Where Are Amana Appliances Made? Are They Made In The US?

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Hey There, Let’s Talk About Amana Appliances!

So, you’re curious about Amana, right? They’re like the superheroes of our homes, making our lives easier in so many ways. Whether it’s helping us cook up a storm, keeping our drinks cool, making sure our clothes are sparkling clean, or keeping us toasty when it’s chilly outside, Amana has got our backs. And guess what? The cool part is that all this help doesn’t have to break the bank—Amana’s stuff is pretty affordable.

But now you’re probably scratching your head, wondering, “How come Amana can be easy on my wallet? Are they making all these gadgets halfway across the world in China?”

Well, let’s put on our detective hats and solve this mystery together! Let’s dive into the story of where Amana appliances come from.

Where are Amana appliances manufactured in 2024

So, let’s get the scoop on where Amana is making all their cool stuff in 2024. The big news is that most of their home helpers are born and raised right in the USA. That’s right, they’re American-made! But hold on, some of the kitchen gear does have a bit of a globetrotter vibe, coming from places like China and Mexico.


Now, let’s zoom in on the dishwashers. These bad boys come to life in Amana, Iowa — yep, they’re named after their hometown! It’s been this way since way back in 1940, so you know they’ve had a lot of practice. There’s also a spot in Clyde, Ohio, where they whip up some more dishwasher magic. People love these dishwashers because they just get the job done, no muss, no fuss. So, all in all, if it’s an Amana dishwasher, it’s got the U.S. stamp on it.

Washers and Dryers

Moving on to the dynamic duo in our laundry rooms: the washers and dryers. These are coming straight outta Ohio. The washers are put together in Clyde, and the dryers get their start in Marion. It’s all happening in the U.S.A., which is pretty awesome.

And if you’re new to this whole “buying appliances” game, Amana’s washers and dryers are like your friendly neighborhood superheroes. They’re reliable, they don’t ask for much, and they’ll make sure your laundry comes out looking and feeling great. So, you can trust these American-made machines to keep your clothes clean and comfy.


Guess what? Amana Freezers are like the cool kids on the block, and they’re made right in Amana, Iowa, too. Over at Whirlpool Corporation’s big manufacturing hub, they craft these freezers to be top-notch. They’re not just any freezers; these are the walk-in closet kind of spacious! Plus, they have neat little spots to keep all your popsicles and peas perfectly organized.

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Now, let’s talk about where Amana stoves come from. These kitchen superstars are made in Houston, Texas. Imagine this: a massive factory that’s 4.2 million square feet big. That’s like a whole lot of football fields put together! This is where Amana stoves are born, and they’re built to last. So, when you’re cooking up your favorite mac ‘n’ cheese, you’re using a stove that’s as Texan as cowboy boots.

Air Conditions

Last but not least, let’s breeze into air conditioners. These cool companions also come from the big, bustling factory in Houston, Texas. Amana air conditioners might be a bit pricier, but hey, you’re getting some of the best chill machines in the game. They’re like the VIPs of cooling systems.

And hold on, there’s more. The warranty for Amana air conditioners? It’s pretty amazing. It’s like having a superhero guarantee that your summers are going to be cool and comfy for a long, long time.


Alright, if you’ve ever wondered where those chilly companions in your kitchen come from, here’s the deal: Amana fridges are made in, you guessed it, Amana, Iowa. This isn’t just any old place; it’s the birthplace of the Amana brand. Since 1940, this factory has been all about crafting quality products, and that includes the fridges that keep your snacks and drinks nice and cold.


Now, for the gadget that probably gets the most action in the kitchen: the microwave. Amana microwaves are whipped up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They’re not just any microwaves—they’re ISO9001 certified, which is like a stamp of approval for being top-notch.

Although most of Amana’s microwaves are made in the USA, there are a few series, like the RFS, RCS, and RMS, that are the exception. But don’t worry, even those guys are up to the Amana standard.

Check this out: Amana was the cool brand that introduced us to microwaves way back in 1967. And they’re not messing around—they pack a punch with 1200 to 2000 watts of power in their microwaves. That’s like having a mini lightning bolt ready to heat up your leftovers or pop your popcorn in no time!

Which Amana appliances are made in America?

If you’re asking which Amana helpers are made in the land of stars and stripes, I’ve got your answer! Check out this list of Amana appliances that are proudly made in the USA:

  • Washers: Where suds and spin cycles meet American craftsmanship.
  • Freezers: Keeping your ice cream and frozen peas American-fresh.
  • Dryers: Giving your clothes the warm American hug after a wash.
  • Air Conditioners: Made in the USA to keep you cool like an American summer.
  • Stoves: American stovetops ready to cook up your family favorites.

Most of Amana’s microwave models are also homegrown in the USA, but there’s a twist. Some special microwave series – think of them like the international cousins – are made over in China. And hey, they’re pretty great at zapping your meals to tasty perfection with lots of space inside and high-power action.

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The big player behind Amana, Whirlpool Corporation, crafts most of these appliances right here in American factories. But why sometimes make things outside the USA? It’s all about strategy – reaching more people and mixing things up to keep everyone happy and kitchens everywhere buzzing.

Are Amana appliances made by the Amish?

Let’s clear up a little mix-up some folks have about Amana appliances. Some people hear “Amana” and think of the Amish because of the similarity in names and because Amana was the name given to a colony where a group of religious folks, who are often confused with the Amish, settled in Iowa way back in 1855.

Now, here’s the deal: Even though the name “Amana” sounds kind of like “Amish,” the appliances you see in stores with the Amana label are definitely not made by the Amish. Instead, they are made by a big company called Whirlpool Corporation, and they’ve got factories that are all modern and high-tech.

Since around 1940, Amana appliances have been rolling off the lines in Iowa. And nope, the Amish haven’t been involved with making these appliances. They’ve got their own way of life that doesn’t really mesh with manufacturing fridges and stoves.

Whirlpool Corporation doesn’t just make Amana goodies in Iowa, they’ve also got a huge facility down in Houston, Texas — we’re talking about 4.2 million square feet of space, kind of like a giant playground for creating appliances.

Oh, and there’s a bit of juicy news: The Amana plant was sold for a hefty $92.6 million. So, just to set the record straight one more time: all those Amana appliances that make life easier? They’re all thanks to Whirlpool Corporation, not the Amish.

Who manufactures Amana appliances?

Let’s talk about who’s behind the Amana appliances that might be sitting pretty in your kitchen or laundry room. It’s none other than Whirlpool Corporation. These guys are big shots in the world of home appliances. You’ve probably heard the name Whirlpool before, right? They’re known all over the globe for making appliances that are reliable and get the job done.

So, here’s a bit of history for you: In 2006, Whirlpool Corporation decided they liked Amana so much that they bought the company. Since that day, Amana has been like a member of the Whirlpool family, with all its appliances being made following Whirlpool’s rules and standards.

Whirlpool isn’t just a household name in America; they’ve got factories making goodies in 10 different countries. But, and here’s a cool fact, when it comes to Amana appliances, they’re all American-made.

Who owns Amana appliances?

Alright, if you’re wondering who’s the boss of Amana, it’s Whirlpool Corporation. These guys didn’t just stop at Amana; they bought the whole brand back in 2006. Now, Amana is part of a squad of some pretty well-known appliance brands that Whirlpool owns.

Here’s the lineup of Whirlpool’s family of brands:

  • KitchenAid: The one whipping up your cakes and cookies.
  • Amana: Keeping it cool and clean in your home.
  • Maytag: The muscle behind your laundry.
  • Jenn-Air: Adding that sleek, professional look to your kitchen.
  • Consul: Big in places like Brazil, keeping things fresh and frosty.
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Every year, Amana, under the Whirlpool umbrella, rakes in a cool $4.7 billion. That’s a lot of refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves making lives easier all over the place!

Wrap Up

Let’s wrap this up! Amana isn’t just an old-timer in the home appliance game; it’s a brand that keeps climbing higher on the ladder of success. And here’s something neat: In the 20th century, when Whirlpool Corporation took Amana under its wing, they really amped up the game. They spread Amana products far and wide, thanks to a bunch of top-notch appliances that people really loved.

Today, Amana stands tall as a proud all-American manufacturer. It’s like the local hero of home appliances in the USA. From fridges that chill your favorite drinks to stoves that cook up your comfort food, Amana’s got a spot in kitchens and laundry rooms across the country.

So, next time you load up that washer or pull a frozen pizza out of the freezer, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing a slice of American manufacturing tradition, all thanks to Amana and the big family at Whirlpool Corporation.

Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where are Amana appliances made in 2023?

Amana appliances are primarily manufactured in the United States, with some products also being produced in Mexico. However, it is always recommended to check the specific product's country of origin, as it may vary.

2: Are Amana appliances made in the US?

Yes, Amana appliances are made in the United States. Amana has manufacturing facilities located in the US, where they produce a wide range of home appliances.

3: Are all Amana appliances made in the US?

While the majority of Amana appliances are manufactured in the US, there are some products that may be made in Mexico. It is advisable to check the specific product's country of origin for accurate information.

4: Can I trust the quality of Amana appliances made in the US?

Yes, Amana appliances made in the US are known for their high-quality standards. Amana has a reputation for producing reliable and durable appliances that undergo rigorous testing to ensure customer satisfaction.

5: Are Amana appliances made in the US more expensive than those made in Mexico?

The pricing of Amana appliances is determined by various factors, including production costs and market demand. However, typically, Amana appliances made in the US do not necessarily have significantly higher prices compared to those made in Mexico.

6: How can I verify the country of origin for a specific Amana appliance?

To confirm the country of origin for a particular Amana appliance, you can refer to the product's packaging, labeling, or documentation. Additionally, you may visit the official Amana website or reach out to their customer support for accurate information.
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