Bushnell Golf App not working? – Internal errors, Reset & manuals

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Hey there, golf enthusiasts! Have you been having a tough time getting the Bushnell Wingman and the Golf mobile app to work on your phone? You’re not alone. This app is supposed to be a handy tool for all the golf lovers out there. It helps you manage and track your game, giving you all those cool stats that can improve your golfing skills.

But lately, some of you might have hit a rough patch with it. I’ve heard from a bunch of you who are finding it tricky to use the app. It’s especially frustrating for those who switched to this app because their old one stopped working, only to find themselves in a similar situation again.

If you’re nodding along and thinking, “Yep, that’s me,” then you’re in the right place. This article is here to help you figure out what’s going wrong and how to fix it. So, let’s tee off and get your app back in the game!

Bushnell Golf App not working

Alright, let’s dive deeper into the Bushnell Golf app and its hiccup. This app, available for both iOS and Android users, is like your personal caddy in digital form. It’s designed to keep tabs on your scores, rounds, and various other golf statistics. Pretty cool, right? Especially if you’re using a Bushnell laser rangefinder, this app adds a whole new level of insight and info to boost your golf game.

Now, if you’ve got a Bushnell GPS device (like the Wingman or others), consider this app your new best friend on the course. It’s packed with features that can really up your game:

  1. Global Course Data: Access details from over 38,000 golf courses worldwide. That’s a lot of courses!
  2. Stat Tracking: Keep a record of all your golf stats in one place.
  3. Firmware Updates: Easily update your GPS device firmware without any wires.
  4. Score Tracking: Pair it with your Bushnell golf device and log scores right from your phone.
  5. Strategic Play: Get movable layup points to plan your shots better.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But here’s the rub: some of you are running into issues. From error messages during verification, trouble logging in, to glitches in score recording – it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride for some users.

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How to Fix Bushnell Golf App not working Errors

Encountering problems with the Bushnell Golf App? You’re not alone. But don’t worry, the reason behind these glitches can vary, and often it’s something you can fix. The error code you’re seeing is the key to understanding what’s gone wrong. To get your app back on track, let’s go through some common troubleshooting steps that can help sort out most issues.

Make sure the GOLF device is compatible

First things first, not every GPS device plays nice with the Bushnell Golf app. It’s crucial to check if your device is compatible. If you’re using the Wingman or another Bushnell device that’s listed as compatible, you’re good to go. But if you’re not sure, take a moment to confirm this. Using the right device is step one to a smooth experience.

Check Firmware Update

Old firmware can be a bit like old milk – not very good. If you’re facing troubles with the Bushnell app, one possible culprit could be outdated firmware on your device. So, what to do? Make sure your device’s firmware is updated to the latest version. Think of it as giving your device a fresh start. This simple step can often resolve a bunch of issues and get your app working smoothly again.

Check the Server/Network status

First up, let’s talk about the connection. The Bushnell Golf app and your GPS device need to be on speaking terms, which means a solid GPS and server connection is crucial. If there’s a hiccup in this communication, the app won’t work as expected. So, if you suspect a connectivity issue, your mission is to fix that network connection. Make sure your device’s GPS is active and your phone’s internet connection is stable. Sometimes, it’s just about getting those digital lines of communication open and clear.

Reconnect Your GPS devices

Ever heard of the magic of turning something off and then on again? Well, it applies here too. Minor glitches in your GPS device might be the reason for the trouble. Giving your device a quick reboot – also known as a power cycle – can often clear up these temporary glitches. It’s simple, quick, and surprisingly effective.

Reset your Device

If things are still not looking up, consider a factory reset. This means resetting your device to the way it was when you first got it. Be warned, though: a factory reset will erase any custom settings or data you’ve added. It’s like hitting a big reset button, so use this option carefully. But if a recent change is causing problems, this can be your solution.

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Contact Bushnell customer Support

Still stuck? It might be time to call in the experts. If you’ve tried everything and your device or the Bushnell Golf app is still not playing ball, it’s best to contact Bushnell’s customer support. They can help with issues that might be beyond your control, like hardware problems. You’ll find their helpline number on your device’s box, or you can shoot them an email at [email protected]. Don’t hesitate to reach out – they’re there to help!

Bushnell Golf App internal error

Encountering an “Internal Error” message when trying to log into the Bushnell Golf App can be frustrating. This error often pops up for users who are attempting to sign up for the first time. You might see a message like, “Maximum retry count reached, unable to generate OTP.” OTP, or One-Time Password, is a security step for verifying your email address. Without it, you can’t complete your account registration or use the app effectively.

This pesky “Internal System Error” usually stems from server issues or glitches on the app’s end. And here’s the kicker: there’s not much you can do to fix it yourself. This problem is in the developers’ court, and they’re the ones who need to resolve it. So, if you encounter this error, your best bet is to wait for a fix from the Bushnell team.

How do I Reset Bushnell Golf Devices?

Wondering how to reset your Bushnell Golf device? The process can vary depending on the specific device you have. Power cycling, which means turning the device off and then on again, is a common first step and works similarly across different models. But when it comes to a full reset, each device has its own method.

If you’ve got the user manual, that’s your go-to resource for the correct reset procedure. But what if you’ve misplaced it? No worries – you can easily find and download a digital version of the user manual and quick start guide from Bushnell’s official website. This way, you’ll have all the instructions you need to successfully reset your device and hopefully resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

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Bushnell Golf devices User manuals

Got a Bushnell Golf device but feeling a bit lost without the user manual? No problem! Each Bushnell device comes with its own user manual and a quick start guide to help you get the most out of your golf gadget. These guides are your go-to for understanding your device and troubleshooting any issues you might face.

Lost Your Manual? Here’s How to Find It Online:

  • If you can’t find the user manual for your Bushnell Golf device, don’t worry. You can easily download it from Bushnell’s official website: Bushnellgolf.Com.
  • Need more than just the manual? The official support pages have got you covered. Just visit this specific support page and select your device.
  • Whether you have a Phantom 2, Wingman, iON Edge, iON 2, Excel, Neo ION, Phantom, or any of the Bushnell Laser rangefinders like Pro Xe, Tour V5 Shift, Tour V5, Hybrid, and more, you’ll find the right manual there.
  • On the webpage, you’ll not only find user manuals but also quick start guides and video resources for your golf devices – all in convenient PDF format. This makes it easy to find exactly what you need to get your device up and running or troubleshoot any issues.


As we wrap up this guide, remember that the Bushnell Golf App and its range of devices are designed to enhance your golf experience, not complicate it. Whether you’re facing app errors, connectivity issues, or just need guidance on using your device, solutions are at hand.

  1. Troubleshooting the App: From checking server and network status to dealing with internal errors, remember that many issues have straightforward fixes. Patience and following the right steps can often lead to a resolution.
  2. Device Reset and Compatibility: If your device is acting up, don’t forget the power of a simple reboot or a factory reset. Always ensure that your device is compatible with the app to enjoy a seamless experience.
  3. Utilize Resources: The user manuals and quick start guides are your best friends. Lost your manual? No worries, the Bushnell website has got you covered with downloadable guides and video resources.
  4. Reach Out for Help: When in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact Bushnell’s customer support. They are there to assist you with any specific issues you might encounter.
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