How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone 12?

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Hey there! Are you ready to become a pro at setting up voicemail on your iPhone 12? Great, let’s dive in! First things first, make sure you’ve got your iPhone 12 in hand. We’re about to go through a super easy tutorial to get your voicemail up and running.

You might be wondering, “Why should I bother setting up voicemail?” Well, let me tell you, voicemail can be a real lifesaver! Picture this: You’re super busy, maybe in the middle of something important, and your phone rings. You can’t pick up right now. That’s where voicemail steps in! It’s like a personal assistant, holding onto those important messages until you’re ready.

But wait, there’s more! Ever get calls from numbers you don’t recognize? We all do, and let’s be honest, they’re mostly just annoying spam. With voicemail set up, you can just send these calls straight to voicemail. That way, you don’t have to deal with them right away. It’s a fantastic way to avoid those endless, unwanted calls.

So, are you ready to get your voicemail set up and make your life a bit easier? Let’s move on to the next part where I’ll walk you through the steps. It’s going to be super easy, I promise!

Steps On How To Set Up Voicemail On iPhone 12?

Alright! Ready to set up your voicemail on your iPhone 12? It’s super easy and quick. Just follow these steps, and you’ll be all set in no time. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Jump into Your Phone App

First things first, grab your iPhone 12 and open the Phone app. You’ll see a tab labeled “Voicemail” at the bottom. Give that a tap to get started.

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Step 2: Setting Up is Fun

Now you’ll see a “Setup” button. Tap on that to create your own voicemail password and a cool welcome greeting.

Step 3: Create a Secret Code (Password)

Here, you’ll make a voicemail password. Make sure it’s something you’ll remember! It needs to be at least 4 digits but no more than 7. Once you’ve picked a password, type it in twice to double-check it’s right.

Step 4: Choose Your Greeting

After the password part, you get to choose your greeting. You can go with the standard greeting that’s already there, or you can make it personal. If you want to record your own message, just press the record button, say your greeting, and then hit stop.

Step 5: Listen to Your Masterpiece

If you recorded your own greeting, give it a listen. If it sounds good, hit ‘Done’. If you want to try again, no worries! Just re-record until you’re happy with it.

Step 6: You’re All Set!

That’s it! Your voicemail is ready to go. Now, if someone calls and you can’t answer, they’ll get your voicemail greeting. If you see a call coming in and want to send it straight to voicemail, just press the red button. But if you want to answer, hit the green button.


And there you have it! We’ve reached the end of our super easy guide on setting up voicemail on your iPhone 12. You now know the complete step-by-step process to get your voicemail up and running. It’s a handy tool that’ll make sure you never miss out on important calls, and it helps you manage those pesky spam calls better.

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Remember, setting up your voicemail is more than just a tech task; it’s about making your life a little more convenient. You’ve learned how to set a password, choose a greeting, and even record a personal message if you want to.

So, why wait? Go ahead and set up that voicemail message for yourself. Follow the steps we’ve just walked through, and you’ll be all set in no time. Thanks for following along with this tutorial. I hope it was as fun for you to learn as it was for me to guide you. Here’s to never missing an important call again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget my voicemail password on my iPhone 12?

If you forget your voicemail password, you'll need to reset it. This can typically be done through your carrier's customer service or through the settings in your phone app.

Can I change my voicemail greeting later on the iPhone 12?

Yes, you can change your voicemail greeting anytime. Just go to the voicemail section in the Phone app and follow the steps to record a new greeting.

Is it possible to set up a visual voicemail on the iPhone 12?

Yes, iPhone 12 supports visual voicemail, allowing you to see a list of your messages and choose which ones to listen to or delete.

What is the maximum length for a custom voicemail greeting on the iPhone 12?

The maximum length can vary depending on your carrier, but it's usually around 2-3 minutes.

How do I access voicemail messages on my iPhone 12?

To listen to your voicemail messages, simply tap the Voicemail tab in the Phone app, and you'll see a list of your messages.
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