How To Set Up A Kindle Child Account?

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Hey there, friends! 🎉 So, a little while ago, something really cool happened. You know, Amazon Prime Day – that massive sale that we all wait for? Well, during that, they had an amazing deal on Kids Kindle eReaders! 📚 I’m talking half price – yes, a whopping 50% off! 😲

If you snagged one of those and are now puzzled about how to set it up – especially a kids account (hey, no judgment if you want to use it for yourself 😉) – don’t worry, you’re not alone! After that super sale, my inbox was flooded with messages from lovely folks like you, asking for a bit of help with setting things up. So, let’s dive right into the “how-tos” together, shall we?

I’ll make sure to guide you through it in a way that’s super easy and fun! 🚀 So grab your new Kindle, and let’s get started!

Note: Let’s keep this journey friendly and straightforward. If there are any terms or steps that seem confusing, don’t worry – I’m here to make it all clear! 👓📘


Alright, ready to get that new Kindle fired up for your kiddo (or hey, maybe for yourself, we’re all young at heart, right?)? Let’s go step-by-step together! 🌟

Step 1: Creating a Profile for Your Little One (or Your Inner Child)

First up, we’re gonna create a profile for your child (or your comfy, cozy adult-pretending-to-be-a-child profile 😉) right on your Amazon Account. Easy peasy, I promise!

  1. Start by heading over to your Amazon Household. Just pop onto Amazon, sign in with your usual account (yup, the one you use to buy all your fun and necessary goodies!), and look for something that says “Manage Your Household” or simply “Household.”
  2. Next, you’re gonna click to Add a Child. Just put in their name and age, and you’re good to go! 🧒👧

A Little Heads-Up for Parents of Teens 🚨

This might seem odd, but if you’re creating an account for a teenager, and you’d like to share books 📚 with them, here’s a quirky thing Amazon does: If you create a teen account, you won’t be able to share books with them! 🚫📘 I know, it seems a bit bonkers and it’s definitely not my rule, but don’t worry, there’s a workaround! Instead, just create them a child account and you’ll be able to share away to your heart’s content. 🥳📚

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Step 2: Setting Up the Kids Kindle 🎉

Once you’ve got that profile set up, it’s time to dig into setting up the Kids Kindle itself! But that’s a story (or guide) for another moment. 😄

Are you ready to continue our journey into the exciting world of Kindle setup together? 🚂📘 Let’s make reading cool and fun for everyone! 🌈📚 And remember, every step of the way, I’m here to guide you through. Let’s do this! 💪🚀


Are you excited? Because we’re about to get that Kindle all set up for your little one (or perhaps your inner child?)! Let’s go through it together, step-by-step, making sure it’s all fun and no frustration. 🎉🛠

Step 1: Power Up and Choose Language 🌎🔌

Alright, let’s get that Kindle switched on! Push the power button, select your language of choice, and let’s patiently wait for it to load up. It’s like waiting for your favorite cake to bake! 🎂

Step 2: Connect and Register 📡📚

Now, your Kindle will ask for your WiFi details. Go ahead and type in your password so it can explore the internet! Then, it’ll ask you to register your Kindle. Click on “Use Existing Amazon Account” and sign in using your usual Amazon login. Easy, right?

Step 3: Begin the Adventure with Amazon Kids+ 🎢👶

Here comes an exciting offer! The Kindle will ask if you’d like a free year of Amazon Kids+! (A whole year! Isn’t that awesome?) If you’re all in, click “Start AmazonKids+”.

Step 4: Safety First with a PIN 🛡🔢

To keep things super safe and ensure your kiddo only accesses kiddo-appropriate content, you’ll be asked to choose a PIN. This neat little number means your child won’t be able to peek into the adult side of the Kindle or buy anything they shouldn’t.

Step 5: Select Your Child’s Profile 🧒👧

Your child’s profile (or maybe profiles, if you’ve set up more than one!) will appear on the screen. Click “Start Reading” next to the name of the lucky new Kindle owner, and we’re nearly there!

Step 6: Learn the Ropes with a Tutorial 🎓📘

A little tutorial will pop up to help you navigate through the Kindle. It’s like your personal guide through the new reading wonderland! 🧙📘

Step 7: Welcome and…Start Reading! 🎉📚

After the tutorial, a warm welcome screen will greet your child. Just click “Start Reading”, and voilà! Your child’s name should now be shining in the top left corner! 🌟👀

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You did it! 🚀 You’re in!

A huge round of applause to you! 👏🎊 You’ve successfully set up the Kindle, and a world of adventures, mysteries, and magical tales is now at your child’s fingertips (or yours 😉)! And hey, if you have any more techy questions or just want to chat about your favorite books, I’m always here! 📚🤗 Let’s keep the reading party going! 🎉📘


So, got that Kids Kindle but also want a slice of the reading action for yourself? 🍰📚 Let’s do it! Here’s a simple, fun guide on how to temporarily turn that Kids Kindle into an adult one, so you can enjoy all your grown-up books too! 🧙‍♂️📘

Step 1: Exiting Kids Mode 🔜👩‍🦰

So, you’ve got the Kindle in your hands and it’s all set up for the kiddos. But now, it’s your turn to explore some literary worlds!

  • Spot those three vertical dots at the top right corner? Tap them!
  • Choose “Exit Amazon Kids.”
  • It’ll ask for your PIN (the one you picked to keep those little fingers from buying all the books on Amazon! 😅).
  • Pop in the PIN and… magic! Your Kindle is now an adult Kindle!

Now, instead of the little one’s name, you’ll see your own at the top left corner! 🎉 And oh, look at all those books, just waiting to be opened and explored! 📚🌍

Step 2: Heading Back to the Kids 👨‍👩‍👦⏪

Read, explore, enjoy! And when it’s time to hand it back to the youngsters:

  • Tap those three little dots in the corner again.
  • Choose “Amazon Kids”.
  • Select which child’s magical library you want to enter, and you’re back to kiddie land!

Ta-da! You Did It! 🎊🎈

Can you believe how easy that was? Now, not only does your little one have a world of stories at their fingertips, but so do you! Whether it’s bedtime stories, learning adventures for them, or a thrilling mystery for you, this Kindle is ready to dive into whatever world you choose! 🚀📚

If you have any more questions, or simply want to chat about your latest read, I’m here! 🥳📖 Let’s keep the pages turning and the adventures coming! 🌈📘


Alright, bookworms (young and old!), it’s time to get some awesome reads onto your Kids Kindle! Here’s how to make it happen, step by step. 🚀📖

Step 1: Navigate to “Manage Your Content and Devices” 📑👨‍💼

  • First things first, let’s head over to “Manage Your Content and Devices” on Amazon. You can do this on your computer or tablet. It’s where all the book magic happens!
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Step 2: Find Your Digital Library 📚🔍

  • Click on the “Content” tab up at the top.
  • Boom! You’ll see a full list of all your digital books (or audiobooks if you prefer audio adventures).

Step 3: Picking the Right Book 📖🧐

  • Scroll through that list and find the title you want to add to your child’s Kindle. It’s like shopping in your own personal bookshop!
  • Now, click on those three dots under “actions” next to that book. When a magical box pops up, choose “Manage family library.”

Step 4: Add to Your Child’s Library 📚➡️👦

  • Ta-da! It will show all your libraries, including the special FreeTime library connected to your Kids Kindle.
  • Click on “Add to Library” right next to your child’s name who owns the Kids Kindle. And just like that… presto! The book or audiobook is added to their Kindle.

Now, all that’s left to do is wait for the next sync. When it happens, the book will magically appear on their Kindle!

Quick Note About Audiobooks 🎧📖

  • You can only add Audible audiobooks to a Kindle reader, whether it’s a Kids Kindle or an adult Kindle. So, Libby, Hoopla, or Scribd audiobooks won’t work here.

There you have it, folks! 🌟 Adding books to your child’s Kindle is as easy as pie. If you have any questions or need a hand with anything else, just give me a shout. Happy reading, adventurers! 🌈📘

In Conclusion: Adventure Awaits! 🌟📚

We’ve embarked on an exciting journey together, learning the ropes of setting up and adding books to a Kids Kindle. Whether it’s for your little ones or your inner child, this fantastic device opens the door to a world of imagination and wonder.

Remember, technology should always be a tool that enhances our lives, and your Kindle is no different. With the knowledge you’ve gained here, you can now set up, switch between adult and kid modes, and fill those digital shelves with captivating stories.

Reading is a magical adventure, and with your Kids Kindle, that adventure has never been more accessible. So, keep turning those pages, exploring new worlds, and fostering a love for reading in yourself or your children. 📖🌍

If you ever find yourself in need of more guidance or have questions about your Kindle Kids Account, don’t hesitate to reach out. Adventure awaits, and together, we’ll keep the reading journey alive and thriving! 🌈📚

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