Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked?

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Hey there! Have you ever wondered why people block others on their phones or social media? It’s not just about wanting privacy. Sometimes, we block someone for a bunch of different reasons. But here’s a tricky question: what happens to the messages they sent when they were blocked? Did you ever think about unblocking them and finding all those lost messages waiting for you?

Well, I’m here to clear that up. When you block someone, any messages they send during that time don’t magically appear once you unblock them. It’s a bit of a bummer, but that’s how it works. Those messages are like a secret letter that never got delivered. The only way you’ll see what they said is if they decide to resend those messages after you unblock them.

So, let’s dive deeper into this topic and understand it better! 🌟

What Happens to Blocked Messages When Unblocked?

Ever wondered what really happens to those messages when you block someone and then decide to unblock them? Here’s the deal: if you block someone, any messages they send during that time won’t reach you, even after you unblock them. It’s like putting their messages into a secret vault that you can’t open later.

Messages and Calls: A Closer Look

  • Text Messages: Picture this. You block someone. They send texts, maybe a lot of them. But where do these messages go? They don’t just disappear into thin air. Instead, they get redirected to a special place called the “Unknown Senders” folder. It’s like a hidden mailbox where all the blocked texts wait quietly. But here’s the catch: you won’t get any notifications about these texts. So, unless you go snooping around in that folder, you won’t even know they’re there.
  • Phone Calls: What about calls? Well, when a blocked contact tries to call you, they get sent straight to voicemail. If they leave a message, it goes into a separate “Blocked Messages” section in your voicemail. It’s like having a secret answering machine for people you’ve blocked!

What Happens When You Unblock?

Now, let’s talk about unblocking. You change your mind and unblock the person. Do all those lost messages suddenly flood in? Nope. It’s not like opening a floodgate. The messages sent while they were blocked stay hidden and won’t be delivered to you. It’s like those messages were never sent in the first place.

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And here’s something else: the person you blocked won’t know they were blocked. Their messages will look like they were sent, but they just float out there, like a message in a bottle lost at sea.

Messaging Policy in Different Apps

Got it! Let’s dive into how different popular messaging apps handle blocked messages. It’s like each app has its own set of rules in a game, and it’s super interesting to see how they each play out.

Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked On Snapchat

  • Snapchat’s Privacy Game: Snapchat is like the ninja of messaging apps when it comes to privacy. Here’s what happens: You block someone on Snapchat. They send you a message. On their end, it looks like the message was delivered. But on your end? Radio silence. You won’t receive anything. It’s Snapchat’s way of keeping the blocker’s action a secret.

Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked On WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp’s Clear-Cut Policy: WhatsApp keeps it simple and straightforward. If you block someone, any messages they send during the block period are like invisible ink – they just don’t appear. And guess what? When you unblock that person, those messages don’t suddenly pop up. They’re gone for good.
  • What About Unblocking? Now, here’s something interesting: if the blocked person decides to unblock you, they won’t receive any messages you might have sent while you were on their blocked list. It’s like a two-way street where messages just don’t travel while someone’s blocked.

Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked On Messenger

  • The Deal with Messenger: Messenger, which is part of Facebook, plays by similar rules as WhatsApp. Imagine you block someone on Messenger. They send you a message during this time. What happens? Absolutely nothing on your end. Those messages don’t make it through to you. And here’s the kicker: even when you decide to unblock them, those messages sent during the block period remain undelivered. It’s like they’ve been erased from the digital world.

Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked Discord

  • Discord’s Approach: Moving on to Discord, a favorite among gamers and communities, the policy is quite clear. You block someone, and just like that, you won’t see any messages they send while they’re blocked. Unblocking them later? Well, don’t expect a backlog of their messages to show up. Discord respects your decision to block by keeping those messages away, even after unblocking. It’s their way of maintaining a consistent privacy standard.
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Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked on Telegram

  • Telegram’s Privacy Focus: Telegram, known for its emphasis on privacy and security, has its own way of dealing with blocked messages. Here’s how it goes: You block someone on Telegram. During this block period, any messages they send you are like whispers in the wind – you just don’t hear them. Now, you might think, “What if I unblock them? Will I get those messages?” Nope. Telegram sticks to its guns on privacy. Those messages sent during the block period remain unseen, even after unblocking. It’s their way of ensuring that your decision to block someone is fully respected.

Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked Android (SMS/MMS)

  • Android’s Messaging Mechanics: When it comes to regular text messages (SMS/MMS) on Android devices, the story is pretty consistent with the theme we’ve seen. Block someone and their messages won’t reach you. But here’s something to note: When you hit that unblock button, don’t expect a flood of missed messages. They simply don’t get delivered.
  • A Note on Variations: It’s worth mentioning that different Android phones might handle this slightly differently. This variation is due to the diverse range of manufacturers and messaging apps out there in the Android ecosystem. So, the exact behavior might vary a bit, but the general principle of blocked messages not being delivered post-unblocking remains largely the same.

Do Blocked Messages Get Delivered When Unblocked on iPhone (iMessage/SMS)

  • iMessage/SMS on iPhone: Let’s talk about how iPhones handle blocked messages, especially through iMessage and standard SMS. It’s a pretty straightforward scenario: You block someone on your iPhone. From that moment, any texts or iMessages they send don’t get through to you. It’s as if those messages hit an invisible wall.
  • Post-Unblocking Situation: Now, let’s say you change your mind and unblock that person. What happens to those messages sent during the block period? The answer is simple: they don’t get delivered. Even after unblocking, those messages are a thing of the past and remain undelivered.
  • Consistency Across Platforms: This approach by iPhone is in line with what we’ve seen in most messaging platforms and services. It’s all about ensuring that when you decide to block someone, their messages don’t intrude on your space, not during the block, nor after it.

How to Recover Blocked Messages

Curious about getting back those blocked messages on your Android phone? Well, you’re in luck! Unlike iMessage, Android gives you a way to peek into the messages you missed while someone was blocked. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

Steps to Recover Blocked Messages on Android

  1. Open Your Messages App: Start by opening the Messages app on your Android device. This is your main hub for all text conversations.
  2. Access the Menu: Look for the three-dot menu icon. It’s usually at the top right corner of the app. Tap on it to open a dropdown menu.
  3. Find ‘Spam & Blocked’: In this menu, you’ll see an option labeled ‘Spam & Blocked’ or something similar. Tap on this option.
  4. Explore Blocked Messages: Once you’re in the ‘Spam & Blocked’ section, you’ll see a list of conversations that have been blocked. Here, you can read these messages, reply to them, or even copy them if you need to.
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  • Message Delivery Process: When someone sends you a text message, there’s a behind-the-scenes handshake between your device and the messaging system. This handshake is like a signal that says, “Got it!” This works even if the recipient is offline.
  • What Happens When You Block Someone: When you block a contact, their messages hit a roadblock. They aren’t delivered to you. But interestingly, the system still completes the handshake. It’s like the system acknowledges the message, but then it discreetly disposes of it, treating it as if it was delivered.
  • Unblocking Doesn’t Change History: Remember, when you unblock someone, the messages they sent during the blocked period don’t suddenly become visible. They’re not stored waiting for you to unblock; they’re treated as if they never existed.

So, there you have it! On Android, you have a window to recover those messages you missed while someone was blocked. But in the world of digital communication, blocking and unblocking have specific rules, especially when it comes to message delivery and retrieval. Stay informed and manage your messages wisely!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to messages when you block someone on Snapchat?

When you block someone on Snapchat, they can still see their message as “Delivered,” but you won't receive anything.

Do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked on WhatsApp?

No, any messages sent while a contact is blocked on WhatsApp do not get delivered even after unblocking.

What is Messenger’s policy on blocked messages?

On Messenger, messages sent by a blocked person while they are blocked will not be delivered to you even after you unblock them.

How does Discord handle blocked messages?

On Discord, if you block someone, you won't receive their messages, and this remains the case even if you unblock them later.

What happens to blocked messages on Telegram?

Telegram does not deliver messages sent by a blocked contact during the block period, even after unblocking.

Can blocked messages be recovered on Android devices?

Yes, blocked messages can be recovered on Android by accessing the 'Spam & Blocked' section in the Messages app.
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