How To Use Linktree On Instagram? (2024)

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Hey there! Ever wondered how to guide your Instagram buddies to your super cool website or a page you love? If you’re nodding yes, then you’re about to become a Linktree pro!

You see, Instagram is a bit picky. It doesn’t let everyone sprinkle links all over their posts. That’s a bummer, especially if you’re not one of those big-shot accounts with thousands of followers. But don’t sweat it! Even if your follower count isn’t sky-high, you can still share that important link—right in your bio.

Now, let’s dive into the world of Linktree and get you set up. Ready? Let’s roll and show your followers where to click! 🌟

How To Create Linktree on Instagram?

So, you’ve got your Instagram game going, but you’re feeling a bit left out without those fancy “Swipe Up” features that the Insta-stars use, right? No worries! Even if your follower count isn’t in the big leagues, I’m going to show you how to become a link-sharing ninja with Linktree!

Imagine this: One little link in your bio that opens up a treasure chest of all your favorite spots on the web for your followers to see. That’s what Linktree does! It’s like a magic portal from your Instagram to any number of websites you want to share. Let’s get that Linktree magic working for you:

Step-by-Step: Adding Linktree to Your Insta-Bio

  1. Grab Your Phone & Get on Instagram: Just open up the app where all your photo fun happens.
  2. Tap-tap on “Edit Profile”: Look for the button and give it a quick tap to start making magic.
  3. Spot the “Website” Field: This is where the magic link that leads to your Linktree will go.
  4. Enter & Lock It Down: Type in your Linktree link and hit “Done” to seal the deal.
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How To Use Linktree on Instagram?

Got your Linktree link ready to rock in your bio? Great! Now let’s make sure you know how to use it to the max. Linktree isn’t just a link; it’s a super cool tool that lets you share a bunch of your favorite places on the web with your Instagram family. Here’s the lowdown on setting it up and making it look snazzy:

Setting Up Your Linktree:

  1. Start Your Adventure: Pop open your web browser and head to Linktree’s website. Look for the big, friendly button that says “Get started for free” or “Sign up free.” Give that a click!
  2. Fill in the Blanks: They’ll ask for some basic info like your name, email, and a few other details. Fill those out and hit “Register.” Easy-peasy!
  3. Tell Your Story: Linktree will want to know what you’re all about. Click on three categories that describe what you’re into and click “Save details.”
  4. Pick Your Powers: Now, you get to choose between being a free Linktree superhero or a pro-paid wizard. Each has its own special abilities!
  5. Check Your Inbox: Linktree’s going to send you a magic link via email to make sure it’s really you. Once you’ve clicked that, you’re in!

Making Your Linktree Shine:

  1. Spruce Up the Settings: If you want to tweak your Linktree link, hit “Settings” in the menu. This is your command center.
  2. Dress It Up: Click on “Appearance” to jazz things up. Add your profile pic and pick a theme that screams ‘you’. If you’ve gone pro, you can get even fancier here.
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Tracking Your Success:

  • Keep an Eye on Those Clicks: Want to know how popular your links are? Linktree has a cool feature called “Lifetime Analytics.” It’s like a scoreboard for your links, showing you how many clicks each one gets.


Alright, you’re now officially a Linktree wiz! 🎓 Time to sprinkle that Linktree link into your Instagram bio and watch the magic happen. Whether you’ve got a website that’s begging for visitors or you just want to share a bunch of cool links with your followers, you’re all set to direct your Insta pals right where you want them.

And hey, if you’re on a mission to grow your InstaFam and become the next big Instagram influencer, don’t forget that a little know-how goes a long way. Be sure to check out some tricks and tips to skyrocket your Instagram game. Keep sharing, keep engaging, and watch your community bloom! 🚀🌸

Go on, give your Instagram profile a touch of Linktree magic and get ready to connect with your audience like never before!

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