YouTube Scrolling Issue – How Can I Fix It On Android & IOS?

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Hey there! Are you having a tough time scrolling through YouTube videos lately? If so, you’re not alone. It seems like a lot of people have been running into a weird issue where YouTube just doesn’t want to scroll properly. This problem has been popping up a lot in the last day or so. It’s mostly been a headache for folks using Android phones and Mac computers. But don’t worry, we’re here to dive into this together. Stick around, and let’s figure out what’s going on with YouTube’s scrolling snags! Let’s jump right in, no more waiting!

How To Fix The YouTube Scrolling Issue?

Struggling with the YouTube scrolling glitch? No worries, I’ve got some super helpful tips to fix it in a jiffy! Sometimes, these glitches pop up with new updates, but there are easy ways to tackle them. One quick trick is to clear the cache on your phone. This can sometimes make the problem vanish instantly! Remember, YouTube glitches can happen out of the blue, but I’m here to help you out. Let’s dive into these solutions!

  1. Take a Quick Break: Log out of your YouTube account and then log back in. It’s like giving YouTube a quick nap!
  2. Internet Check-Up: If you’re on iOS, make sure your internet connection is strong. A weak connection might be the sneaky culprit behind your scrolling woes.
  3. Double Tab Trick: Watching YouTube on your TV? Try this cool hack. Copy the URL of the YouTube video you’re watching, open a new tab in Chrome, and go to that same video. It’s like having a YouTube buddy!

These tips should help you get back to your smooth-scrolling YouTube experience. But if you’re still stuck, don’t sweat it. Head over to YouTube’s help site for more solutions, especially for the YouTube scrolling bug from 2024. They’ve got a bunch of fixes that might just do the trick! 🛠️📺

Why is YouTube not scrolling properly?

Ever wondered why YouTube sometimes just won’t scroll right? It can be super annoying, but there are a few common reasons for this. Let’s break it down so you can get back to watching videos without any hiccups!

  1. Sneaky Browser Bugs: If YouTube starts acting up while scrolling, it might be because of a glitch in your web browser.
  2. Cache Pile-Up: Sometimes, your phone or computer stores too much data from websites you visit (that’s called “cache”), and this can slow things down. Clearing the cache can give YouTube a fresh start!
  3. App Refresh: If clearing the cache doesn’t do the trick, try closing and reopening the YouTube app. It’s like hitting the reset button.
  4. Reinstall or Switch Browsers: If those steps don’t help, you might need to uninstall and reinstall the app or browser. Or, you could try a different browser, like Microsoft Edge, to see if that smooths things out.
  5. Check Your Graphics Driver: Your computer’s graphics driver is like the brain for showing videos and images. If it’s not up to date or not working right, YouTube might not scroll properly. Make sure your graphics driver is in tip-top shape!
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By following these tips, you should be able to fix the YouTube scrolling issue pretty quickly. Remember, a smooth YouTube experience is just a few steps away! 🛠️🖥️📺

How To Fix YouTube Scrolling Glitch?

Having trouble scrolling through YouTube? Don’t worry, it happens, but luckily there are several ways to fix this glitch. Let’s explore these methods one by one, so you can get back to enjoying your videos without any hiccups!

Clearing Cache

  • Why Clear Cache? Just like other search engines, YouTube saves data (cache) to give you better search results. But too much cache can slow things down.
  • How to Clear Cache:
    • On your phone, head to “Settings.”
    • Tap on the “Apps” section, then “Apps” again.
    • Find “YouTube” and select it.
    • Go to “Storage” and hit “Clear cache.”

Voilà! This should help whether you’re on Android or iOS.

Reinstalling App

  • How It Helps: Sometimes, bugs sneak in during installation. Reinstalling the app can squash these bugs.
  • Steps to Reinstall:
    • Open your device’s app store.
    • Search for “YouTube.”
    • Tap to “Uninstall” the app.
    • After uninstalling, “Reinstall” it.

This could be the magic fix for your scrolling troubles!

Switching To Another Device

  • Why Switch? If you switch to another device with YouTube, it can reveal if the problem is with your device or YouTube itself. Sometimes, the issue is on YouTube’s end.
  • What You’ll Learn: This helps figure out if it’s a universal problem or just happening to you.
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Restarting Your Device

  • Why Restart? Restarting can fix bugs and improve overall performance, not just for YouTube but for any app.
  • Bonus: It can even help with your phone’s battery life!

By trying these steps, you should be able to sort out that annoying scrolling issue on YouTube. Remember, sometimes it’s the simplest solutions that work wonders!

How to fix Issue Safari YouTube Scrolling Freeze?

Are you facing a freezing problem while scrolling through YouTube on Safari? This can be really frustrating, but don’t worry, it’s usually fixable. This issue often comes down to server overload or network problems. If you’ve already tried the basics and they didn’t work, here are some more things to try, especially if you’re using iOS 14.

1. Check Your Phone’s Storage

  • Why It Matters: Sometimes, if your phone is almost out of storage, apps can start acting weird. YouTube in Safari is no exception.
  • What to Do: Take a peek at your phone’s storage. If it’s nearly full, try deleting some things you don’t need anymore. This might free up enough space to smooth things out.

2. Router Reset: The Classic Internet Fix

  • How It Helps: If the issue is related to your internet connection, resetting your router can often be an easy fix.
  • Steps to Follow: Simply turn off your router, wait a minute, and then turn it back on. This little break can refresh your connection.

In Conclusion

That’s a wrap! I really hope these tips and tricks help you fix the pesky YouTube scrolling issue on both iPhone and Android devices. Remember, the same solutions can often work wonders for Safari as well. Whether it’s clearing the cache, reinstalling the app, switching devices, or giving your router a quick reset, one of these hacks is likely to be your golden ticket to hassle-free YouTube browsing.

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Don’t let a little scrolling glitch keep you from enjoying your favorite videos. Give these methods a try, and here’s to hoping your YouTube experience becomes as smooth as ever! Happy scrolling!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can cause YouTube to not scroll properly?

YouTube scrolling issues can be caused by browser bugs, cache buildup, outdated graphics drivers, or server overloads. It's also important to check your internet connection and phone storage for potential problems.

How can clearing the cache fix YouTube scrolling issues?

Clearing the cache removes stored data that can slow down your device. This can often resolve lagging or freezing problems in YouTube, leading to smoother scrolling.

What are the steps to clear YouTube's cache on my mobile device?

To clear YouTube's cache, go to your phone's "Settings," then to the "Apps" section. Find YouTube in the list, tap on it, go to "Storage," and select "Clear cache."

Will reinstalling the YouTube app help with scrolling problems?

Yes, reinstalling the YouTube app can fix bugs that may have occurred during the initial installation, which can solve scrolling issues.

How can switching devices help identify YouTube scrolling issues?

Using YouTube on a different device can help you determine whether the scrolling issue is specific to your device or a broader problem with YouTube's servers.

What should I do if YouTube freezes while scrolling in Safari on an iPhone?

If YouTube freezes in Safari, check your iPhone's storage and try resetting your router. These steps can resolve issues related to phone memory and network connectivity, especially on iOS 14.
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