What Exactly Is SmartJailMail App And How It Works?

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Hey there! Are you curious about the SmartJailMail app and how it helps people in jail stay connected with their families and friends? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’re going to dive into all the cool things this app does for secure prison email communication.

You know, different jails have different ways to let inmates keep in touch with the outside world. Some use special systems or mobile apps, and it really depends on the jail. SmartJailMail is one of these awesome systems that lots of jails use. It’s like a digital lifeline, letting inmates chat with their loved ones using smart tablets.

So, get ready! We’re about to explore all the ins and outs of Smart Jail Mail, explaining exactly what it is and how it works. Let’s get started!

What is SmartJailMail app?

Alright, let’s talk about SmartJailMail. Imagine an app that’s a mix of email, phone calls, and video chats. Sounds cool, right? Well, that’s SmartJailMail for you! But here’s the twist: it’s specially designed for people in jails and correctional facilities. It’s like a special communication bridge for inmates.

Unlike the usual phones, computers, or tablets we use, this system uses something called a SmartTablet. Think of it as a special gadget just for inmates to stay in touch with the outside world. This isn’t your everyday tablet—it’s tailored for communication in these facilities.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Smart Communications, the brains behind this system, offers a bunch of cool features with no installation cost! We’re talking MailGuard, calling right from the tablet, electronic messaging, sending photos, video visits, and even access to medical forms, education materials, a law library, and a commissary. It’s like having a mini digital world in their hands!

For families and friends of inmates, staying connected is super simple. They provide a web application where you just register and start chatting away. It’s all about making communication easy and accessible, no matter where you are. So, that’s SmartJailMail in a nutshell—a game-changer in keeping connections strong, even behind bars!

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How SmartJailMail work exactly?

Let’s dive into how SmartJailMail actually works. Think of it as a special communication platform, but not just any platform. This one is all about connecting you with someone who’s in a correctional facility or detention center.

Why You Can’t Use Regular Phones

You might be wondering, “Why can’t I just call them on my cell phone?” Well, it’s not that simple. Jails have strict rules and guidelines about how inmates can communicate with the outside world. This is where normal ways of chatting, like texting or calling, don’t work. That’s exactly why SmartJailMail is such a big deal.

What SmartJailMail Offers

With SmartJailMail, you can do a bunch of things:

  1. Online Telephone Calls: It’s like making a phone call, but through their system.
  2. Video Visitation: Imagine a Skype or Zoom call with your loved one in jail.
  3. Emails: Send and receive emails, keeping each other updated.
  4. Sending Money: You can even send money for their needs.

The Tech Behind It

For all this to happen, jails need to have SmartKiosks installed. These are like special stations for inmates to use. And the inmates get SmartTablets, which are their key to accessing all these communication features. So, it’s a whole setup that makes talking and staying in touch possible, even when someone’s in jail. That’s SmartJailMail for you – keeping connections alive, no matter where you are! 🌍💬🔒

How Can I use SmartJailMail app?

Want to use SmartJailMail? Here’s how you can jump right in:

  1. Head to the Website: First things first, go to the SmartJailMail.com website.
  2. Sign Up: Look for the sign-up button and click it.
  3. Register: Follow the steps to register. It’s pretty straightforward.
  4. Log In and Explore: Once you’re registered and logged in, you’re all set! Now, you can use a bunch of services like SmartEvo Telephone service, Electronic Messaging, adding money to a trust account, SmartVisit Video visitation, sending electronic photos, and MailGuard for postal mail processing.
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Does Smart Jail Mail have an iOS or Android app?

As of now, you won’t find a SmartJailMail app in the Android or iOS app stores. But don’t worry, they’ve got something else for you:

  • Web Application: They have an official website which works great on your web browser. You can start communicating online using this site.
  • Looking for a Mobile App?: If you really want an app on your phone, there are alternatives like JPay, CorrLinks, and Securus Mobile. These apps offer similar features, so you can stay connected easily.

What features SmartJailMail have

SmartJailMail isn’t just a regular communication tool; it’s packed with features that make staying in touch with someone in a correctional facility a lot easier and more interactive. Let’s check out what it offers:

  1. Telephone Service: This feature lets you connect with inmates just like you would on a regular audio call. It’s straightforward and feels like a normal phone conversation.
  2. Electronic Messaging: Once you’re all set with an account on their official website, smartjailmail.com, you can send messages to inmates who are on your contact list. It’s like emailing, but through their secure system.
  3. Video Visitation: This is probably one of the coolest features. Similar to video chat apps like Zoom or Skype, you can schedule real-time video visits. These can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, making it feel like you’re right there with them.
  4. $Trust for Funds Transfer: Similar to the JPay app, SmartJailMail also lets you transfer funds to people in correctional facilities. Just select the trust deposit option, punch in the amount, and make the payment online. It’s a convenient way to ensure your loved ones have what they need.
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In conclusion, SmartJailMail emerges as a beacon of hope and connectivity in the challenging environment of correctional facilities. By merging the simplicity of email, the intimacy of phone calls, and the personal touch of video chats, it offers a comprehensive and secure way for inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Whether you’re looking to make a phone call, send an electronic message, schedule a video visit, or even transfer funds, SmartJailMail provides a reliable and user-friendly platform. Its commitment to keeping communication lines open transcends the physical barriers of jail walls, ensuring that relationships continue to flourish despite the distance.

Although it doesn’t have a dedicated mobile app, its web application is accessible and easy to navigate, offering a seamless experience for both inmates and their families. Alternative apps like JPay, CorrLinks, and Securus Mobile can fill the mobile app gap, but SmartJailMail stands out with its unique blend of services.

SmartJailMail’s innovative approach to communication in correctional facilities is more than just a service – it’s a testament to the power of connection in difficult times. As a bridge between two different worlds, it reinforces the idea that no matter where we are, staying connected with those who matter most is always possible. 🌐

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