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Have you ever heard of Alexa, Amazon’s super smart assistant? In just a short time, Alexa has become a superstar in the world of AI technology, making our lives way easier and a lot more fun. Think of it like having a super-helpful friend in your home, thanks to Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot, and Sonos smart speakers. These gadgets are not just cool; they’re in millions of homes already! But here’s the thing: Alexa has tons of awesome tricks up her sleeve, and it might take a while to discover them all. That’s why we’ve put together a super handy list of the 60 Best Alexa Commands of 2024. This list is perfect for Alexa newbies who want to get the most out of the coolest AI assistant around.

We’re living in a time where the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is becoming a big deal. It’s like our homes are getting smarter every day, and Alexa is right at the heart of this revolution, helping to create smart homes. If you’re just starting out, you can kick off your smart home adventure by simply asking, “Alexa, what can you do?” To dive deeper, our list of 60 top Alexa commands will be your go-to guide for making Alexa a super useful part of your daily life.

Are you pumped up to call on Alexa and take charge of your Amazon Echo and Echo Dot smart home speakers? Let’s dive in and see how Alexa can add some magic to your home! 🌟

Best Alexa Commands 2024: Down to the Basics

Let’s start with the basics, the ABCs of using Alexa. These commands are super easy and super helpful:

  • Need Help? Just Ask! If you’re stuck or need some help, just say, “Alexa, help.” Or, if you feel like chatting, try “Alexa, let’s chat”. It’s like having a friendly helper always ready to assist you.
  • Pause or Stop Alexa Need a moment of silence? Just say, “Alexa, shut up” or “Alexa, pause.” It’s like having a mute button for your assistant.
  • Controlling the Volume Want to pump up the tunes? Say, “Alexa, set the volume to 9.” Need it quieter? Go with “Alexa, turn down the volume by a notch” or simply “Alexa, turn down the volume”. Easy, right?

Best Alexa Commands for Time Management

Now, let’s make sure you’re always on time and organized. Alexa can be your personal time manager:

  • What’s the Time? Just ask, “Alexa, what’s the time?” and you’ll never be late again.
  • Setting Alarms Made Easy Set your wake-up call by saying, “Alexa, set an alarm for 7 AM” or pick any time that suits you. It’s like having your personal wake-up call.
  • Check Time Until Your Next Alarm Wondering how long you have until your alarm rings? Ask, “Alexa, how much time is left for my next alarm?”
  • Setting a Timer Cooking or working out? Set a timer by saying, “Alexa, set a timer for 35 minutes.”
  • Canceling a Timer Change of plans? Just say, “Alexa, cancel the timer.”

Best Alexa Commands for Fire TV

Get ready to control your Fire TV like never before, all with the power of your voice:

  • Direct Control Over Fire TV Play, pause, rewind, or stop by simply saying, “Alexa, [play, pause, resume, rewind, fast-forward, stop] on Fire TV.”
  • Find Movies and TV Shows Looking for something specific to watch? Just ask, “Alexa, search for [movie/TV series name] on Fire TV” or “Alexa, find [movie/TV show name] on Fire TV.”
  • Launch Your Favorite Apps Jump straight into Netflix or any app by saying, “Alexa, launch Netflix on Fire TV.”
  • Explore Movies by Your Favorite Actors Find films featuring your favorite stars with, “Alexa, show me movie titles with Al Pacino on Fire TV.”
  • Switching to Playstation Time for gaming? Say, “Alexa, switch to PlayStation on Fire TV.”

Best Alexa Commands to Play Music

Hey music lovers, get ready to groove with Alexa! Imagine just lying in bed after a busy day and asking Alexa to play your favorite tunes. Sounds perfect, right? Alexa can be your personal DJ, with access to millions of songs from genres galore on Spotify, Amazon Music, and iHeartRadio. Let’s dive into the musical world of Alexa:

  • Play Your Favorite Song Simply command, “Alexa, play my favourite song,” and Alexa will swiftly play your most-loved track.
  • Change the Song Not feeling the current song? Just say, “Alexa, change this song,” and she’ll switch it up for you.
  • Identify the Current Song Got a song playing and can’t remember its name? Ask, “Alexa, what song is playing?” and she’ll fill you in.
  • Music That Matches Your Mood or Activity Alexa’s smart enough to pick music that fits your mood or what you’re doing. Whether you’re working out or just chilling, ask Alexa for the perfect soundtrack. Try “Alexa, play psychedelic music” for those dreamy, dazed moments.
  • Play Your Spotify Playlist For Spotify Premium users, link your account with Amazon Echo for an amazing music experience. Command Alexa to play your specific playlists like, “Alexa, play my Grunge playlist” or “Alexa, play my Britpop playlist.”
  • Find Music by Genre or Artist If a song or artist is stuck in your head, ask Alexa to play it. Say, “Alexa, play Supersonic” or “Alexa, play an Oasis song,” and let her find it for you.
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Best Alexa Commands to Activate useful Alexa Skills

Alexa is not just about music; it’s a powerhouse with over 30,000 voice apps in the Alexa Skills Store. From booking an Uber to getting your latest stock updates, these skills make Alexa incredibly useful.

  • Hail a Cab In a rush? Let Alexa book an Uber for you. Say, “Alexa, I want a ride,” and she’ll handle it.
  • Get Real-Time Traffic Updates Worried about traffic? Ask Alexa for updates with “Alexa, what’s the traffic like?” and plan your journey accordingly.
  • Weather Forecasts at Your Command Curious about the weather? Ask Alexa for a quick update, like “Alexa, what’s the weather like in Manchester, England?” or “Alexa, tell me the room temperature?” (Note: Alexa might struggle with non-U.S. weather details).
  • Find Out What Movies are Playing Locally Eager to catch the latest blockbuster? Ask, “Alexa, what movies are playing nearby?” and she’ll list the theaters and showtimes.
  • Check Stock Prices Keep up with the market by asking Alexa about stock prices, like “Alexa, ask opening bell for the price of Microsoft.” Remember, ‘Opening Bell’ is a skill you need to enable first.

By mastering these commands and skills, you can make Alexa your go-to assistant for almost everything. Ready to make the most of your Alexa experience?

Best Alexa Commands for Food

For all the food enthusiasts out there, Alexa is your kitchen companion! Whether you need a recipe or want to order a meal, Alexa’s got your back:

  • Need a Recipe? Just Ask Craving something delicious? Ask Alexa for a recipe by saying, “Alexa, how do you make French Lasagna?” and get ready to cook up a storm.
  • Pizza Night with Alexa Feeling like pizza? Just tell Alexa, “Alexa, open Domino’s and place my order,” and your pizza will be on its way.
  • Or Try Pizza Hut More of a Pizza Hut fan? No problem. Say, “Alexa, tell Pizza Hut to place an order,” and enjoy your favorite pizza in no time.

Best Alexa Commands for Information about a Place or finding a thing

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot can tap into a vast ocean of web information on just about anything – from space facts to history, and they can even pull up detailed Wikipedia pages. Let’s explore:

  • Learn About Countries and More Curious about the world? Ask Alexa things like, “Alexa, what’s the capital of Hungary?” or “Alexa, why is the Black Sea called the Black Sea?”
  • Access Wikipedia Info Instantly Intrigued by a city, company, or a famous personality? Ask Alexa to fetch their Wikipedia page, like “Alexa, Wikipedia Seattle,” and you’ll get a brief history and interesting facts.
  • Discover Books and Authors Wondering who penned a classic? Just ask, “Alexa, who wrote The War of the Worlds?” and Alexa will tell you it was H.G. Wells.
  • Find Out About TV Shows and Movies Curious about your favorite sitcom characters? Ask, “Alexa, who plays Kramer in Seinfeld?” and get to know more about them.
  • Explore Geographical Wonders Test Alexa’s knowledge on geography. Ask questions like “What is the third highest mountain peak in the world?” or “Alexa, which is the biggest lake in the world?” and get quick, informative answers.
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Best Alexa Commands for shopping on Amazon

Shopping has never been easier, thanks to Alexa! Whether you’re an Amazon Prime member or just love shopping online, Alexa can help you with everything from groceries to gadgets:

  • Ordering New Products Need to buy something? Just say, “Alexa, order shoes,” and she’ll suggest various brands and send more options to your phone.
  • Adding Items to Your Shopping List Forgot to add something to your grocery list? No problem. Just tell Alexa, “Alexa, add brown eggs to my shopping list.”
  • Reviewing Your Shopping List Double-check your shopping list by asking, “Alexa, read my shopping list,” to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.
  • Reordering Products Alexa remembers your past purchases, making reorders a breeze. Say, “Alexa, reorder shoes,” and she’ll know your preferred brand and size.

Best Alexa Commands for Audio Books

For all the bookworms out there, Alexa has teamed up with Audible to bring you an amazing audiobook experience:

  • Play Audiobooks Want to listen to an audiobook from your Amazon collection? Just ask, “Alexa, play The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on Audible,” or any other title you have.
  • Pause or Resume Audiobooks Need a break? Say, “Alexa, pause.” Ready to continue? Just say, “Alexa, resume.”
  • Jump to a Specific Chapter If you want to skip to a particular chapter, command, “Alexa, go to chapter [insert the number].”
  • Navigate Through Chapters To revisit or skip chapters, use “Alexa, previous chapter” or “Alexa, next chapter.”

Alexa Commands for Doing Translations

Exploring new languages or need a quick translation? Alexa is here to help with easy and accurate translations:

  • Translating to English Stumbled upon a new phrase in a different language? Ask Alexa to translate it to English. For example, “Alexa, translate Buenos días to English,” and she’ll quickly respond with “Good Morning.” You can even find these translations in your Alexa app.
  • Translating from English If you need to know how to say something in another language, like Portuguese, just ask Alexa. Try “Alexa, translate how are you doing to Portuguese.” And remember, all translations can be reviewed in your Alexa app.

Best Alexa Commands to Read News

Keep up with the world around you with Alexa’s news updates and a dose of daily motivation:

  • Latest News Briefings Set up your Flash Briefings in the Alexa app or Skills store to stay informed. Simply ask, “Alexa, what’s the news today?” to hear the latest headlines.
  • Motivational Quotes Need a little inspiration? Ask Alexa for a motivational quote by saying, “Alexa, tell me a motivational quote for today.”

Alexa Commands for Definitions and Spellings

Alexa can also be your go-to for definitions and spelling help:

  • Finding Definitions Come across a tricky word? Ask Alexa for help with definitions, like “Alexa, what’s the definition of Glissando?”
  • Spelling Assistance Not sure how to spell a challenging word? Alexa can spell it out for you. Try “Alexa, how do you spell Acciaccatura” or any other word you’re curious about.

Alexa Commands for Math and Calculations

Whether it’s simple arithmetic or complex calculations, Alexa can crunch numbers with ease:

  • Simple Calculations Need help with basic math? Ask Alexa simple questions like, “Alexa, what’s 871 plus 47?” or “Alexa, what’s 93 times 13?”
  • Advanced Math Problems Alexa is also equipped to tackle more complex math problems. Test her skills with something like “Alexa, 37 factorial,” and prepare to be amazed by her computational abilities.

Best Alexa Commands for Calls and Sending texts

For those who love staying connected, Alexa makes phone calls and messaging super simple:

  • Answering Calls Got a call coming in? Just say, “Alexa, answer the call,” or simply “Alexa, answer.”
  • Ending Calls Need to end the call? Tell Alexa, “Alexa, hang up,” or “Alexa, end the call.”
  • Making Calls To call a friend or another Alexa user, say, “Alexa, call [insert name].”
  • Reading Messages To hear all your unread messages, ask, “Alexa, play messages.”
  • Sending Text Messages Too tired to type a message? Just say, “Alexa, send [insert name] a message,” and speak your message.
  • Checking Notifications To catch up on your notifications, ask, “Alexa, what did I miss?”

Alexa Commands for Greetings

Alexa can also add a personal touch to your day with greetings and celebrations:

  • Warm Welcome Home Want a cheerful greeting when you get home? Say, “Alexa, I’m home,” and she’ll welcome you back in a customizable manner.
  • Celebrating Birthdays Make birthdays special with Alexa’s help. Ask, “Alexa, sing Happy Birthday,” and she’ll play the birthday song to brighten the day.
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Alexa Commands for Sports Lovers

Sports fans, Alexa has got you covered with the latest updates and scores:

  • Sports Updates Stay on top of your game with, “Alexa, give me my sports update.”
  • Checking Game Results Curious about a recent match? Ask, “Alexa, what was the score of the [insert team] match?”
  • English Premier League Info For EPL fans, get the latest standings or fixtures by asking, “Alexa, what are the current EPL standings?”
  • Late Night Match Outcomes Missed a game? Find out who won with, “Alexa, did the [insert team name] win?”

Customized Voice Commands (Bonus)

Did you know you can take Alexa’s helpfulness to the next level with custom voice commands? This is where the real magic happens, allowing you to control various aspects of your smart home and schedule with just a word. It’s all thanks to a fantastic feature called ‘Routines’.

Creating Personalized Routines

Routines let you accomplish multiple tasks with a single command. But to make this happen, you’ll need to connect your Alexa speaker to a smart home device, entering the exciting world of the Internet-of-Things.

Examples of Custom Routines

Imagine walking into your home and saying “Alexa, I’m home,” and your smart lights automatically turn on. Or, when you’re heading out, just say, “Alexa, I’m going out,” and all your connected devices switch off. It’s like having a personal assistant who knows exactly what you need.

Your Turn! We hope you loved exploring our list of the best Alexa commands for Echo and Echo Dot devices. Did we cover all your favorites, or are there any hidden gems we missed? Share your thoughts and discoveries in the comments. Let’s keep the conversation going and make our daily lives even more convenient and fun with Alexa!

So, there you have it — a comprehensive guide to making the most out of your Alexa-enabled devices. Whether it’s managing your day, controlling your smart home, or just having fun, Alexa is ready to assist.


As we wrap up our exploration of the diverse and dynamic world of Alexa commands, it’s clear that Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are more than just gadgets — they’re powerful tools that can simplify, enhance, and add a touch of magic to our daily lives. From playing your favorite music, managing your time, and shopping online, to getting translations, reading news, and even controlling your smart home, Alexa has shown its capability to be an all-encompassing assistant.

We’ve journeyed through a wide range of commands that cater to all aspects of life — foodies, sports fans, bookworms, and even math enthusiasts have something to gain from Alexa’s expansive skill set. The ability to create custom voice commands and routines takes this experience a step further, offering personalized control and efficiency.

So, whether you’re a seasoned Alexa user or just starting out, this list of commands is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of your Echo or Echo Dot device. Experiment with these commands, discover new ones, and don’t forget to share your experiences. Alexa is continually evolving, and with your input, the possibilities are limitless. Embrace this journey with Alexa, and let this smart assistant transform the way you interact with the world around you. 🌟🌐

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best Alexa commands that I might not know about?

Some of the best Alexa commands you might not know about include "Alexa, tell me a joke," "Alexa, open Christmas Radio," and "Alexa, order a pizza."

Can I create my own Alexa commands?

Yes, you can create your own Alexa commands using the Alexa Skills Kit, which allows developers to build custom interactions for Alexa.

How can I find new Alexa commands?

You can find new Alexa commands by exploring the Skills section of the Alexa app or by browsing online for Alexa command lists and tutorials.

Will Alexa understand different accents or languages?

Yes, Alexa is capable of understanding a variety of different accents and languages. You can change the language settings in the Alexa app to enable multilingual support.

Do Alexa commands work offline?

No, Alexa commands require an active internet connection to function properly. Without an internet connection, Alexa can't process voice commands or access online services.

Can Alexa interact with other smart devices in my home?

Yes, Alexa can interact with a wide range of smart devices, including lights, thermostats, security systems, and entertainment systems. You can connect compatible devices to Alexa through the Alexa app or using voice commands.
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