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Hey there! Ever looked at your Apple device and thought, “Wow, that font looks pretty cool!”? You’re not the only one. Apple’s known for its snazzy designs, and even the tiny details, like the font they use, don’t go unnoticed.

Ever jammed out to your favorite tunes on Apple Music and wondered about the stylish letters dancing across your screen? You’ve got lots of company! Loads of folks have been curious about it, and some even tried to get that same font on their gadgets.

So, what’s the story behind that awesome font on Apple Music? Whether you’re a super design fan or just like knowing fun facts about your apps, you’re in for a treat. Apple’s got a bunch of neat fonts, but the one on Apple Music? It’s special.

What Is Apple Music Font

So you’ve been staring at the stylish font on Apple Music and wondering, “What’s its name?” Drum roll, please… 🥁 It’s called San Francisco!

San Francisco isn’t just any font. It’s an Apple original! They made it themselves especially for all their cool devices and software. Imagine a super-modern style that’s easy to read, whether you’re looking at a massive computer monitor or a tiny iPhone screen. That’s San Francisco for you – neat, clear, and oh-so-chic!

Apple’s design is all about keeping things clean and simple, right? Well, this font is the perfect fit for that vibe. Whether you’re scrolling through song titles on Apple Music, checking a notification on your Apple Watch, or watching a movie on your Apple TV, you’re seeing the San Francisco font everywhere!

San Francisco isn’t just a pretty face. This font comes packed with 46 awesome styles and tricks, like those little letters called “small capitals.” And if you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone X, you’re getting an even better font experience. Apple made sure it looked perfect and was super readable, without being all cluttered.

History Of Apple Music Font

You know how every superhero has an origin story? Fonts do too! Let’s time-travel back to 1984, when big hair was in and Apple launched its very first Macintosh computer.

The super stylish “San Francisco” font was birthed by this awesome designer named Susan Kare. She whipped up this font especially for the OG Macintosh. As years rolled by, like everything else, San Francisco got some makeovers to keep up with the ever-changing world of screens and displays.

Fast forward to 2015, Apple brought out a snazzy new version of this font called “San Francisco Display”. It’s like San Francisco’s cooler younger sibling, made just for those crisp screens on iPhones and iPads. And guess what? Apple Music thought it was super cool and decided, “Yup, that’s the font for us!” It gave the app that modern, sleek vibe we all know and love.

Now, whether you’re texting your BFF on your iPhone, binge-watching your fave show on Apple TV, or setting a reminder on your Apple Watch, you’re seeing San Francisco all over the place. Its clean look and super easy-to-read style make it a top pick, not just for Apple, but loads of other tech-savvy folks.

Which Font Is Used By Apple Music For The « New Music Daily:

Ever noticed that catchy “New Music Daily” section on Apple Music? You know, where they show you all the hottest tracks from artists everywhere? Well, ever wondered about the cool font they use there?

This sleek font is named the “Condensed Font.” Big shoutout to the talented David Berlow for creating it. It’s made to be super easy on your eyes, so you can jam out to the newest tunes without squinting at your screen.

But wait, there’s a twist! While the section has the flair of the “Condensed Font,” the actual font used for the “New Music Daily” title is none other than Apple’s very own San Francisco. It’s got that fresh, modern look we all adore, making scrolling through Apple Music a visual treat!

Why do people love it so much? Because not only does it look fab, but it also makes reading titles and artist names super easy.

Armon Font On Apple Music

If you’re an Apple Music enthusiast, you’ve probably spotted another stylish font there – say hello to Armon! 🍎🎵

Armon is like that trendy friend who’s always dressed to impress. It’s modern, clean, and looks amazing on your screen. Apple whipped up this font especially for their music app. And the inspiration? It’s based on the typography from the official App Store and iTunes pages.

Feeling like giving your playlist titles a makeover? You can totally use Armon! Just hop onto the App Store or iTunes, download the font, and you’re set. Want to use it in Apple Music? Easy-peasy! Just open the app, click on “fonts” in the main menu, pick Armon, and you’re good to go.

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Lyric Font Size In Apple Music On A MAC – Apple Community

Ever found yourself squinting to read the lyrics on Apple Music? You’re not alone! 🎶💻

Apple Music rocks its own unique style, which might seem a tad smaller than what you’re used to in other apps. But guess what? You can tweak the font size to make it perfect for your eyes.

Simple Steps to Bigger Lyrics

  1. On Your iPhone or iPad: Head to Settings > General > Accessibility > Font Size. This will make the lyrics pop more on your screen.
  2. On Your Mac: Click on the “Font” menu, choose “Font size,” and pick your preferred size.

But, here’s a cool tip from the Apple Community: When you’re jamming to a song, click the three dots next to its title and choose “Lyrics.” Spot the “Aa” button? Click it and set your desired size. If that doesn’t do the trick, dive into your Mac’s settings and pick “Display.” Adjusting the resolution will make the words in Apple Music appear bigger.

Remember, the steps might be a tad different based on the Apple Music version or your Mac’s operating system. But a little tinkering will surely make your lyrical journey smoother!

The Gang Font On Apple Music

If you’ve hung out on Apple Music recently, you might’ve come across a font that doesn’t scream ‘fancy.’ It’s called the Gang Font. Sure, it might not win any beauty contests, but it’s got a unique purpose.

The main gig of Gang Font? Helping you spot album covers in a jiffy when you’re scrolling through songs. The smart minds behind Apple Music picked this font to blend elements of album covers right into the letters. It’s kind of like having x-ray vision for your song list!

So, while some might give Gang Font a “meh” for looks, its superpower lies in making your music browsing super efficient. If you haven’t yet, give it a whirl and see how it changes your Apple Music experience! 🍏🎧

How Do You Install Apple Music Typeface?

Are you in love with Apple Music’s sleek typeface? Want to add it to your collection and use it for your projects? Great news! You can totally do that, and here’s how:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Installing the Apple Music Typeface:

  1. Get the Font!
    First off, grab the ‘AppleMusicFont’ folder from the provided direct link. Save it to your Macintosh HD or wherever you store your treasures.
  2. Open Font Book:
    On your Mac, there’s a handy tool called Font Book. Not sure where it is? Just search for it!
  3. Let’s Install:
    Once Font Book is open, you’ll want to add the new font. Just right-click (or Ctrl+click for Mac folks) on the bottom of the screen, then choose ‘Add Font’. If you’re having some issues, double-check that you’re on the correct version. If you’re rocking Snow Leopard 10, you’re golden!
  4. Select the Font:
    Here’s the fun part! Press Ctrl+O (or Command+O if you’re on a PC) and select ‘Open’. You’ll see the Apple Music typeface pop up in Font Book (sometimes cheekily named ‘Cursors’).
  5. Time to Play!
    Now that the typeface is installed, you can use it in any app that lets you pick fonts. Thinking Photoshop or Word? Absolutely! And the best part? You can jazz up your projects with different sizes or even make it bold.

If you’re feeling super creative, grab the “Live Text” app icon and paste it in your Mac’s finder. This will let you work some magic on iPhone text and create super cool typography edits that’ll make your projects shine!

Once you’re done with all the creative chaos, head back to the desktop folder on your Mac. Copy that ‘AppleMusicFont’ folder and pop it into the ‘fonts’ directory, just as we talked about in step one.

Download Fonts

Ever gazed at Apple Music and thought, “Man, that font is so neat!”? Well, you’re not alone. Let me spill the beans on that!

Apple Music uses a snazzy font named SF Pro Display. Apple crafted this beauty exclusively for their gizmos, giving it a modern, sleek look. It’s a sans-serif typeface that looks fab on any screen – big or small.

There’s an app called Live Text, and it’s all the rage right now! Fancy using the Apple Music font on it? Just download the app on your iOS device, and you’re all set to get those creative juices flowing! From stylish captions to innovative designs, dive into the world of Apple music typography!

How To Use Apple Music Font?

Let’s dive into how you can make the most of this stylish font.

Apple’s San Francisco font is the star here. Tailor-made for their lineup, this font is the epitome of clean and modern elegance. Imagine a sleek, sans-serif design with just the right pinch of uniqueness – that’s San Francisco for you!

Using The Font – A Quick Guide:

  1. Pick Your Font:
    Launch Font Book on your Mac and click on the Apple MusicFont.
  2. Insert Special Characters:
    Want some extra flair? Go to Insert > Special Characters on the top bar. This lets you add all those fancy symbols and glyphs that make your text pop!
  3. Install and Use:
    With a few clicks, you’ll have the font all set up on your Mac. Just go back, select the Apple MusicFont folder, and you’re good to go. Use the Select > Load Glyphs option if you want to explore more of what the font has to offer.
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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Apple Music Font?

Ever wondered why fonts, especially the one Apple Music uses, are so important? Let me walk you through the perks of rocking the Apple Music font in your projects!

1. It’s Super Eye-Catchy! 🌈
Apple has always been at the forefront of stylish designs. They didn’t just make cool gadgets; they made sure every little detail, right down to the font, screams style! The Apple Music font is no exception. It’s visually appealing, making your content instantly grab attention.

2. One Font, All Screens! 📱🖥️
One of the biggest challenges of the digital age is making stuff look good on every screen size. Whether it’s a massive TV or a pocket-sized iPhone, Apple’s got you covered. The Apple Music font is specially designed to look crystal-clear on any screen. No more squinting eyes trying to read tiny letters on your phone!

3. Branding Like a Boss! 🎩
If there’s one thing Apple is famous for (apart from, you know, revolutionizing the tech industry), it’s their branding. Using the Apple Music font can give your project or brand a touch of that Apple magic. It provides a consistent visual vibe across all your platforms. Whether you’re designing an app, putting up a social media post, or crafting marketing goodies, this font makes sure your brand stands out like a rockstar!

4. Smooth Sailing User Experience! ⛵
Let’s face it; nobody likes to struggle with confusing designs. The Apple Music font isn’t just about looking good; it’s about making things easy for the users. With its crisp design, navigating through interfaces becomes a breeze.

So, the next time you’re brainstorming a design or thinking of jazzing up your brand, remember the Apple Music font. It’s more than just letters and symbols.

How Can You Get Your Favorite Artists On Apple Music?

1. Using the Search Function:

  • Launch Apple Music on your device.
  • Use the search bar at the top to type in your favorite artist’s name.
  • Browse through the results to see if their albums, singles, or curated playlists appear.

2. Discover New Music:

  • Explore the “For You” tab that offers personalized recommendations based on your listening habits.
  • Use the “Browse” tab to see trending artists and new releases.

3. Adding to Your Library:

  • Once you find your favorite artist, tap on their name to view their profile.
  • Add their albums or tracks to your library by tapping on the “+” icon or the “Add” button.

4. Create Alerts:

  • By following an artist (by tapping on the “Follow” or heart icon on their profile), you’ll be notified of their new releases or updates.

5. Request Missing Music:

  • If you can’t find a specific track or album, scroll down to the bottom of the artist’s page or album listing.
  • Use the “Report a Concern” or similar feature to request the missing content. Apple often considers user feedback for their catalog updates.

6. Stay Updated via Social Media:

  • Follow your favorite artists on their official social media platforms.
  • Artists often announce releases, exclusive content, or collaborations there.

7. Use iTunes Store (for rare content):

  • Some exclusive or older content might be available for purchase on the iTunes Store.
  • Once purchased, these tracks will appear in your Apple Music library.

8. Contacting Apple Support:

  • If you’re really keen on an artist or album and it’s missing, consider reaching out to Apple Support.
  • They can provide more insights or help in such situations, although they cannot guarantee additions.

What Is The Best Apple Music Font?

The San Francisco (SF) font family is Apple’s system font for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Its design takes into account the demands of digital interfaces, offering clear legibility at both large and small scales, and it shines in user interfaces because of these properties.

Here are some reasons why San Francisco is considered the best font for Apple Music and other Apple platforms:

  1. Legibility: San Francisco is designed with maximum clarity in mind. Its character spacing and design are optimized to be easily readable on digital displays, be it on Apple’s Retina displays or other screens.
  2. Adaptive: The font has two variants: SF UI Display for larger text sizes and SF UI Text for smaller text sizes. This ensures text is consistently legible and aesthetically pleasing across various contexts.
  3. Versatile: It offers a wide range of weights, from ultra-light to heavy, allowing designers and users to pick the best style for any situation.
  4. Consistency: Using San Francisco across Apple’s platforms ensures a unified, cohesive user experience. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, or Apple TV, the consistent typography reinforces the Apple ecosystem’s feel.
  5. Optimized for Display: The font is designed to be crisp and clear, especially on Apple’s Retina displays. This means no matter what device you’re using, the text will be sharp and easily readable.
  6. Support for Extended Characters: San Francisco supports a wide range of characters, ensuring it can display text in many different languages without issue.

While “best” can be subjective when it comes to aesthetics, San Francisco is certainly the most optimized and cohesive font for Apple’s platforms, including Apple Music. However, always remember that typography choices should also consider the purpose and context in which the font will be used.

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Which Is Better: Apple Music Or Spotify?

Both Apple Music and Spotify are leading music streaming services with millions of subscribers worldwide. Each service has its strengths and potential drawbacks, depending on a user’s priorities. Here’s a comparison:

Apple Music:

  • Integration: Apple Music offers seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.
  • Exclusives: At times, Apple Music provides exclusive releases or early premieres from big artists.
  • Beats 1 Radio: A 24/7 global radio station with top DJs and exclusive interviews.
  • Library Size: Offers over 70 million songs.
  • Personalized Playlists: ‘For You’ section offers curated playlists based on your listening habits.
  • Price: No free tier. Paid subscription is required after a three-month trial.


  • Cross-Platform: Available on numerous devices, including mobiles, desktops, smart speakers, game consoles, and more.
  • Free Tier: Spotify offers a free, ad-supported version. This means you can listen to music without a paid subscription, though with limitations.
  • Discover Weekly & Release Radar: Popular personalized playlists generated every week based on user preferences.
  • Social Features: Users can see what friends are listening to, create collaborative playlists, and share music easily.
  • Library Size: Offers over 70 million songs, with some regional variations.
  • Podcasts: Spotify has made significant investments in podcasts and has a vast range of podcasts available, including exclusives.


  • Sound Quality: Both services offer similar sound quality, though audiophiles might find differences when delving into premium subscription details.
  • Music Discovery: Spotify generally receives praise for its algorithm-driven personalized playlists, helping users discover new music.
  • User Interface: While both apps are user-friendly, preferences might lean towards one over the other based on personal taste.
  • Pricing: Both platforms have similar pricing for their premium versions, but Spotify offers a free tier with ads.

Whether Apple Music or Spotify is “better” depends on individual preferences. For deep integration with Apple devices and occasional exclusives, Apple Music might be the way to go. However, if you value a free tier, cross-platform access, and social features, Spotify could be the better choice. It’s also worth considering trying out both services (they both offer trial periods for their premium versions) to see which one you prefer.


It’s important to clarify that Apple’s official typeface for Apple Music and other products is San Francisco, not “Apple Music Font.” San Francisco is indeed a clean, modern, and versatile typeface that aligns seamlessly with Apple’s design ethos. It encapsulates the tech giant’s commitment to creating an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing user interface, enhancing the overall user experience.

Whether you are a designer looking to capture the Apple aesthetic in your work or an Apple Music user wanting to personalize your interface, understanding and appreciating the role of typeface in design is crucial. Apple’s dedication to consistency across its product range ensures a unified brand identity, with San Francisco playing a pivotal role.

While users might not be able to change the font in the Apple Music app directly, designers and developers creating apps or promotional materials can certainly draw inspiration from Apple’s design choices. Utilizing the San Francisco typeface in your projects could imbue them with the sleek, modern feel that Apple is renowned for.

While “Apple Music Font” may not be a specific, standalone typeface, Apple’s official typeface, San Francisco, is a testament to the company’s design-forward approach, embodying the clean, user-friendly, and modern aesthetics that Apple stands for. So, when working on design projects related to music or any other Apple service, considering San Francisco as your go-to font might just be the key to capturing that quintessential Apple look and feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What font does Apple Music use for its logo?

Apple Music uses a custom-designed font called "SF Pro Display" for its logo. This font was specifically created by Apple for use in its products and services.

What font does Apple Music use for its user interface?

Apple Music uses the "SF Pro Text" font for its user interface. This font is a part of the San Francisco font family, which was developed by Apple for optimal readability on Apple devices.

Can I use the same fonts as Apple Music for my own projects?

While the exact fonts used by Apple Music are proprietary and cannot be used directly, you can achieve a similar look by using fonts that have similar characteristics. Fonts like "Helvetica Neue," "Roboto," or "Arial" can help you achieve a similar aesthetic.

Are the Apple Music fonts available for download?

No, the Apple Music fonts are not available for public download. They are exclusively designed for Apple's own use and are not distributed separately.

Can I use the Apple Music logo font in my own designs?

No, the Apple Music logo font is not available for public use. It is a custom-designed font exclusively owned by Apple and cannot be used without their permission.

How can I find and download fonts similar to the ones used by Apple Music?

There are various websites where you can find and download fonts that resemble the ones used by Apple Music. Some popular font repositories include Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts, and Font Squirrel.
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