How to Reset Your Brother Printer in 4 Easy Steps?

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Are you scratching your head, wondering how to reset the drum on your Brother printer? Maybe you’ve already tried typing “reset drum Brother” into Google or Bing, but all you got was a sea of confusing search results. Don’t worry, I’m here to help! In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll walk through the steps to reset the drum of your Brother printer so you can get back to printing in no time.

But wait, there’s an important tip before we dive in: only reset the Brother drum counter when you’ve installed a new drum. Why is this crucial? Well, your printer needs to keep an accurate track of the drum’s life. If you reset the counter without actually replacing the drum, your printer will be in the dark about how much life is left in the current drum. This could lead to lower print quality or even printer damage. So, make sure you’re resetting for the right reasons!

How to Reset Drum on Brother Printer?

Different Brother printer models have their own unique ways of resetting the drum. It’s like each model speaks its own language! To ensure we’re speaking the right one, it’s a good idea to peek at your printer’s user guide first. But don’t worry, I’m here to make things super simple. We’ll break it down into three categories based on the type of printer you have:

  1. Brother Printers Without a Screen
  2. Brother Printers with an LED Screen
  3. Brother Printers with a Touchscreen

Now, let’s tackle each type one by one.

1. Resetting the Drum on Brother Printers Without a Screen

These are the little guys, like the older HL series. They don’t have a fancy screen, just some LEDs that blink and glow. But no screen? No problem! Here’s how you can reset the drum:

  • Power Up: First, make sure your printer is on.
  • Open Up: Lift the front cover. You’ll notice the “Error” light starts to blink. It’s like the printer’s way of saying, “Hey, I noticed you opened me!”
  • Hold the ‘Go’ Button: Press and keep holding the “Go” button. Wait for a little light show—all the LEDs will light up. Once they do, let go of the “Go” button.
  • Press ‘Go’ Again: Now, hit the “Go” button one more time.
  • Close the Cover: Shut the front door of the printer. You’ll see the “ready” light doing its flashy dance.
  • One More ‘Go’: Press the “Go” button one final time.

And voilà! Your printer’s drum is now reset and ready to roll. It’s like giving your printer a fresh start!

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2. Resetting the Drum on Brother Printers with an LED Screen

Ah, the LED screen models of Brother printers! They’re a bit like siblings – similar but each with their own quirks. Resetting the drum on these can vary depending on the model. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with four common methods. Let’s find the one that fits your printer like a glove!

(1) For Printers with an “Options” Button

  • Power and Open: Make sure your printer is on and open the front lid.
  • Press ‘Options’: On the control panel, hit the “Options” button.
  • Numeric Keypad? Press ‘1’: If your printer has numbers, just press “1”.
  • No Numeric Keypad? Press ‘UP’: If there’s no number pad, use the “UP” arrow.
  • Seal the Deal: When you see “Accepted” on the LED, close the front lid.

(2) For Printers with a “Clear/Back” Button

  • Keep It On and Open: Leave the printer on, and the front cover open.
  • Clear the Air: Press “Clear” or “Clear/Back” to get rid of any error messages.
  • Start the Reset: Press “1” or “UP” to kick off the drum reset.
  • Close When Accepted: Once “Accepted” pops up, shut the front cover.

(3) For Printers with an “OK” Button

  • Turn On and Open Up: Power up and open the front cover.
  • Hold ‘OK’: Keep pressing “OK” until “Drum Unit” or “Replace Drum?” shows up. (Some models might skip this step.)
  • Press ‘OK’ Again: Choose “Drum Unit” or “Replace Drum?” with “OK”.
  • Reset It: If there’s a numeric keypad, press “1”. If not, press “UP”.
  • Wrap Up: Close the front cover when you see “Accepted”.

(4) For Printers with Both “OK” and “Up” Buttons

  • Start and Close: Turn on the printer, ensuring the front door is closed.
  • Double Hold: Press and hold “OK” and “UP” simultaneously.
  • Select Drum: Press “OK” to select “Drum.”
  • Initiate Reset: Use the “UP” or “DOWN” arrow to start the drum reset.

Special Note for Color Laser Printers:

Got a Brother color laser printer? You’ll need to pick the toner color for the drum you replaced. Use the “OK,” “UP,” or “DOWN” arrows to do this. And if you’re resetting more than one drum, just repeat these steps for each.

3. Resetting the Drum on Brother Printers with a Touchscreen

Touchscreens make everything feel a bit more modern, don’t they? Brother printers with touchscreens are no exception. When it comes to resetting the drum, these printers offer a smooth and interactive experience. Let me guide you through the two popular solutions to reset the drum on these futuristic printers.

Solution One: The Quick Touch Method

  • Power Up: Start by turning on your printer.
  • Clear Errors: If there’s an error message, press the “Cancel” button to clear it.
  • Hold ‘Toner’: Press and hold the “Toner” button for five seconds.
  • Tap ‘Drum’: On the screen, tap on “Drum.”
  • Select and Confirm: Choose the drum you just replaced, then press “Yes.”
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Solution Two: The Settings Path

  • Start Your Printer: Ensure your printer is powered on.
  • Enter Settings: Tap on “Settings” on the touchscreen.
  • Go Deeper: If needed, press “All Settings.”
  • Find ‘Machine Info’: Select “Machine Info” or “Machine Information,” then choose “Parts Life.”
  • Hold ‘Drum’: Press and hold “Drum” or “Drum Life” until the screen’s message changes.
  • Confirm Reset: Tap “Yes” to reset the drum.

And there you have it! These steps should reset your Brother printer’s drum, getting it ready for its next printing adventure. If you’re still puzzled or have other questions about resetting your Brother printer’s drum, don’t hesitate to check out the FAQs section. Can’t find your answer there? Feel free to drop your questions in the comments section. We’re here to help!

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Congratulations! You’ve now become a savvy navigator in the world of Brother printers. Whether it’s resetting the drum on various models or choosing cost-effective alternatives for toner cartridges and drum units, you’re all set. Remember, keeping your Brother printer in top shape doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resetting Made Easy: Whether your Brother printer has no screen, an LED screen, or a touchscreen, you now have the know-how to reset the drum effortlessly. Follow the simple steps outlined in each section, and your printer will be back to its efficient self in no time.
  • Smart Savings with True Image: Explore the world of high-quality, budget-friendly alternatives for your Brother printer’s toner and drum units. True Image is your go-to for saving up to 70% without compromising on print quality. Plus, enjoy the perks of free shipping and fast delivery.
  • Peace of Mind: With worry-free guarantees like a 2-year warranty and a 30-day money-back policy, shopping for printer essentials is risk-free and satisfying.
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As you continue your journey with your Brother printer, remember that maintaining it can be both easy and economical. With this guide, you’re not just a printer owner; you’re a cost-effective, maintenance-savvy user who knows the ins and outs of printer care.

Happy printing, and here’s to crisp, clear pages and smooth printer operations for years to come! 🌟🖨️

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Brother printer back to factory settings?

To reset your Brother printer to factory settings, press the Menu button on the printer control panel, navigate to the Initial Setup menu, then select Reset.

What if I forgot the administrator password for my Brother printer?

If you forgot the administrator password, you can perform a factory reset on your Brother printer, which will reset all settings, including the password. However, note that you will lose any customized settings.

Can I reset my Brother printer without using the control panel?

Yes, there is an alternative method to reset your Brother printer without using the control panel. You can simply turn off the printer, unplug it from the power outlet, wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in and turn it on. This will reset the printer to its default settings.

Will resetting my Brother printer delete any saved documents or print jobs?

No, resetting your Brother printer will not delete any saved documents or print jobs. However, it is always recommended to save your work and complete any pending print jobs before performing a reset, just in case.

After resetting my Brother printer, do I need to reinstall the printer drivers?

Usually, resetting your Brother printer does not require reinstalling the printer drivers. However, in some cases, especially if you have made changes to your computer's operating system, it may be necessary to reinstall the printer drivers to ensure proper functionality.

How often should I reset my Brother printer?

There is no specific frequency for resetting your Brother printer. Resetting should only be done when necessary, such as troubleshooting printer issues or restoring the printer to its default settings. It is not recommended to reset the printer frequently without a valid reason.
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