How to Stream Netflix on Discord [Fix Black Screen 2024]

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Ever found yourself cozily snuggled up, ready to enjoy a Netflix marathon with friends or family through Discord screen share? It’s such a heartwarming experience, right? But then, out of the blue, that annoying black screen pops up in the middle of your stream, spoiling the fun.

I know how frustrating it is when a watch party turns into a tech troubleshooting session. That’s why I dug deep into this issue, exploring every nook and cranny for reliable fixes. And guess what? I’ve got you covered!

In this article, I’m excited to walk you through the most up-to-date method to stream Netflix on Discord seamlessly. So, sit tight, keep reading, and let’s get your virtual movie night back on track!

Why Won’t Discord Let You Stream Netflix?

Ever wondered why your Discord app on your phone just won’t play nice with Netflix? It’s like trying to mix oil and water – they just don’t blend well. This is due to something called DRM, or Digital Rights Management. Netflix videos are wrapped in this DRM protection like a high-security vault, making them tricky to share over platforms like Discord.

Streaming Netflix on Desktop: A Glimmer of Hope

Good news, though! You can stream Netflix on your desktop, be it Windows or macOS. But wait, what if you still see a dreaded black screen? Often, this culprit is your browser’s hardware acceleration feature acting up.

The Terms of Netflix: Reading the Fine Print

Here’s a bit of insider info: Netflix clearly states in their Terms of Use that streaming their content on communication services like Discord is a no-go. It’s like Netflix saying, “Hey, watch our shows, but let’s keep it between us, okay?”

When Only Sound and Subtitles Show Up

Ever tried streaming Netflix on Discord via your phone and ended up with just the sound and subtitles on a blank screen? It’s kind of like listening to a radio drama, but not as fun.

So, Why Doesn’t Discord Stream Netflix? Here’s a Quick Rundown:

  1. DRM Protection: Those pesky security measures on Android & iOS just don’t want to play ball.
  2. Discord App Issues: Sometimes, the app data or cache needs a clean-up.
  3. Hardware Acceleration in Your Browser: It’s like a speed bump on your streaming highway.
  4. Netflix App from Microsoft Store: It’s like a bouncer, keeping Discord out of the party.
  5. OpenH264 & H.264 in Discord: These technical bits can sometimes throw a wrench in the works.

Desktop Streaming to the Rescue

But don’t lose hope! If you’re on a desktop, you mainly need to turn off the browser’s hardware acceleration and let Discord know what you’re up to by updating your Discord Activity Status. It’s like giving Discord a secret handshake to let it in on the Netflix fun.

How to Stream Netflix on Discord Desktop App & Web

Step 1: Setting Up the Stage with Discord Desktop App

Want to kickstart your Netflix watch party via Discord? First things first: make sure you’ve got the Discord desktop app installed. It’s your golden ticket to streaming heaven. Next up, you need to play matchmaker by introducing Netflix to Discord. How? Simply add the browser where you’re playing Netflix to your Discord status. It’s like telling Discord, “Hey, meet my friend Netflix!”

Step 2: Taming the Hardware Acceleration Beast

Now, here’s a crucial step – turning off that pesky hardware acceleration both on your browser and within the Discord app itself. Think of hardware acceleration as a hyperactive puppy – sometimes, you need to calm it down to maintain peace in the house.

Step 3: The Netflix Mobile No-Go Zone

Remember, trying to stream Netflix on Discord through your mobile is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole – it just won’t work, thanks to DRM restrictions. Stick to desktop for a smooth experience.

Step 4: Navigating the World of Screen Resolution

Your streaming quality is like a VIP pass – it depends on your Discord Nitro subscription. If you’re a proud Nitro subscriber, you’re in for a treat with up to 4K 60FPS streaming. If you’re riding the free train, you’ll be maxing out at 720p 30FPS. Either way, you’re in for a good time!

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Step 5: Adding a Touch of Magic to Discord Activity

Here’s a little trick – add the browser playing Netflix as a ‘game’ in your Discord Activity. It’s like giving Discord a secret map to find Netflix.

Equipped with these steps, you’re now ready to transform your Discord into a Netflix streaming powerhouse. But wait, there’s more! Below, I’ve put together a step-by-step guide to walk you through each stage of setting up your Netflix stream on Discord. Let’s jump in and get your streaming party started!

Here are the steps to stream Netflix on Discord:

1. Install Discord Desktop App

Ready to turn your computer into a Netflix streaming hub via Discord? The first step is a breeze: install the Discord desktop app. Streaming Netflix on Discord is like a VIP party – it’s exclusive to the desktop app. Trying to use the Discord web version or the mobile apps for this purpose is like showing up to a fancy gala in pajamas – it just doesn’t work.

Here’s what you need to do: Navigate to the Discord download page and grab the latest version of the Discord desktop app. It’s your all-access pass to the world of digital hangouts and movie nights.

Once you’ve installed the app, it’s time to dive in. Log in with your Discord credentials. If you’re all about convenience, you can even sign in by scanning a QR code from the Discord mobile app. Think of it as the high-tech version of a secret handshake.

With Discord now snugly installed on your desktop, you’re one step closer to streaming Netflix with your friends.

2. Add the Web Browser to Discord

Think of your web browser as a new friend you want to introduce to Discord. By adding your browser as a ‘game’ in Discord, you’re essentially making sure that your Netflix streaming experience is smooth and hassle-free. It’s like giving your browser a VIP pass to the Discord party.

Discord Activity is this cool feature that usually shows what game someone is playing. It’s like a status update that tells your Discord pals, “Hey, look what I’m up to!” But here’s the twist: by adding your browser to Discord Activity, you’re setting the stage for an optimized screen-sharing experience, especially for Netflix.

Since browsers aren’t naturally recognized as games by Discord, you’ve got to do the introductions manually. This step is crucial to avoid any hiccups while streaming Netflix.

Here’s How to Add Your Web Browser to Discord Activity:

  1. Accessing Settings: Click on the little gear icon (Settings) at the bottom left of Discord to enter User Settings.
  2. Finding Activity Status: On the left-hand menu, click on ‘Activity Status’.
  3. Adding the Browser: Hit the ‘Add it!’ button. A list of applications will pop up. From here, add your browser (like Google Chrome, for example).

Now, with your browser and Discord on friendly terms, there’s another important step on the horizon: disabling hardware acceleration. This is key to avoiding that annoying black screen error when streaming Netflix on Discord.

3. Disable Hardware Acceleration on the Web Browser

Think of hardware acceleration like a sports car – great for speeding things up when you’re just browsing or watching your favorite shows. But when it comes to screen sharing on Discord, it’s more like a speed bump causing a bumpy ride. This feature is often the sneaky cause behind the infamous Netflix black screen issue during Discord streaming. So, let’s switch it off and cruise smoothly into movie night.

I’ll guide you through the steps to turn off hardware acceleration in three popular browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. It’s like tweaking the settings on your TV for the perfect movie-watching experience.

For Google Chrome Users:

  1. Open Chrome: Fire up your Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the Three Dots: You’ll find these at the top right corner of the browser.
  3. Dive into Settings: Select ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.
  4. Head to Advanced Settings: Navigate to Advanced > System in the settings menu on the left.
  5. Toggle Off: Find the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ option and switch it off.
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For Mozilla Firefox Fans:

  1. Launch Firefox: Open up Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Access Settings: Go to Settings, then dive into the ‘Manage more settings’ section.
  3. General Tab: Scroll to the General section.
  4. Adjust Performance Settings: Look for ‘Use recommended performance settings’ and ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ checkboxes in the Performance tab, and make sure they’re enabled.

For Microsoft Edge Enthusiasts:

  1. Start Edge: Open Microsoft Edge.
  2. Hit the Three Lines: These are in the top right corner.
  3. Settings Time: Go to Settings > System and Performance.
  4. Toggle Time: Turn off the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ toggle.

With hardware acceleration out of the way, you’re all set to jump into streaming Netflix on Discord.

4. Go Live on Discord

Now that we’ve got all the backstage settings sorted, it’s showtime! Remember the browser you cozied up with Discord in Step 2? Let’s launch that and head over to Netflix’s web version. Picture it like opening the curtains on your very own virtual theater.

Here’s How to Get the Streaming Party Started on Discord:

  1. Choose Your Stage (Discord Server): Open Discord and navigate to the server where you want to share your Netflix adventures.
  2. Spot the Screen Icon: Look for the screen icon near your username at the bottom left corner, right next to the browser’s name you added earlier.
  3. Pick Netflix for Your Big Debut: In the Screen Share pop-up, select the Netflix browser tab. It’s like choosing which movie to play at your home theater.
  4. Set Your Stage (Resolution and Stream Quality): Decide how crisp and smooth you want your stream to be. It’s like adjusting your TV settings for the perfect viewing experience.
  5. Select Your Audience (Voice Channel): Choose the voice channel where you’ll be hosting your Netflix extravaganza.
  6. Hit Go Live: With everything in place, press that Go Live button. Congratulations, you’re now the director of your own Netflix streaming party on Discord!

And just like that, you can stream your favorite Netflix movies and shows on Discord from your PC or Mac, all without the dreaded black screen.

Fix Discord Not Streaming Netflix or Showing Black Screen

Encountering a black screen while trying to stream Netflix on Discord can be as frustrating as a cliffhanger in your favorite series. But don’t worry, I’ve got some tried-and-true fixes to get you back to your binge-watching bliss.

Step-by-Step Solutions to Stream Netflix Smoothly

  1. Revisit the Basics: First, ensure you’ve turned off hardware acceleration in your browser and added the browser to Discord Activity, as we discussed earlier.
  2. Close Extra Apps: Imagine your computer is a stage, and running too many background apps is like having too many actors backstage. It can cause chaos! This often leads to the black screen issue. Close any programs that aren’t essential right now.
  3. Restart Discord: Sometimes, Discord just needs a quick nap. Close it (you can use Task Manager or the hidden icon arrow on the bottom right of your Taskbar) and then start it up again. It’s like hitting the reset button on your streaming setup.
  4. Clear Discord Cache: If Discord is still being stubborn, try clearing its cache. Think of it as spring cleaning for your app, giving it a fresh start.

1. Close Unnecessary Background Apps

One of the most common culprits behind the black screen issue is having too many programs running in the background. They can hog your system’s resources, leaving Discord struggling to keep up.

How to Close Background Apps:

  1. Access Task Manager: Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select Task Manager.
  2. Find Discord and Other Apps: Look for Discord and any other unnecessary apps running in the background.
  3. End Task: Right-click on the apps and choose ‘End Task’. This will give your streaming session the breathing space it needs.

2. Clear Discord App Data

Sometimes, Discord needs a clean slate to stream Netflix without a hitch. Clearing the cache is like decluttering your digital space – it can fix a variety of issues, including that pesky blank screen during streaming.

Here’s How to Clear Discord’s Cache:

  1. Quit Discord First: Before you start, make sure Discord is completely closed. Check the background processes too.
  2. Launch File Explorer: Press Windows + E on your keyboard.
  3. Find Discord’s Data: In the File Explorer address bar, type %appdata% and press Enter.
  4. Locate and Delete: Look for the Discord folder, right-click on it, and choose ‘Delete’.
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3. Tweak Discord Video Settings

The video settings in Discord are like the director of your streaming movie – they control how well the screen sharing works. Let’s tweak them for an uninterrupted Netflix experience.

Adjusting Video Settings for a Smooth Streaming Session:

  1. Open Discord: Launch Discord from your desktop.
  2. Head to Settings: Click on the little gear icon near your profile picture.
  3. Find Voice & Video Settings: In the left menu, select ‘Voice & Video’.
  4. Video Codec Settings: Scroll to the ‘Video Codec’ option and turn off any green (active) toggles.
  5. Screen Share Adjustments: Move a bit lower to ‘Screen Share’ and enable ‘Use our latest technology to capture your screen’.

With these tweaks, you’re all set to host a seamless Netflix watch party on Discord. And if you ever feel adventurous, try turning these settings back on to see if they enhance your experience.

4. Run Discord as Administrator

Just like a director needs full control on a movie set, sometimes Discord needs extra powers to perform at its best. Running Discord as an administrator can be the key to unlocking seamless streaming experiences, helping you say goodbye to those black screen woes.

Granting Discord the Power it Needs:

  1. Start Your Search: Press Win+S to open the search bar on your computer.
  2. Finding Discord: Type “Discord” in the search bar. When Discord appears in the search results, you’re almost there.
  3. Run as Administrator: In the right pane of the search window, you’ll see the option ‘Run as administrator’. Click it, and you’re granting Discord the VIP access it sometimes needs.

Checking the Results:

Once you’ve given Discord this level of access, it’s time for a test drive. Try sharing your screen on Discord again. Ideally, the black screen issue should now be a thing of the past, and you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of your favorite Netflix shows.

Final Remarks

As we wrap up our guide on streaming Netflix on Discord, there’s one crucial thing to remember: sharing Netflix content beyond your screen is a big no-no. It’s like borrowing a friend’s book and then lending it to someone else – not really fair, right? I’ve shared these tips to help you out in a pinch, but remember to use them responsibly and not to misuse the information.

If you’re finding yourself in a bit of a pickle trying to follow these steps, don’t worry! I’m just a comment away. Drop your questions or concerns in the comment box, and I’ll be there to lend a hand.

Found this article helpful? Great! Feel free to share it with your friends. It’s like passing around a secret recipe for a great movie night on Discord.

So, go ahead, gather your friends on Discord, and dive into the world of Netflix. Enjoy those movie nights and TV show binges, and remember to stream smart!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stream Netflix on Discord using my mobile device?

No, streaming Netflix on Discord is not possible on mobile devices due to DRM (Digital Rights Management) restrictions. This feature is only available through the Discord desktop app.

Why do I see a black screen when I try to stream Netflix on Discord?

A black screen usually occurs due to the hardware acceleration feature in your browser or Discord. Disabling hardware acceleration in both the browser and Discord should fix this issue.

What is the maximum streaming quality on Discord?

The maximum streaming quality depends on your Discord Nitro subscription. With Nitro, you can stream up to 4K at 60FPS. Without Nitro, streaming is capped at 720p at 30FPS.

Is it legal to share Netflix content on Discord?

Sharing Netflix content on platforms like Discord is against Netflix's Terms of Use, especially if the content is being shared beyond the screen owner's personal use. It's important to respect digital rights and use the streaming feature responsibly.

What should I do if disabling hardware acceleration doesn’t fix the black screen issue?

If disabling hardware acceleration doesn't resolve the black screen issue, try closing unnecessary background apps, clearing Discord's cache, adjusting Discord's video settings, or running Discord as an administrator.
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