How to Set Out of Office in Outlook app on Android, iPhone, 365 & Desktop

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Hey there! Are you planning a break or a vacation and wondering how to let people know you’re not available through your Outlook email? Well, you’re in the right place! We’re going to dive into how you can set up an “Out of Office” reply in the Outlook app. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an Android phone, an iPhone, Office 365 online on your browser, or the Outlook Desktop app on your Windows PC – I’ve got you covered! I’ll walk you through each step to set up those automatic replies, so people know when you’re away. Let’s get started! 🚀✉️

What is out of office feature?

Let’s break down what “Out of Office” really means. Picture this: you’re not at your usual spot where you do your work – maybe you’re chilling on a beach or hiking up a mountain. That’s being “Out of Office” in the simplest sense.

In the world of Microsoft Outlook, it gets a bit more techy but still super simple. When you’re away and not checking emails, you can set up a special automatic message in the Outlook app. These messages are like little digital assistants that tell people emailing you, “Hey, I’m not at work right now, but I’ll be back on this date!”

What’s cool is that you can tell Outlook exactly when you’re coming back, and it will keep sending out these automatic emails until that date. If you forget to set a return date, no worries – Outlook will keep sending out your “Out of Office” replies to every email until you tell it to stop. So, it’s like having a mini-you handling emails while you enjoy your break! 🌴💻

How to Set out of office in outlook app Android

Alright, let’s get your “Out of Office” replies up and running on your Android phone or tablet. Just follow these easy steps, and you’ll be all set:

  1. Open the Outlook App: Grab your Android device and open the Outlook app. It’s where all your emails hang out!
  2. Menu Time: Look at the top left of your screen. You’ll see a menu icon (it looks like three lines stacked on each other). Give that a tap.
  3. Find the Gear Icon: Now, go to the bottom left corner. There’s a gear icon there – that’s your settings button. Click on it.
  4. Choose Your Account: You’ll see a bunch of options, but head straight to the “Account” section. Here, select your Office 365 account. It’s like choosing which mailbox you want to put your “Out of Office” sign on.
  5. Automatic Replies: Next up, find “Automatic replies.” This is where the magic happens. There’s a slider to turn on automatic replies – slide it to the right.
  6. Who Should Know You’re Away? You’ll see two choices here. One lets you reply to everyone who emails you, and the other only replies to people in your organization. Pick the one that fits your needs.
  7. Craft Your Message: Now, write your automatic email. This is the message people will get while you’re enjoying your time off. Make it friendly and informative!
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How to set out of office in outlook office 365 online

Want to set up your “Out of Office” replies in Outlook 365 online? It’s a breeze! Just follow these steps, and you’ll be good to go:

  1. Visit Outlook Online: First things first, head over to Outlook.Live.Com. This is your online Outlook hub.
  2. Log In: Once you’re there, log into your account with your username and password.
  3. Find the Gear Icon: Look at the top right corner of your screen, just to the left of a question mark icon. You’ll see a gear icon – that’s your settings button. Click on that.
  4. View All Settings: In the menu that pops up, select “View All” to see all the Outlook settings.
  5. Mail and Automatic Replies: Now, navigate to the “Mail” option. Inside there, you’ll find the “Automatic replies” option. Click on it.
  6. Turn on Automatic Replies: There’s a switch to activate automatic replies. Flip it on. You can also choose to send replies only during a specific time period by ticking on “Send replies only during a time period” and setting your start and end times.
  7. Decide Who Gets Replies: You have an option here – do you want everyone to get your automatic reply or just the folks in your contact list? Make your choice.
  8. Write Your Message: A box will appear where you can type the message you want to send as your automatic reply. This is what people will see when they email you while you’re away.
  9. Save Your Settings: Once you’re happy with your message and settings, hit “Save.”
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How to Set out of office in outlook app in iPhone app

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad and need to set up your “Out of Office” replies in the Outlook app, here’s a quick and easy guide for you:

  1. Open the Outlook App: First, grab your iPhone or iPad and open the Outlook app. This is where all your email action happens!
  2. Find the Home Icon: Once you’re in the app, look for the home icon. It’s right there on the left side of where it says “Inbox.” Tap on it.
  3. Gear Up for Settings: After tapping the home icon, your next stop is the gear icon. This is your settings button. Tap on this gear icon to dive into settings.
  4. Select Your Account: Here’s where you pick your Outlook account. If you don’t see your account listed, double-check to make sure you’re logged in.
  5. Turn On Automatic Replies: In the account settings, you’ll find an option for “Automatic replies.” Go ahead and turn this on.
  6. Craft Your Message: Now, you’re at the “Automatic replies” settings page. This is where you get creative and format your message. This will be the automatic response people receive when they email you during your time off.

How to set out of office in outlook desktop app

Got a Windows PC or laptop? Here’s how you can set up your “Out of Office” replies in the Outlook Desktop app:

  1. Open Outlook: Start by opening Outlook on your computer. It’s your main gate to all things email.
  2. Click on ‘File’: Look at the top menu bar of Outlook. You’ll see a bunch of options – click on the one that says “File.” It’s kind of like opening the first door to setting your “Out of Office” replies.
  3. Find ‘Automatic Replies’: Now, on the right side of the page, just below where your account settings are and above your mailbox settings, you’ll spot the “Automatic Replies” option. Click on this.
  4. Turn on Automatic Replies: After clicking “Automatic Replies,” the next step is to select “Send Automatic replies.” This is basically telling Outlook, “Hey, I’m going to be away, and I need you to handle my emails for me.”
  5. Set a Time Period (Optional): If you know exactly when you’ll be away and back, you can choose to set a time period for your replies. This way, Outlook knows exactly when to start and stop sending your “Out of Office” messages.
  6. Write Your Message: In the edit box provided, type out the message you want people to receive when they email you during your absence. Make it friendly and informative!
  7. Click ‘Ok’: Once you’re happy with your message and settings, hit the “Ok” button to save everything.
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In Conclusion

And there you have it! Whether you’re using an Android phone, an iPhone, Office 365 online, or the Outlook Desktop app on your Windows PC, setting up your “Out of Office” replies is a breeze. These steps ensure that while you’re taking that well-deserved break, your emails won’t be neglected. Your automatic replies will keep you connected, informing your contacts of your absence and when they can expect a response. Remember, a little message goes a long way in maintaining great communication, even when you’re away. So go ahead, take that break, and enjoy your time off with peace of mind knowing that Outlook has got your back!

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