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Hey there! Ever get that feeling when you’re just super tired of hearing the same old songs on repeat? We get it! That’s probably why you’re on the hunt for cool DJ apps that vibe with Spotify.

Now, the internet is a big place with loads of DJ apps, but don’t worry! We’ve got your back. We’ve gathered only the best and trusted free apps for you. But hey, quick heads up: in 2024, Spotify said “bye-bye” to all third-party DJ apps.

But with the right DJ software, you’re in for an even more amazing time jamming to your Spotify tunes.

Are you ready to explore? We’ve rounded up some super cool DJ software that plays nice with Spotify. And the best part? Most of them offer free trial versions so you can test out the waters. Just click on the links, and you’re on your way to some epic jam sessions!

1. Djay Pro: Ready to turn pro? Let’s do it! Check it out here!

2. Virtual DJ: Be the DJ of your dreams! Virtual and cool. Give it a go!

3. Pacemaker: Set the pace of your tunes. Start your mix journey here!

4. JQBX: Jam out with friends or by yourself. Get the party started!

5. Mixonset: Discover smart mixes. Music at its best. Dive in here!

6. Serato DJ Pro: Go all professional! Step up your DJ game here!

7. Spotify DJ Mode: No need for an extra link, just hop onto your Spotify app and find this in the settings.

Remember how I mentioned Spotify’s decision to let go of third-party DJ apps? Well, because of that, some of these apps might not be BFFs with Spotify when you’re reading this. Always a good idea to check their current status before diving in!

Free DJ software that works with spotify:

Let’s talk about getting you into the DJ zone without emptying your pockets. The good news? You can mix it up with some super cool DJ apps without needing a premium Spotify account. Let’s dive into one of the coolest apps on our list.

1. Mixonset

Mixonset is like that friend who always knows the right song to play next. It’s an AI-powered DJ app that’s great at mixing your playlists with silky-smooth transitions.

🎵 Where to find it? The App Store! Yup, and you don’t have to spend a dime to start.

🎵 Works with: Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud (Wow, that’s a lot, right?)

🎵 Price: There’s a free trial, which is super cool!

🎵 Available on: The App Store. So all you iOS and iPad peeps, this one’s for you.

🎵 What’s the buzz? It’s all about AI, baby! This app doesn’t just play songs – it thinks and gives you smooth transitions and great mixes.

So, Why’s Everyone Talking About Mixonset?

Honestly, it’s like having a personal DJ in your pocket. You’re gonna love how seamlessly it teams up with Spotify to make your daily tunes even better.

And if you’re someone who’s got tunes on Tidal, SoundCloud, or Apple Music, no worries! Mixonset is like the Switzerland of DJ apps – neutral and works great with every music platform.

Why Mixonset stands out:

  • Smooth AI Transitions: Like butter on hot toast.
  • Discovery Made Easy: New songs? No problem! Mixonset’s got suggestions.
  • Quick Perfect Mixes: Whip up an awesome mix in seconds.
  • Sharing is Caring: Show off your mixes to your buddies.
  • Loads of Suggestions: Seriously, you’ll get 20% to 300% more song suggestions. Talk about choices!

2. Pacemaker

At first, Pacemaker was just jamming with Apple Music. But guess what? It decided to expand its party, and now it plays nicely with both Spotify and Apple Music.

🎵 What’s the Magic? AI, of course! Pacemaker’s smart DJ magic happens right on your iPhone, iPad, or even your iPod touch. It lets you mix and groove to tracks from Spotify, and trust me, it’s good at it.

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🎵 Works with: Spotify and Apple Music. Double the fun!

🎵 Price: Free! Yup, your wallet can thank us later.

🎵 Available on: App Store. All you Apple device lovers are in for a treat.

🎵 Compatible Devices: iOS, iPad, and surprise – Apple Watch! That’s right, mix it up straight from your wrist.

So, What’s the Deal with Pacemaker?

You can totally start off with the free version. Now, while you can play around for free, if you’re looking to spice things up with fancy sound effects like echoes, reverb, and beat skips, there’s a little catch: you’ll have to grab those through in-app purchases.

The cool thing? This app lets you get all creative and artsy. You can trim the beginnings and endings of tracks, decide exactly where you want your mixes to kick in – whether it’s on specific phrases, beats, or bars. And thanks to its AI powers, in just a few moments, you’ll be holding a mixed masterpiece in your hands (or ears)!

Got an Apple Watch? Pacemaker’s got you covered! And if you’re an iPad user, it’s an even more fantastic experience, thanks to that spacious screen.

Here’s Why Pacemaker Might Just Be Your Next Favorite App:

  • Straight-Up Spotify: Jump into Spotify right from the app. No messy migrations.
  • Share the Love: Made an epic mix? Share it with the Pacemaker fam!
  • AI Awesomeness: Whip up brilliant playlists with out-of-this-world effects.


JQBX isn’t your typical DJ software. Instead, it’s like connecting your Spotify to a social network. And guess what? It’s absolutely free!

🎵 Works with: Just Spotify. Nice and simple!

🎵 Price: Your favorite price – FREE!

🎵 Available on: Both App Store and Play Store. Yep, it’s playing on both teams!

🎵 Compatible Devices: Whether you’re on a Mac, PC, iOS, iPad, or Android, JQBX has got your back.

What’s the JQBX Vibe?

Okay, so here’s the deal: JQBX isn’t so much about you becoming the next big DJ superstar. Instead, it’s about connecting with your friends, listening to tunes together, and sharing your favorite beats. Think of it as a musical hangout!

So, if you’re an Android user and feeling a little left out in the DJ world, JQBX is here to give you some love. It might not be your first pick for mixing tracks, but if you’re all about enjoying music with friends, it might be the only one you need.

Why You Might Just Fall in Love with JQBX:

  • Social + Spotify: It’s like a social network, but for your tunes.
  • Cross-Platform Party: Whether you’re team Apple or team Android, you’re invited!
  • Just Hang and Listen: No pressure to be a DJ. Just enjoy the vibes with your pals.

4. VirtualDJ

Imagine you have the power to separate any song into its core components instantly – that’s VirtualDJ for you! With this software, you can mix up songs and sprinkle in some rad effects to make those tunes even more epic.

🎵 Jamming With: Spotify and SoundCloud. Pretty nifty, right?

🎵 Price: There’s a lite version that’s FREE. Perfect to dip your toes in and test the waters!

🎵 Compatible With: All the Mac and PC users, this one’s calling your name!

Now, before you jump in, there’s something you should know. By the time you’re reading this, VirtualDJ might have had to break up with Spotify. Sad, I know. But here’s the silver lining: you can still groove with Deezer! So, if you’ve got some killer playlists on Spotify that you’re dying to mix, just move them over to Deezer and let the VirtualDJ magic begin.

What Makes VirtualDJ Stand Out?

  • Real-time Track Separation: Ever wanted to strip a song down to its basics? Now you can!
  • Beginner-Friendly: No need to be a pro. Dive in even if you’re just starting out.
  • Best-in-Class Audio Separation: It’s like having super sharp musical scissors.
  • Power & Simplicity: Strong features but super easy to use. Best of both worlds!
  • Modern Equalizers: These aren’t your grandpa’s EQs. They’re designed to give you more accurate song separations than the old-school stuff.
  • Unlimited Stems FX: Play with song components to your heart’s content.
  • Lightning-Fast: It processes everything super quickly. No waiting around!
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5. Serato DJ Pro

From beginners to top DJs worldwide, Serato DJ Pro has made its mark. It’s no shocker that it’s among the most sought-after DJ software out there.

🎵 Music Partners: Beatsource, Beatport LINK, SoundCloud, and TIDAL. That means Serato can tap into the vast music libraries of these platforms. Endless tracks? Yes, please!

🎵 Community: The Serato family is vast and active. If you ever want to chat or get tips, you’ve got a whole community waiting to help!

🎵 Ultra-Low Latency: Serato DJ and Serato DVS are known for their super speedy response times. It’s like they can read your mind!

6. Djay Pro

Djay Pro is all about that flawless transition. Just like top-tier DJ software, it ensures your music flows effortlessly.

🎵 Video Mixing: Why stop at music? With Djay Pro, you can mix videos too. Talk about leveling up your DJ game!

🎵 Works With: SoundCloud and Tidal. Dive into their vast libraries and discover new beats.

🎵 Availability: Whether you’re on App Store or Play Store, Djay Pro’s got you.

🎵 Pricing: There’s a free trial! Perfect for a test drive.

🎵 Compatible With: Pretty much everything – Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and iPad.

Why Djay Pro Might Be Your Next Go-To:

  • Like and Favorite: Find a track you adore? Save it!
  • Browse and Curated Playlists: Dive into handpicked music collections.
  • Match and Song Recommendations: Djay Pro’s got suggestions for your next hit mix.
  • Automix AI: Let the AI take over and see the magic.
  • Analyze Library: Dive deep into your collection and see what’s what.

7. Spotify DJ mode

Let’s talk about a lesser-known feature that’s right under your nose, especially if you’re already a Spotify lover: the Spotify DJ Mode!

Did you ever want to tweak how your favorite song sounds a little? Maybe more bass or perhaps clearer vocals? That’s where Spotify’s built-in equalizer function shines. With this, you can adjust the music to suit your mood or the vibe you’re going for.

🎵 Platform: Spotify, of course!
🎵 Price: Absolutely free. Your move, wallet!
🎵 Where to Find: Check it out on the App Store or Play Store.

Spotify’s equalizer isn’t just a plain old EQ. It comes with presets that cater to different genres or audio setups. So, whether you’re in the mood for some punchy rock or soothing acoustic, just pick the preset that fits best!

If you’re in the mood for something with a bit more oomph, you can always search for the DJ versions of songs. These are tracks that have been reimagined with added beats, giving them that extra edge perfect for getting your groove on.

And if you’re thinking, “But where do I find these DJ versions?”, worry not! Spotify’s got you. The app boasts thousands of playlists filled with DJ versions of songs. So whether you’re hosting a party or just want to jam out solo, there’s a playlist waiting to be explored.

Best iPad pro-DJ apps that work with Spotify

If you’ve got an iPad Pro and a Spotify subscription, you’re in for a treat. You see, the iPad Pro’s large screen combined with its sleek design makes it a DJ’s playground. Let’s talk about some apps that’ll get your party started!

Top iPad Pro DJ Apps that Jam with Spotify

  1. Djay Pro:
    A classic choice for many, Djay Pro brings a professional touch to your mixes. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, it’s a favorite for many iPad DJs.
  2. Edjing Mix:
    This app is like the Swiss Army knife for DJs. With its wide array of tools and effects, you can craft the perfect mix.
  3. Traktor DJ 2:
    Designed by the pros, for the pros (and beginners too)! Traktor DJ 2 boasts a sleek interface and robust features that make mixing a breeze.
  4. MixVibes Cross:
    If you’re looking for a smooth and efficient DJ app experience, MixVibes Cross is your go-to. With its seamless integration with Spotify, you’ll have endless tracks at your fingertips.
  5. Pacemaker:
    Remember the cool app we discussed earlier? It’s back! Pacemaker’s AI-powered DJ capabilities shine even brighter on the iPad Pro’s spacious screen.
  6. JQBX:
    Though primarily a music sharing app, JQBX’s unique Spotify integration can offer a different kind of DJ experience, especially if you’re into group listening sessions.
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Why iPad Pro? Why not a Laptop?

Imagine this: You’re a DJ or music enthusiast who loves to go out often. Whether it’s a spontaneous beach party or a weekend getaway, music is always on your agenda. Now, do you drag along a bulky laptop, or do you take the sleek and powerful iPad Pro?

iPad Pro Perks:

  • Light & Portable: It’s super easy to carry around, making it perfect for on-the-go mixes.
  • Power-packed Performance: With the M1 chip, the latest iPad Pro offers blazing fast speeds, ensuring your DJ apps run smoothly.
  • Bigger Screen, Better Control: The ample screen space makes it easier to manage your tracks and effects, especially during live sessions.

So, if you’ve been wondering about switching from your laptop to an iPad for DJing, it’s a big YES from us. The iPad Pro combined with Spotify and these DJ apps will elevate your mixing game to the next level.

Wrapping Up the DJ Vibes

Alright, music enthusiasts and budding DJs, we’ve journeyed through the digital realm of mixing, tapping into the power of Spotify, and harnessing the prowess of the iPad Pro. It’s evident that technology has democratized the art of DJing, bringing the decks right to our fingertips.

With apps tailored for the iPad Pro’s expansive canvas, paired with the boundless library of Spotify, the barriers to entry have never been lower. It’s a golden age for those looking to blend beats, craft creative mixes, and share their unique sound with the world.

Remember, while the tools and platforms evolve, the heart of DJing remains rooted in passion, creativity, and the ability to feel the rhythm. So, whether you’re spinning tracks on the iPad Pro at a beach party or curating playlists for your next big event, always let the music guide you.

In the end, it’s not just about the beats or the transitions; it’s about the memories you create, the smiles you bring, and the dance floors you light up. So, grab your headphones, open up Spotify, and let your musical journey begin. Here’s to endless nights of perfect tunes and unbeatable vibes! 🎶🎉🎧✨

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Spotify with DJ software?

Yes, you can use Spotify with certain DJ software that have integrated Spotify support. However, not all DJ software is compatible with Spotify.

Which DJ software works with Spotify?

Some popular DJ software that work with Spotify include Virtual DJ, Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ, and djay Pro. These software have built-in integration with Spotify, allowing you to access and mix tracks from the platform.

How does Spotify integration work with DJ software?

Spotify integration in DJ software typically requires a premium Spotify account. Once you link your Spotify account within the DJ software, you can search and load tracks directly from Spotify's vast music library into your DJ decks. It provides seamless access to millions of songs without the need for downloading tracks individually.

Are there any limitations or restrictions when using Spotify with DJ software?

Yes, there are some limitations when using Spotify with DJ software. One major limitation is that you need an active internet connection to stream tracks directly from Spotify. Additionally, tracks saved in Spotify playlists cannot be transferred to the DJ software's library. These tracks can only be accessed while connected to Spotify.

Do I need a stable internet connection to use Spotify with DJ software?

Yes, a stable internet connection is required to stream tracks from Spotify while using DJ software. It is recommended to have a reliable and high-speed internet connection to ensure uninterrupted playback and access to Spotify's music library.

Can I use Spotify's offline mode with DJ software?

No, Spotify's offline mode is not compatible with DJ software. DJ software usually requires real-time streaming of tracks from Spotify's servers. Therefore, you'll need an active internet connection to use Spotify with DJ software.
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