How to Change Text Message Display on iPhone? – An Easy Guideline for You

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Hey there! Have you ever noticed how apps like Messenger and WhatsApp have some really awesome features that make chatting fun? They’ve become super popular because of that. But, when it comes to regular text messages on our smartphones, especially iPhones, things can seem a little… well, bland. Don’t worry though, it’s not your phone, it’s just that many of us don’t know about the cool tricks our iPhones can do with text messages.

Get ready to add some pizzazz to your texting! In this article, I’m going to show you how to transform your text messaging experience on your iPhone. We’ll explore how to customize the way your texts look, change how you see incoming messages, and even how your messages appear on someone else’s phone. Plus, we’ll dive into tweaking message notifications and other cool options for your text message display.

By the end of this, I promise, texting on your iPhone will be anything but boring. You’ll be equipped with more than just the basics, giving your iPhone texting game a total upgrade.

How to Change Incoming Message Display

Ever wanted your iPhone to notify you about texts in a cooler, more personalized way? Maybe you’ve wanted to sneak a peek at texts even when you’re around lots of people. Guess what? You can totally do that! Here’s a simple guide on how to change how incoming messages appear on your iPhone, including tweaking those notification settings. Let’s make your texting experience stylish and private, all at once.

Step 1: Dive into Settings First things first, tap on the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone’s home screen. We’re going to play around with notification, display, and sound settings. This is where the magic of customization begins!

Step 2: Head to Notifications Next, find and click on the ‘Notifications’ option. It looks something like this:

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Step 3: Focus on Messages Now, tap on ‘Messages’. Here, you can adjust things like badges, sounds, and alerts for when you get text messages.

Step 4: Allow Notifications See the toggle icon next to different settings? Flip the ‘Allow Notifications’ toggle on (it’ll turn green) to let your iPhone alert you for incoming texts.

Step 5: Control Notification Center Display If you want new text notifications to pop up in the Notification Center at the top of your screen, turn the ‘Show in Notification Center’ toggle on. Too many notifications? Feel free to turn these off, but beware, you might miss something important!

Step 6: Pick a Sound and Vibe Fancy changing the sound of your text alerts? Tap ‘Sounds’ and choose from a list of alert tones. You can also select from various vibration styles, or opt for no vibration if that’s your thing.

Step 7: Badge App Icon and More Hit the back button to go back to the messages settings. Ever noticed the unread message count next to your messaging app icon? That’s the ‘Badge App Icon’. Turn it on to keep track of unread messages.

When your screen is locked and a text comes in, a preview shows up if ‘Show on Lock Screen’ is turned on. If privacy is key for you, you might want to turn this off.

Finally, decide how you want to be notified. Select ‘Banners’ for a quick, temporary alert, or ‘Alerts’ for a notification that needs an action to disappear. You can even set how often these alerts repeat. They’ll keep beeping until you check your message or stop the alert.

How to Change Display of the Sent Messages?

Want to add a dash of style and fun when you’re texting your friends? Good news: you can totally do that on your iPhone! But remember, these cool effects will only show up if the person you’re texting also has an iPhone. Let’s dive into how you can send messages with a twist!

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Step 1: Open Messages Begin by tapping the ‘Messages’ app on your iPhone’s home screen.

Step 2: Get Ready to Type Now, do the usual stuff: enter the phone number or pick a contact, and start typing your message. As you type, you’ll notice the voice icon next to the text box turns into a blue upper arrow. Press and hold this arrow until you see the ‘Send with effect’ screen.

Step 3: Choose Your Bubble Effect Here’s where the fun begins! Under the ‘Bubble’ tab, you’ll find four cool options:

  • SLAM: Your text will zoom onto the recipient’s screen like a flying object.
  • LOUD: The text will pop up with a big font and a dramatic sound.
  • GENTLE: The message starts tiny and grows to a normal size as it’s read.
  • INVISIBLE INK: This one is super cool – your message appears as hidden dots that reveal the text when the recipient swipes over it.

Step 4: Pick a Background Now, tap on the ‘Screen’ tab. Here, you can choose from seven different background effects for your message. Swipe right to see all the options. Once you’ve found the perfect one, swipe left to go back to your message.

Found a background you love? Great! To go back to your message, just tap the cross icon. Now, send your text with all these awesome effects and watch as your message becomes a mini spectacle!


And that’s a wrap! I hope this guide has been super helpful in showing you how to jazz up your text messages on your iPhone. Remember, these cool features work best when you’re texting someone else with an iPhone, so keep that in mind to fully enjoy the magic.

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Now that you know how to change both incoming and outgoing message displays, your texting experience should be way more exciting. Whether it’s tweaking notification settings for incoming messages or sending animated, fun texts to your friends, you’ve got plenty of options to explore.

Happy texting and have fun experimenting with all these new features! Until next time, goodbye and enjoy the awesome world of iPhone messaging!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize the Notification Sounds for Text Messages on My iPhone?

Yes! You can personalize the notification sounds for text messages on your iPhone. Just go to Settings > Notifications > Messages, and then tap on Sounds to choose your preferred alert tone.

Is It Possible to Send Text Messages with Special Effects to Non-iPhone Users?

No, special text effects like SLAM, LOUD, GENTLE, and INVISIBLE INK are exclusive to iMessage and only work when both the sender and recipient are using iPhones.

How Can I Make My Incoming Text Messages Private on My iPhone?

You can maintain privacy by adjusting the message preview settings. Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages, and turn off the ‘Show on Lock Screen’ option to prevent message previews from appearing on your locked screen.

Can I Change How My Sent Messages Are Displayed on the Recipient's iPhone?

Yes, but only if the recipient is also using an iPhone. You can use the ‘Send with effect’ feature in the Messages app to add effects like SLAM, LOUD, GENTLE, or INVISIBLE INK.

What Are the Steps to Access the ‘Send with Effect’ Feature for Text Messages?

To use the ‘Send with Effect’ feature, open the Messages app, type your message, then press and hold the blue arrow next to the text box. This will bring up the ‘Send with Effect’ screen where you can choose your desired effect.
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