-known.
  • CRKT Snarky – It’s got attitude and a blade to back it up.
  • CRKT CEO 7096 – Sleek and boss-like, just like a CEO should be.
  • CRKT Triple Play – It’s not a baseball term here, but it’s just as impressive.
  • CRKT 2385 Folts Minimalist – Simple, yet so effective.

Not just knives, though—CRKT makes other cool tools right here in the USA. They’ve got a big facility that’s always buzzing with new ideas and sharp edges.

CRKT’s Home Base and History

The brains of the operation? That’s in Tualatin, Oregon, where CRKT has set up their headquarters.

Way back when, CRKT made waves in the American market with their first K.I.S.S. knife model. It was like a smash hit single on the radio—everyone wanted one. This big splash in the early 2000s helped CRKT spread their wings across the country.

Are CRKT Knives made by Ruger?

Setting the Record Straight: CRKT vs. Ruger

Gotcha wondering if CRKT knives are coming from the same folks who make Ruger firearms, right? Well, here’s the lowdown: CRKT knives are not made by Ruger. Columbia River Knife & Tool Inc., which we all like to call CRKT, is the mastermind behind those knives.

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CRKT: A Self-Made Knife Maker

Right now, CRKT isn’t sharing its knife-making duties with anyone else. No third-party manufacturers are in the picture. They’re all about doing it themselves, with their own skilled teams that know a thing or two about crafting some top-quality blades in various places around the world.

The CRKT and Ruger Connection

But hold on, there is a link between CRKT and Ruger! It’s all about business. CRKT is the genius behind the design and manufacturing of the new Ruger knives collection. And you can bet they’re using the same high-quality materials that you’ve come to expect from CRKT.

A Match Made in Knife Heaven

The partnership between Ruger and CRKT? It’s like peanut butter and jelly—a perfect match. They’ve come together to bring some awesome products to the table (or the great outdoors), and they’re doing it without breaking your bank.

Is CRKT owned by Benchmade?

The Lowdown on CRKT and Benchmade

Let’s clear up any mix-ups right away: CRKT is not a piece of the Benchmade pie. They’re their own boss, through and through. This Oregon-based company is privately owned and has been doing its own thing since 1994. That’s when Rod Bremer and Paul Gillespi decided to team up and create what we now know as CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool).

Benchmade and CRKT: Neighbors, Not Relatives

Benchmade? They’re another big name in the knife game, and they also call Oregon home. In fact, CRKT and Benchmade have their headquarters in the same city, which is pretty cool. They both make knives, so you could say they’re kind of like neighbors who both decided to grow awesome apple trees—similar, but each with their own unique flavor of apples.

A Friendly Rivalry

In the past few years, CRKT has been stepping up their game, bringing in some serious competition for Benchmade, especially when it comes to quality and revenue in the American market. They’re like athletes pushing each other to be better, and we, the knife fans, get to enjoy the results.

CRKT: Independent and Thriving

So, just to keep it crystal clear: CRKT is flying solo. They’ve been in the knife-making rodeo for over 25 years, and they’ve got their own style, their own ideas, and their own way of doing things. And that’s what makes them CRKT.


As we’re wrapping this up, let’s give a big shout-out to CRKT knives. These blades have carved out a name for themselves with their wallet-friendly prices and fresh-off-the-design-board looks. They’re the kind of tools that make both your pockets and your adventurous spirit pretty happy.

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CRKT has built a rep for being the go-to guys for anyone looking for a knife that won’t cost an arm and a leg but doesn’t skimp on design or quality. They’re the talk of the town for their cost-effective and innovative approach to knife making.

But, it’s not all smooth slicing. CRKT knives have hit a snag in some places around the world. For instance, head over to Canada, and you’ll find that these knives are a no-go. They’re on the list of items that you just can’t have, making them both coveted and controversial.

So, whether you’re here in the States, picking out a new pocket companion, or somewhere where these knives are more of a forbidden fruit, one thing’s for sure: CRKT has made its mark as a brand that offers quality and creativity at a price that’s hard to beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where are CRKT knives made in 2023?

CRKT knives are manufactured in various locations, including factories in the United States and abroad. The company has multiple manufacturing partners around the world, ensuring quality and efficient production.

2: Is CRKT made in the USA?

Yes, CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) produces some of their knives in the United States. They have a dedicated manufacturing facility in Tualatin, Oregon, where many of their American-made products are crafted with precision and expertise.

3: Can I differentiate between CRKT knives made in the USA and those made abroad?

Certain CRKT knife models clearly indicate whether they are made in the USA or abroad. When purchasing a CRKT knife, carefully check the product descriptions or packaging for information on its origin.

4: Are CRKT knives made outside the USA of inferior quality?

No, CRKT knives produced outside the USA can still offer excellent quality. CRKT maintains strict standards and collaborates with trusted manufacturers worldwide to ensure their knives meet the company's high-quality standards, regardless of where they are made.

5: Why does CRKT manufacture knives outside the USA?

CRKT manufactures knives outside the USA to cater to a broader customer base and cover a range of price points. By partnering with international manufacturers, CRKT can offer a wider selection of knives while maintaining competitive pricing.

6: Does CRKT guarantee the quality of their knives regardless of the manufacturing location?

Yes, CRKT stands behind the quality of all their knives, regardless of where they are manufactured. They carefully select their manufacturing partners and maintain strict quality control measures to ensure their customers receive reliable and high-performing knives.
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