How To Exchange Your Audible Book?

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Hey there! Do you use Audible? If yes, then there’s something super cool I want to tell you. If you’re like me, sometimes you might pick an audiobook and later think, “Hmm, maybe this wasn’t the best choice for me.” No worries! Audible has this amazing service just for its members.

Try New Audiobooks Without Worry

Imagine you want to listen to a new story by an author or a narrator you’ve never heard of before. Now, thanks to Audible, you can take a chance without worrying. Why? Because if you don’t like it, you can simply return it! Yep, it’s that easy.

But Wait! Two Important Things to Remember

Before you go and return that audiobook, there are a couple of really important things you should know. So, stick around, and I’ll tell you what they are. Stay tuned!

Audible Returns: What You Should Know

I’ve got some juicy stuff to tell you about Audible’s return policy. Ready to dive in?

Is Audible Like a Library? Think Again!

You might think of Audible as a big, digital library where you can swap out one audiobook for another, right? Well, it’s not exactly like that. Some people have misunderstood this and think you can keep returning books and get a bunch of them for just one credit. Sounds great, but it’s not that simple!

Even though Audible might give off this vibe, and sometimes their customer service nudges you to exchange books after you’ve finished them, there’s a catch! Some users have shared that they suddenly got an email saying they broke some rules and couldn’t swap books anymore. Yikes! Imagine getting that kind of email!

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To clear things up, Audible does say somewhere in the fine print that you can make two exchanges a year. But be careful; they don’t like it if you try to get multiple audiobooks for a single credit.

But What Happens When You Return a Book?

Audible, being the giant company owned by Amazon, seems big enough to handle returns without making a dent in their pockets, right? But, here’s the plot twist: it’s the audiobook creators who bear the cost of returns! Yup, you heard that right.

Let’s say you’ve finished a book, loved it, but then decide to return it. You’d think that the author and the person who narrated the book get paid. But for a while, that wasn’t the case. Because of a system glitch, creators found out they were losing a lot of money due to returns.

Keep in mind; not all audiobooks are from big companies. Many are by individual authors or small publishers who pay for everything themselves. So, when they don’t get paid, they might decide not to turn more books into audiobooks. And that’s a bummer for us!

After some uproar, Audible changed their ways. Now, they pay the creators for books returned more than 7 days after buying. They also stopped allowing returns on books bought with actual money, like those sweet Whispersync deals.

But the bottom line? As a listener, it’s good to know how things work behind the scenes. When we return books, it’s not always Audible covering the costs. It’s often the folks who made the book in the first place!

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How to Return an Audible Book: A Quick Guide

Okay, so now you’re thinking, “But how do I actually return a book if I need to?” Let’s break it down:

  1. No App Returns: Surprisingly, you can’t return a book directly in the Audible app. You’ll need to use a browser on your phone or computer, or get help from customer support.
  2. Finding the Return Option: It’s kind of hidden. Click on your Audible Account Details, then your name, and choose “Account Details” from the dropdown menu. You’d think for something they promote a lot, it’d be easier to find!
  3. Remember the Rules: You can return books up to 365 days after buying. But only if you bought them with an Audible credit. If you used actual money, like during a sale, you can’t return them.

Awesome Ways to Save on Audiobooks

Do you ever feel like audiobooks can be a bit too pricey? If you’ve ever been tempted to re-use your Audible credits because of this, hold up! I’ve got some nifty tricks up my sleeve that will help you get more bang for your buck.

And the best part? They’re totally legit and support the hardworking authors and narrators out there.

1. Unlimited Audiobook Subscriptions to the Rescue

Did you know there are unlimited audiobook subscriptions? Yep, you heard right! Services like:

  1. Audible Plus: If you’re already an Audible Premium Plus member, this one’s a freebie for you!
  2. Kindle Unlimited: This Amazon service isn’t just for e-books. They’ve got tons of audiobooks in their collection too.
  3. Scribd: Another cool service with a bunch of audiobooks to dive into.
  4. Hoopla: This one’s special. All you need is your local library card and you’re good to go!
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2. Bag Those Deals

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Instead of always using your Audible credits, you can:

  1. Look out for Whispersync deals on Amazon: They often have audiobooks at prices way lower than what you’d spend an Audible credit on.
  2. Check out Chirp audiobooks: They’ve got some amazing deals going on.

3. Audible Plus Books: Listen & Return Without Guilt

Remember those Audible Plus audiobooks I mentioned earlier? The cool thing is, after you’ve listened to them, you can return them without any worry.

Why? Because you didn’t spend any money or Audible credit on them in the first place! They’re part of your monthly fee. So, dive into those Audible Originals, and save your precious credits for those special audiobooks you want to cherish forever.

Wrapping It Up: Making the Most of Your Audiobook Journey

Alright, audiobook aficionados, let’s recap! The world of audiobooks is vast and full of wonders, but it’s essential to navigate it in a way that’s both savvy and respectful to the creators. By exploring unlimited subscriptions, hunting for those sweet deals, and understanding the ins and outs of returning books on platforms like Audible, you’re not only optimizing your listening experience but also supporting the talented folks behind the stories. So, go ahead and dive into that next thrilling audiobook chapter, equipped with the knowledge to make every credit count. Until next time, keep those headphones on and let the stories sweep you away! 🎧📚

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