How To Fix Roku Remote Buttons?

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Hey there! Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to relax, watch some TV, and then – oops! – your Roku remote buttons decide not to work? Maybe you accidentally spilled something on it, or it’s just acting up for no reason. Don’t worry; you’re not alone, and I’m here to help you out.

You see, when remotes are left without a cover or protection, they’re like sitting ducks. Imagine you’re enjoying your morning coffee or a glass of juice, and you accidentally spill a bit on your remote. That tiny spill can seep into the insides of the remote, right onto its circuit board.

The result? That sticky spill might just freeze up the remote’s circuit board and rubber parts. But don’t panic just yet! We’ve got ways to clean and fix it.

And if you’re thinking, “Wait, I didn’t spill coffee, but I did get it wet with water!” Don’t fret! I’ve got another guide titled, “How to Fix a Roku Remote That Got Wet.” It’s full of tips to rescue your water-damaged remote.

But for now, let’s dive deep into how to clean and fix those sticky Roku remote buttons. Stick around!

Why are the Buttons on My Roku Remote Not Working

Ever wondered why, sometimes, your Roku remote buttons just don’t seem to listen to you? It can be a bit frustrating, I know. Let’s break it down.

Imagine you’re having a chilled day with a drink in hand. Now, picture accidentally spilling some of that drink onto your remote. That sticky residue, whether it’s from coffee, juice, or some soda, can get into the heart of the remote, right onto its circuit board.

When that happens, the circuit board gets a little confused. It’s like trying to talk with a mouthful of marshmallows; things just don’t get through properly. Even if you’re pressing the buttons, the board might not sense it. And that’s why the buttons don’t work as they should.

But wait! What if you’ve never spilled anything? Well, over time, our trusty remotes can gather dust. This sneaky dust can create a barrier between the button and the circuit board. It’s like trying to listen to music with earplugs in – you just can’t hear it properly!

Is Your Roku Remote Acting Its Age?

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You know how sometimes old toys get a bit sticky with age? The same thing can happen with your Roku remote, especially if it’s been with you for a while. The rubbery parts inside the remote can get sticky over time, making it hard for the buttons to communicate with the circuit board.

Let’s Fix It Up!

In simple terms, it’s time for a little remote cleanup! Open up your Roku remote and give the rubber parts and circuit board a gentle, thorough cleaning. Say goodbye to any dust or sticky mess, and hello to a fully responsive remote!

How to Clean Roku Remote Buttons from Inside

Having trouble with those stubborn remote buttons? Well, guess what? We’re going to pamper that remote and get it working like new again! Here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning your Roku remote buttons from the inside out. And trust me, it’s easier than you might think.

1. Remove the Battery:

First things first, let’s play it safe. Take out the battery from your Roku remote. We don’t want any surprise electrical issues!

2. Unscrew the Back:

Flip the remote over and you’ll see some screws on the back. Grab a screwdriver and gently unscrew them. Now, even though the screws are out, the remote will still be connected. You’ll need something called a Plastic Pry Tool or Pry Tab to open it up. Be gentle and patient – we don’t want to break anything!

3. Meet the Circuit Board:

Once you’ve got it open, say hello to your remote’s circuit board! Carefully lift it out and set it aside.

4. Clean-Up Time:

Separate the circuit board and screws and keep them in a safe place. Now, for the fun part! Take the plastic body of the remote and the rubber buttons, and give them a good wash using some mild dish soap. But a word of caution: keep the circuit board away from water. We want to clean it, not give it a bath!

5. Wipe and Dry:

After washing, gently wipe down the plastic and rubber parts with a soft cloth. For the circuit board, we’re going to use something special. Grab some 91% Isopropyl Alcohol – it’s super friendly to circuits. Using cotton swabs and an old, clean toothbrush, gently clean the rubber buttons and the circuit board. The alcohol will help get rid of any sticky residues or stubborn grime.

6. Put It All Back Together:

Now that everything’s clean, it’s time to reassemble. Carefully put the circuit board back, fit the rubber buttons in place, and close up the remote. Tighten those screws back in, and voila! Your remote is as good as new.

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With all the gunk and dirt gone, your remote buttons should be back to their responsive selves. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy some uninterrupted TV time! 📺✨

How to Fix Roku Remote Volume Button

Is your Roku remote’s volume button acting a bit funky? Maybe it’s not turning the volume up or down like it used to. Don’t fret – I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in and see how to get that button working again.

There are generally two reasons why this might be happening:

  1. The Button’s Jammed: Sometimes, the volume button might just be stuck, which means it can’t do its job properly.
  2. Setup Issues: If the button isn’t jammed, then the remote might need some setup love to get in sync with your TV.

If you’ve already checked and confirmed that your button isn’t stuck, then let’s walk through the setup process together!

Setting Up Your Roku Remote Volume Button:

  1. Home Sweet Home: Start at the Roku home screen. From there, head over to the Settings option.
  2. Finding the Remote Settings: After clicking on Settings, you’ll want to go to Remotes and Devices. Next, click on Remotes.
  3. Enhanced Voice Time: Now, select the Enhance Voice Remote option. After that, pick Set Up Remote for TV Control.
  4. Listen for the Music: A popup will appear on your TV screen asking, “Is music playing?” If you can hear some tunes, click on the “Yes, music is playing” option.
  5. Did the Music Stop?: Another popup will show up, asking if the music has stopped playing. If you’re still jamming, click “No”.
  6. TV Code Time: If you see a popup that says “Unable to detect TV info”, you’ll have two choices: “Enter TV Brand” and “Set Up Remote Later”. Let’s pick “Enter TV Brand”. From there, type in the name of your TV’s brand and hit “OK”.You’ll then see another popup asking, “Has the music stopped playing?” This process is trying to find the right code for your remote. If you still hear music, hit “No”. If it’s gone silent, then celebrate and select “Yes, the music stopped playing.”

When the right code matches with your remote, you won’t hear any more music. Just click on “Yes, the music stopped playing” to wrap things up. Now, test out those volume buttons on your remote. They should be back in action!

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Still a bit confused? No worries. There’s also a helpful video that walks you through this. You can watch and follow along to get your remote working just right!

How to fix if Roku Remote Volume Button Stuck

Oops! Dropped your Roku remote and now the volume button’s stuck? We’ve all been there. It’s like when you step on a LEGO – it hurts, but we can fix it. Here’s a friendly guide to get your volume button unstuck and back in action. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get started.

Why’s the Button Stuck?
Sometimes, if your remote takes a tumble, the buttons can get a little out of alignment with the internal parts. This misalignment can cause buttons, like your volume button, to get jammed.

Here’s How to Fix It:

  1. Battery Out First:
    Safety first! Begin by removing the battery from your Roku remote.
  2. Open Sesame:
    Now, let’s open up that remote. If you’re wondering how to do it, refer to the remote opening steps mentioned earlier. You’re a pro at this now!
  3. The Gentle Touch:
    With the remote open, gently press the audio up/down switch next to the volume buttons on the remote’s circuit board. This might seem a bit techy, but trust me, it’s just a gentle press. It’s all about realigning things!Did you see any broken parts? No? Great! It’s likely just a misalignment issue between the buttons and the internal switches.
  4. Put It Back Together:
    If everything looks good inside, let’s close it up! As you reassemble your remote, make sure the circuit board sits snugly in its place. Before sealing it up completely, give that volume button a test press. Feels better, right? Now, finish up by screwing everything back together.
  5. Battery In & Test:
    Slide the battery back into the remote. Give the volume button a press. It should be working like a charm now!


So, we’ve gone on a little journey together to tackle those pesky Roku remote button issues. From regular buttons to the volume ones, we’ve looked into how to get them back in tip-top shape!

It’s amazing how a tiny device like a remote can make our lives so much more convenient, but also a tad frustrating when they decide to act up. Luckily, with the steps we went through, you should be all set.

Hope this guide was a big help and your remote’s back to being your trusty channel navigator. Here’s to uninterrupted binge-watching! 🍿📺

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