My Hyundai App Not Working: Car finder, Blue Link, Remote, & Key

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Hey there! Are you struggling with your My Hyundai app and finding it’s just not working the way it should? Maybe you’re using the MyHyundai BlueLink app, their website, AutoLink, or even the cool Digital Key app, but things aren’t going smoothly. You’re definitely not alone!

In this article, I’m going to help you out with some common problems. We’ll tackle issues like the Car Finder feature acting up, trouble with BlueLink activation, or even that super frustrating situation where you can’t start your Hyundai car using the remote feature. So, let’s dive in and get these problems sorted out together! 🚗

My Hyundai app not working in 2024

Ever heard of the MyHyundai with BlueLink app? It’s also known as just the My Hyundai app and it’s pretty awesome. This app is like a magic key to understanding and managing your Hyundai car.

Think of it as your car’s personal assistant, right in your pocket. 📱

With this app, you get to:

  1. Access Owner Resources: It’s like having a mini-library about your Hyundai. Need to check service schedules or get info about your car? It’s all there.
  2. Remote Commands: How cool is it to send commands to your car from your phone? You can start your car, lock or unlock the doors, all with a few taps.
  3. Manage Vehicle Charging: If you have an electric Hyundai, this feature is super handy. You can check the charging status, schedule charging times, and tweak settings.
  4. Customer Support & Care Services: Need help or want to schedule a service appointment? Do it effortlessly through the app. Plus, you can even find points of interest for your next road trip.
  5. Car Finder: Lost your car in a big parking lot? No worries! The app will guide you right to it.

And guess what? You can also install this app on your Android or Apple Smartwatches. So, you can control your car even when your phone isn’t around. How futuristic is that? 🚗⌚

So, that’s the My Hyundai app for you. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for your car – super useful and convenient!

Hyundai Car finder not working

The Hyundai app’s Car Finder feature is super handy. It helps you locate your car using your phone, which is a lifesaver in huge parking lots. But what if it’s not working? Don’t worry, I’ve got some tips to fix it.

Possible Reasons Why It’s Not Working:

  • Network Troubles: If your phone’s network is slow or unstable, Car Finder might have a hard time connecting. Make sure you’ve got a good signal.
  • Location Access Issues: Your phone needs to have location access turned on for this feature to work. Check your phone’s settings to make sure it’s allowed.
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Need a visual guide on how to use it?

There’s a great YouTube video that can walk you through it. Just search for “How to use Hyundai Car Finder” on YouTube, and you’ll be all set!

The Hyundai website not working

  • Main Website: The official site,, is your go-to for all things Hyundai.
  • Owner’s Site: If you’re in the USA, check out for specific owner information.

Common Issues and Solutions:

  • Scheduled Maintenance or Server Issues: Sometimes, the website might be down for maintenance or server problems. In these cases, patience is key – there’s not much you can do until it’s back up.
  • Device-Specific Problems? Here’s How to Fix Them:
    • Check Browser Cookies: Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser. If they’re disabled, you might not be able to log into your account.
    • Try a Different Browser: Sometimes, the issue could be with the browser itself. Switching to a different one can often solve the problem.

So, if you’re facing issues with either the Car Finder feature or accessing Hyundai’s website, these tips should help you get back on track in no time!

  • Activation Steps: After you’ve signed up for Blue Link, you can activate it in your car. If you’re unsure how to do this, there’s a helpful video available – just search “How to activate Blue Link in Hyundai” on YouTube.
  • Contact Customer Support: If Blue Link isn’t activating, the best course of action is to get in touch with the Blue Link customer support center. You can call them at 855-2-BLUELINK (855-225-8354) for assistance.

Hyundai remote start not working

Remote controlling your car using the Hyundai Blue Link app is pretty awesome, but sometimes you might face issues with the remote start function. Here’s how to tackle that:

Quick Fixes to Try:

  • Use the Correct App: Make sure you’re using the Hyundai Blue Link app. Hyundai has several apps, and they can look quite similar, so double-check this first.
  • Check Blue Link Status in Your Car: Ensure that your car’s Blue Link system is not offline. If it seems to be offline, you can try a hard reset of the infotainment system. This is usually done by holding down a small button next to the Tune knob in your car.

Still Not Working?

  • Reach Out to Support: If these steps don’t solve the problem, it’s time to contact customer support for more detailed help.

The Hyundai AutoLink app is like a smart assistant for your driving. It helps you understand your driving habits and keeps an eye on your car. But what if it’s not working properly? Here’s what you can check:

Common Issues and Solutions:

  • Vehicle Compatibility: AutoLink only works with certain Hyundai models. If you’re not sure whether your car is compatible, ask your dealer.
  • Location Services: The app needs location access to pair with your car. Make sure location services are enabled on your phone.
  • Network Stability: A weak or unstable network might disrupt the app’s functionality. Ensure your network connection is stable.
  • App Bugs: Sometimes, the problem might be with the app itself. Check out the reviews on Google Play or the iOS App Store to see if others are experiencing similar issues.
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Hyundai Digital key app not working

The Hyundai Digital Key app is a cool way to use your phone as a key for your car. It lets you lock, unlock, and even start your Hyundai with just your mobile phone. But if it’s not working, here are a few things to consider:

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • Bluetooth Range: The app only works within the Bluetooth range of your car. Make sure you’re close enough.
  • Bluetooth & NFC Requirements: Your phone must have Bluetooth (BLE) 4.0 or higher and NFC capabilities for the app to function correctly.
  • Smartphone-Car Pairing: You need to pair your smartphone with your vehicle for the app to work.

Want More Info?

  • Helpful Resources: If you’re looking to understand more about how the Digital Key app works, visit Owner.HyundaiUSA.Com for detailed information.

By addressing these common issues, you should be able to get your Hyundai AutoLink and Digital Key apps running smoothly again. Remember, technology can be quirky sometimes, but there’s always a way to fix it!

Hyundai Care app not working

The Hyundai Care app is designed to be a comprehensive support tool for Hyundai owners. It’s supposed to make your life easier by offering a range of services like finding and booking cars, scheduling services, locating dealers, getting roadside assistance, and much more. But, what if you’re running into issues with the app? Let’s break down the common problems and explore possible solutions.

Common Problems with the Hyundai Care App:

  1. Adding Your Car Issues: Some users are unable to add their car to the app.
  2. Error Messages: Users might see various error messages, such as:
    • “Entered mobile number doesn’t match with VIN.”
    • “Connection timeout.”
    • “SQL exception error.”
  3. Notification Issues: Notifications not working as expected.
  4. App Crashes: The app might crash randomly.
  5. Login Troubles: Problems with logging in, especially with OTP (One Time Password) registration not working.

Troubleshooting Tips:

When to Try Fixing It Yourself:

  • Check Your Internet Connection: A stable connection is crucial. If you’re experiencing timeouts or other network-related issues, ensure your internet connection is strong and stable.
  • Update Your App: Sometimes, these issues can be resolved by simply updating your app to the latest version available in your app store.
  • Reinstall the App: Uninstalling and then reinstalling the app can sometimes clear up any glitches.

When It’s Out of Your Hands:

  • App Bugs: If the problem lies within the app’s coding (like SQL errors or random crashes), there’s not much you can do personally. These are issues that only the app developers can fix.
  • Waiting for Updates: In cases where the issue is a bug, the best course of action is to wait for an update from the developers. They are usually aware of such problems and work on fixing them in upcoming versions.

What’s Next?

  • Contact Hyundai Support: If you’re stuck and none of the above solutions work, reaching out to Hyundai’s customer support might be your best bet. They can offer more specific guidance and inform you about any ongoing issues with the app.
  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on updates from Hyundai regarding the app. They might release statements or updates that address your specific issue.

By understanding these common problems and trying out these troubleshooting tips, you can hopefully get the Hyundai Care app working smoothly again. Remember, technology can be finicky, but there’s usually a solution or a fix on the way!

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As we’ve explored, Hyundai offers a variety of apps like MyHyundai with BlueLink, AutoLink, the Digital Key app, and the Hyundai Care app, each designed to enhance your driving experience and vehicle management. While these apps are loaded with useful features, from remote car control to dealer location and support services, it’s not uncommon to encounter some technical hitches.

Remember, most app-related issues can be tackled with simple solutions like ensuring a stable network connection, checking app compatibility with your vehicle, ensuring location services are enabled, or even just updating or reinstalling the app. For more complex issues, such as system bugs or login problems, the best approach is often patience and waiting for an update from Hyundai’s development team.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Hyundai’s customer support for personalized assistance if you’re facing persistent problems. Keep an eye on updates and fixes released by Hyundai to continually improve your app experience.

In summary, while tech troubles can be frustrating, understanding these common problems and their potential fixes can help you maintain a seamless and enjoyable Hyundai experience. So, next time you face an app issue, refer back to this guide, and you’ll be back on the road, both digitally and literally, in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my Hyundai Blue Link app is not activating?

If your Hyundai Blue Link app isn't activating, your first step should be to contact the Blue Link customer support center at 855-2-BLUELINK (855-225-8354) for assistance. They can guide you through the activation process or troubleshoot any issues you're encountering.

Why is the Hyundai Car Finder feature not working, and how can I fix it?

The Car Finder feature might not work if your network connection is unstable or if location access is turned off on your device. Check your network signal and ensure that location services are enabled for the Hyundai app on your phone.

What can I do if the Hyundai website is not working?

If Hyundai's website isn't working, try enabling browser cookies or switching to a different browser. If the website is undergoing maintenance or facing server issues, you may need to wait until these are resolved.

How do I resolve issues with the Hyundai AutoLink app?

Make sure your vehicle is compatible with the AutoLink app, check that location services are enabled on your phone, and ensure a stable network connection. If the app is still not working, it could be due to a bug, and you may need to wait for an update from Hyundai.

My Hyundai Digital Key app is not working. What should I do?

Ensure that you are within Bluetooth range of your car, and that your phone supports Bluetooth (BLE) 4.0 or higher and NFC. Also, make sure your smartphone is properly paired with your vehicle. If problems persist, consult Hyundai customer support.

What steps can I take if the Hyundai Care app is not functioning correctly?

If you're facing issues with the Hyundai Care app, such as being unable to add your car or experiencing login problems, try checking your internet connection, updating the app, or reinstalling it. For app bugs, you may need to wait for a fix in a future update.
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