Does Zappos Sell Fake Shoes: Complete Tutorial

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Have you ever wondered about all those fake products that seem to be everywhere nowadays? Shoes aren’t left out of this messy mix either. So let me answer a burning question: Is Zappos tricking us with fake shoes?

Guess what? Zappos doesn’t sell fake shoes! They’re super serious about making sure every shoe you get from them is 100% real. They even have this super cool thing called the “Zappos Authentic” program. What’s that, you ask? It’s their promise that every shoe, every sandal, every high heel you buy from them is the real deal.

Stick with me! We’re going to dive deeper into shopping at Zappos and everything shoe-tastic you need to know. Let’s keep walking (or running, if you’re in sneakers)! 😉👟

Does Zappos Sell Used Shoes?

Ever thought about snagging a deal on shoes that might’ve had a teeny-tiny adventure before? Yup, I’m talking about used shoes. Does Zappos have them? Absolutely!

Used Shoes: Save Money & the Planet! 🌍👢

Zappos has these gently worn shoes that look almost new, and they’re up for grabs at prices that’ll make your wallet smile. The best part? By choosing these shoes, you’re being a superhero for our planet by cutting down on waste. 🦸‍♂️

A quick tip? Peek at the shoe’s soles and heels to make sure they’re in good shape. Oh, and don’t forget – Zappos throws in free shipping. That’s like getting an extra cherry on your shoe-shopping sundae!

Zappos Shoes for Women is like this huge shoe closet you’ve always dreamt of. From those sassy dress shoes for your best friend’s wedding to comfy sneakers for your morning jogs or beach-ready sandals, Zappos has it all!

And here’s the super part: They’ve got a “try ’em, love ’em or send ’em back” policy. Order a bunch, try them on, do a little dance, and if they’re not your jam, just send them back. No drama! And guess what? Both shipping them to you and sending them back (if needed) won’t cost you a penny. Plus, spend a certain amount, and there’s more free standard shipping coming your way! It’s like shoe shopping, but with VIP treatment. 💁‍♀️👡

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Shoes For Men

Zappos isn’t just about the ladies. They’ve got a mountain of shoes for men too! Feeling lost in the sea of options? Don’t sweat it. Let’s simplify things with three easy steps.

  1. What’s Your Day Like? 🏃‍♂️💼
    • Active life? Hiking trails or hitting the gym? You need tough shoes with solid support.
    • More of a chill vibe? Maybe brunching or a movie night? Look for casual kicks that can also play dress-up for those unplanned dinner dates.
  2. Mix & Match with Your Closet 🎨👔
    • Classic black dress shoes? A match made in heaven for almost anything.
    • Sporty sneakers? Ideal when you’re keeping it cool and casual.

SKETCHERS Shoes at Zappos

Now, if comfort and style had a baby, it’d probably be named Skechers. Want ’em? Zappos has ’em! And guess what? Every pair comes with a golden ticket – free shipping and returns!

But, here’s a cherry on top: Spot a better price on Skechers somewhere else? Zappos won’t just sulk. They’ll match that price! Dive into their ocean of Skechers options, and you’re bound to land on that dream pair that screams you. Happy shoe hunting! 🎉🛍️

What Should I do if Shoes Ordered at Zappos are Counterfeits?

If you’re having doubts about the shoes you just got from Zappos, here’s a simple plan to help you out:

  1. Ring-a-Ding Zappos 📞 Don’t stress! Reach out to Zappos’ customer service. They’re super helpful and can guide you.
  2. Oops! Already Took Them for a Spin? If you’ve worn those shoes out and about, hold off on sending them back just yet. It’s a bit tricky to check their realness after they’ve seen some action.
  3. Lights, Camera, Action! 📸 Grab your camera or phone and snap some photos of the shoes and the box they came in.
  4. Shoot an Email 📧 Send your pics to [email protected]. Don’t forget to toss in your order number and spill the beans on why you think those shoes might be sneaky fakes.
  5. Sit Tight! Zappos will do some detective work and loop you in on what they find.
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Can I Return Shoes To Zappos If I Wore Them?

Wondering if Zappos will take back those shoes after you’ve given them a test run? Good news! They will, but with a tiny catch. Make sure:

  1. Clock’s Ticking! ⏰ You’ve got 30 days from when you bought them.
  2. Pack ‘Em Up 📦 The shoes should look pretty close to how they arrived. And hang onto that receipt!
  3. Heads Up on the Refund 💵 They’ll give you back all the moolah, but they might deduct the shipping cost.

All set? Hope your shoe journey gets back on the right foot! 🥿🥾👟👠👡👢👞


You’ve probably heard of Zappos, right? That big online store filled with shoes and clothes galore! They’re known for their stance on NO fakes – they really, really don’t like counterfeits.

Despite their clear stance, some folks still scratch their heads, wondering if maybe, just maybe, Zappos has a few naughty fakes hiding in their stock. Why? Well, with the internet overflowing with lookalikes, and some Zappos goodies looking super similar to stuff from other stores, it’s kinda easy to get suspicious.

Now, Zappos says, “No way!” to counterfeits and does a lot to keep fakes away. But, hey, nobody’s perfect. Maybe one or two sneaky counterfeits did a ninja move and got in there. Who knows?

If all this has got you in detective mode and you need answers, why not just ask Zappos straight up? Head over to their customer service page and shoot them a message. They’re there to help clear things up!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Zappos sell fake shoes?

No, Zappos does not sell fake shoes. As a reputable online retailer, Zappos only sells authentic and genuine footwear. They have strict quality control measures in place to ensure customers receive the real deal.

2. How can I be sure the shoes I purchase from Zappos are genuine?

Zappos is dedicated to providing customers with genuine products. Each shoe sold on their website goes through a thorough authentication process. Additionally, Zappos sources all of their shoes directly from authorized manufacturers and distributors, guaranteeing their authenticity.

3. What should I do if I suspect the shoes I received from Zappos are fake?

If you have any concerns about the authenticity of the shoes bought from Zappos, it is recommended to reach out to their customer support immediately. Zappos has a customer-friendly return policy and will gladly help you resolve any issues.

4. Are there any warning signs to look out for to identify fake shoes?

While it is highly unlikely to receive fake shoes from Zappos, some warning signs to look out for with any online purchase include significantly low prices, poor stitching, misspelled brand names, and unfamiliar packaging. However, these concerns are rare when shopping with Zappos.

5. Does Zappos offer a guarantee on the authenticity of their shoes?

Yes, Zappos guarantees the authenticity of every shoe sold on their platform. They take pride in providing customers with genuine products and have measures in place to mitigate any counterfeit shoe sales.

6. What steps does Zappos take to ensure they do not sell fake shoes?

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